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Concerns and precautions

Posted on Sun Oct 11th, 2009 @ 3:23am by Lieutenant JG Jasmine Butler

Mission: Ties To Blood: Season 1, Episode 3.
Location: CMO's office

Leanne walked over to the office and let Jasmine in. Walking immediately over to the replicator she ordered a cup of coffee. As she waited for it to replicate she turned back to Jasmine.

"So, what can I do for you?"

Jasmine tugged at her hair for a moment, she felt a little bit uncomfortable, but forced herself to ask the question. "...Leanne, how long it would take for a foetus to show up on a scan?"

"Well, normally about a month for complete certainty. Before that, the embryo is merely a collection of cells." Leanne made sure her door was closed. "Any particular reason you ask?"

"Its the reason I wanted to speak to you alone... away from Mike's sister... if you can see what I'm saying."

"Ohh" Leanne thought for a moment "I see" She moved over to her desk and grabbed the cup that the replicator spit out. "I can scan you, but there wouldn't be anything decisive." She worried about Jasmine, especially with everything that has happened recently.

"Surely there would be a small chemical inbalence or a hormone change?" She shook her head and chuckled for a moment. "I'm sorry, but I'm just concerned that Mike might have forgotten to... you know, how men get in the middle of the night, especially when they are a bit tired. You can see my point?"

Leanne grabbed a tricorder and walked over to Jasmine, she quickly scanned Jasmine. "I honestly don't know, I've only really ever had one guy friend, and well that was when I was in high school. It was more for of an experiment then anything." She smiled at Jasmine as the tricorder beeped that it was completed. "Looks like you are in the free in clear at the moment, if you'd like to check back in about a week, if anything is going to form then I'd be able to get a better read then, but I wouldn't worry about anything."

"Ok, thanks for taking the time, though." She smiled. "I'll see you soon."

"Actually, before you go, and I understand if you don't want to answer because it is kind of a personal question, but," She paused for a moment trying to put the best words to what she was thinking without sounding like she was being too intrusive. "With Mike" She stopped again, "Are you guys together?" She hoped it didn't sound like she was being a jerk.

"I really don't know." She bit her lip. "Why?"

"Just, I..." Leanne stopped for a moment, the question when thinking about it struck her as odd... why did she ask if they where together. "Well, Mike and I are pretty good friends, I just, well I just..." She was stammering a bit. "I don't know, forget I asked." Leanne took a sip of her coffee and looked at Jasmine. "I'm sorry I pried."

"You aren't interested in him?" She shook her head. "I don't mind if you are."

"Well, no... I mean... I'll admit that he is striking, but, well I'm kind of involved with Commander Vos." She took a sip from her coffee then sat down behind her desk. "He hasn't even taken me out to dinner yet though." She laughed a little bit. "I just really like Mike, a lot, he is such a great guy, it was more just curiosity then anything."

Jasmine smiled. "Sure." She sighed. "I don't even know where I stand with him. He hasn't really made that very clear."

"You might just need to ask him about it. Sometimes being direct is the best policy."

"Good idea. Well, thanks for everything, Leanne." She rolled her eyes. "I have to get back to work on the repairs."

"No problem, let me know if there is anything I can do for you." Leanne smiled and watched as Jasmine walked out of the door. Taking a sip of her coffee, she leaned back in her chair and thought about their conversation.


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