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Cornered Beast

Posted on Sun Oct 25th, 2009 @ 1:12pm by Lieutenant Commander Jack Daniels & Captain Jorvin & Lieutenant Thomas Jenkins & Lieutenant Helen Lyons [PNPC] & Sogh Lhaerrh tr'Terik & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & Lieutenant JG Diego Echevarria

Mission: Ties To Blood: Season 1, Episode 3.

Beverly lay there on the sheets, perspiration covering every millimeter of her soft skin after the exertions of the encounter with Jenkins. Jenkins was laid out next to her, just as exhausted.
She reached out an arm and snagged up her discarded underwear and started to dress again. She stayed silent as her hunger was sated. All that remained was to find somewhere to build her nest that her and her king could use to create the new regime. Her mind was playing over idea's but one place stuck in her memory. Here!

Thomas remained on his back, staring wide-eyed at the ceiling. He couldn't believe what had just happened, and couldn't figure out what he was going to do about it once the situation was resolved. In his own defense, he'd danced around the bed coming up with as many excuses and topic-shifting conversation as he could - but the Captain, or whatever she was, knew what she wanted. She had been having none of it, and eventually jumped him. Literally. In fact, he was almost certain he'd broken a rib.

As the Captain continued to search around for her clothes, Tom swung his legs off the edge of the bed and sat up; clenching his teeth as the pain coursed through his abdomen while his body twisted. Putting the pain out of his mind the best he could, he began scrounging up his own clothing. He didn't know what the Captain had planned next, but if he allowed her to leave all of his "say goodbye to your commission"-worthy tactics would be in vain. Where the hell was security? The only reason he could imagine they hadn't arrived yet was that they'd figured out that the Captain was there, and were amassing an army. Locating his slightly humiliating rubber ducky-patterned boxers, he quickly pulled them on and began the search for his pants.

Leading the charge quietly closing in around the personal quarters of Thomas Jenkins Lieutenant Commander Mason instructed with a nod for the door to be opened. Barley an instant later the security team were squeezing through the still opening door with their weapons raised and ready. From outside they had heard enough to paint a clear picture of what they would find in the adjoining rooms.
Now there was silence. They only hopped they weren't too late to save Jenkins should Beverly turn upon him.

With another silent motion the team moved in Doctor Ulonva tightly bunched with them held their breath as they filled the bedroom quickly surrounding both Beverly and Jenkins blocking their escape, finding their state of nakedness a slight distraction but they were professional observing the scene rather then the finer details.

The animal in Beverly sensed danger and that this wasn't a social call given the state of combat equipment that the small army of officers was sporting between them. The one that concerned her the most was Commander Mason. She held herself ready for a fight and Beverly dropped down into a combat pose ready to fling herself at the collection of people in an attempt to make a break for it. Given her heightened strength and agility she would be able to make short work of them.

Something caught her attention as a blue shimmer surrounded a non corporal form that finally coalesced into the form of the Klingon she had fought earlier and Diego. Now a new threat presented itself.

Mason wasn't aware more assistance was sent for but she was relieved that Haqtaj had joined them. At least one of them would be able to stand and fight after Beverly if felled them. The body lanague of the creature before them no longer the friend she knew was ready for a fight, it was clear in her eyes as they moved slowly around the group lingering on the once familiar faces and the exit she yearned for.

Having learned from the previous encounters with the Captain and the knowledge that time was pressing against them Mason did the thing that she was unable to do before now. It was clear to her at last Beverly DeVuor her good friend was gone having been taken over by this monster. The same monster that was responsible to the massacre of the West Ridge and the deaths of many hands from the Genesis. This had to be stopped, and the line drawn.

Without any further hesitation Mason leveled her phaser and fired with all the cold heartiness she was famed for.

However the beam even set on heavy stun had no affect. Perhaps the pleasures she had indulged had somehow made her stronger and the monster inside even less willing to relinquish its grip then normal. Fortunately Haqtaj strode forward with her eyes set and with an unyielding grip on the unusual choice of weapon she had bought. A panel.

With the speed far exceeding that of your average Human female, Beverly crossed the room in several strides, her eyes reflecting the feral poise and movement of her body.
With the seemingly casual flick of her arm she gripped Mason and tossed her into the nearset bulkhead like a dog tossing around a rag doll.

Haqtaj hefted the broken panel lid she was carrying and smiled in anticipation of a good fight, “So, Captain, we meet again but this time it is I who has the broken panel!”

Haqtaj took two steps across the room and swung the broken panel top she is carrying in a wide sweep, catching the Captain across the torso.

The blow is enough to lift the Captain through the air. Her nerve endings, made super sensitive by the Risan oil, screamed in excruciating pain. She looked up from the floor to see Haqtaj had positioned herself between both the door and the Jefferies Tube. To get out she was going to have to go through the Klingon.

Diego took in as many details as Haqtaj's actions allowed, noting the rather disheveled and mortified expression of Jenkins- good lord was he going to be a regular customer in the next few weeks- as well as the arrival of security in bulk. By the time the Klingon had positioned herself in the way of the nearest possible escape, Diego made his mind up as to what he'd do.

'In manus tuas commendo spitirum meum' he thought to himself rapidly while he made an aggressive dash for Jenkins, making damn sure the Captain would see him do so.

You never go for one's mate... not if you don't want a violent repurcussion.

Lhaerrh really didn't understand what was going on, all he knew what the the captain had gone rouge or something had taken her off. The only reason he was a member of this team was because of his skills in hand to hand combat.

Groggily Mason pulled her wits together and regained her footing. Her head wes pounding and her back no doubt would be covered in more brusies but the pain had not dampened her desire to end this before anyone else was harmed. Shaking off the daze she adjusted the setting on her phaser while Haqtaj moved in.

Leanne watched as the chaos unfolded infront of her, quickly moving out of the way she made her way over to Helen, "Give me one of the hypo's and set one of them to areal dispersement, if they can't take her down, we can just use it on the entire room, and hope that the Menze's can sort it out after it is done."

Helen slipped a nebuliser from its pack and passed it quickly to Leanne. She then pulled another out ready. “Where are the Menze’s?” she muttered to herself; the last thing she wanted to do was gas the entire room without medical backup close by. Then abruptly the bedroom lit up as Commander Mason fired her phaser.

Jorvin had been watching the goings on for a few seconds. He then drew his mek'leth and took up a defensive stance next to Haqtaj. He nodded towards the woman and prepared for whatever the Captain could throw at them.

Haqtaj returned the nod but growled, "Put the weapon away, boy. We don't want her dead!"

"I apologize the adrenaline is fogging my mind."

After that there was no time for talking. Haqtaj charged. The Phasers were useless so it was up to her to pin the captain long enough for others to inject or spray their "Monster-Go" juices.

In a fluid movement Beverly caught hold of the rapidly approaching Klingon and hefted her off her feet, over her own head in crashing to the floor, destroying a small lounger chair on her desent. However the movement had distracted her from the phaser shot, this time on a higher setting. She felt her body flitch at the direct energy hit to her side and for the briefiest of moments she thought she would loose conciousness, but the Alien DNA surged and took hold, forcing her body forward, this time back in the direction of Mason.

As those angry eyes turned in Krissy's direction she knew trouble would follow. She willed her fingers to fire again or for her body to move before the residing alien in the Captain bludgeoned her to a pulp. But her reactions were not swift enough as the enhanced speed of Beverly descended upon her in the blink of an eye.

Beverly was elating in the violence and energy that was now pumping through her veins. The conflict seemed to be tapping into something that was energising her, pushing her onward with no seeming lack of power. She sent Mason sailing through the air and impacted square into the chest of the Counselor before wheeling around on Jenkins.

Leanne decided that it was time to test the compound that her and Helen had devised, with luck it would act immediately shutting down the Captains system and essentially snuffing out most of her vitals. As Beverly was occupied with Mason, the Doctor ran over and attempted to use the hypo spray. She tried to find an open spot, anywhere, that she could apply the medication.

Haqtaj rolled to standing and in the same fluid motion turned into a dive. A 6'4" Klingon in full armour is an impressive weight, no matter how strong you are, and since the Captain was charging instead of bracing the blow caught her a fraction of a second before Beverly could devour Mason. However the instant they hit the floor the Captain rolled free throwing Haqtaj again.

Haqtaj was on her feet in an instant. She glanced at the doctor trying to close in and at the two men, Diego and Daniels and Mason who was untangling her limbs from Diego having been thrown across the room for the second time. She bellowed at them something in Klingon. THe universal translator struggled to find a human appropriate and had to settle for, "Stack's On the Captain!"

Jorvin through his body in tacking the Captain's knees out.

Haqtaj threw herself again, hoping the combined body weight of three people would be enough to pin her long enough for the doctor or Mason to get a clean shot

Helen watched the captain with a healthy mix of fear and fascination as she moved around to the opposite side of the conflict from Leanne with a nebuliser in each hand – one set for wide dispersment, one not. If Ulonova failed to apply the spray then it would be up to her.

Pushing herself free of the Counselor Mason stood swaying a little but with a clench of her jaw returned into the battle anew. While Haqtaj ploughed through the swarm of people in the confided room Mason quickly pulled Jenkins out of harms way before Beverly was close enough to rip the flesh from his bone. Sadly the only part of the Lieutenant Mason was able to get a strong hold of was his patterned boxers.... With a sharp ripping sound Mason was able to pull him clear but was presented with an awkward sight.

As the Klingon threw herself on the downed Captain and the Marine, Helen saw her chance. One of DeVour’s bare legs was pinned secure against the floor by Jorvin’s body weight, the Captain’s upper half seemed more concerned with how much damage she could inflict on the Klingon. Helen quickly ducked in and grabbing DeVour’s foot, pressed the hypo spray to it’s sole and injected its contents. Then in the next moment she found herself being flung back hard against a wall underneath the Marine Captain as DeVour used her strengthened legs to heave Jorvin off of her. Helen just hoped to hell that this worked.

Thrusting herself to her feet Beverly was about to launch herself back at the Chal and Human Doctor that had just been sent flying, but as she wheeled around the floor began to tip to one side and a fog fell around her.
"What have you done to me?", the words sounded slurred and before she could register having said them she fell, hitting the floor hard.


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