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Darkly Dreaming Doctor

Posted on Fri Oct 30th, 2009 @ 5:25am by

Mission: Ties To Blood: Season 1, Episode 3.
Location: Various
Timeline: Backpost (before the capture of the captain)

OOC: My attempt at a contest post while my beer bread bakes.


A single wisp of smoke rose from the barrel of the revolver, the sharp crack of the gunshot still echoing through the alleyway, a soft thud as a now, lifeless body, hit the ground. Leanne lowered the warm gun to her side and slowly walked over to the still, husk of a man, bent over against the wall. The click of her heels on the black pavement cut through the silence as she walked towards the object of her hate, the man that had taken her money, taken her self respect, and most importantly her business. As she leaned down, the man was still breathing, clinging to life, if anything just out of spite and hatred.

"You miserable son of a bitch, I put a bullet right into your chest and your still alive." Leanne kicked the man onto his back so that he could see her one last time. "I loved you, I did everything for you! And what did you do, you took advantage of me." She raised the revolver up and pointed it directly at him. "Now I have the satisfaction of watching you die."

The man coughed up blood, he looked up at Leanne with large, pleading eyes. "I, I, did it because I loved" Before he could painfully spit out the last line, Leanne pulled the trigger again and put a round directly into the mans forehead.

"There is only so many times that will work on me." Putting the gun back into her purse she headed back out onto the main street. At this time of night the streets were empty, the occasional car would rush past going to some unknown destination, and no one but a random drifter, or drunken bum wandering down the street. Walking a little farther down she hailed a taxi cab. The air had a sharp bite to it and it was accented by the drizzling rain that made a soft noise as it landed on her wide hat.

Quickly ducking into the back seat of the old checkered cab the driver sped off. "Where too dame?"

"Take me to 5th and Broadway." She rested back on the seat, giving a sigh of relief, she had just left a piece of her past laying in an alleyway for someone to find in the morning. He had taken everything from her, and now she had taken the only thing that would have any value to him, his sad, pathetic, miserable life. Looking out of the cab window at the bright streetlights, it made her hate hate what she had become. When she had come to New York, the first thing that she had noticed was the bright lights of the city, so filled with hope in those days, and naivety. Taken for a fool.. now those lights had become her enemy, her work needed to take place in the dark, away from the prying scene of those same streetlights that filled her with wonderment just a few years ago.

The cab slammed to a halt outside of the address. The cabby turned back to her and gave her a quick look. "Thats going to be two fifty mam."

Handing over the money she stepped out of the cab and onto the sidewalk. Leanne looked up to the sky and watched as the rain started to come down in large drops, as if the sky itself was crying for her and what she had just did. She hadn't taken into consideration really the events of the night. A few hours before she had hunted him down and confronted him, early in the morning she was eating breakfast with her girlfriends, last night, she laid in bed, next to the man that now had two bullets in him and his blood on the ground.

She was now alone, no one would ever understand her motives or know why she did it. Leanne collapsed to her knees and began to cry. She slowly opened her purse and removed the still warm revolver. She looked at it, felt the barrel, heat was a reminder of what had just happened, looking down she knew what was next in this Shakesperean tragedy. She took the revolver and placed the barrel over her heart, with one last breath she looked up and pulled the trigger.

The chime to the Doctors door went off, Leanne opened her eyes, she was face down on her desk. She must have fallen asleep while looking over some of the figures. "Come"

"Dr. Ulonova? Are you ok, I thought I heard you yelling?" One of the nurses had come into her office to deliver the DNA models of the captain.

"I'm fine, thanks for checking." She took the report and signed off on it. The nurse nodded and left the room.

"What a weird dream, I might have to see if I can turn that into a holonovel." Leanne grabbed her cup of coffee and started looking over the reports.



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