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Nightmare of the West Ridge

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Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.

Henk was lying on the bed while the rest were talking. Slowly his eyes closed and after a few seconds he was fast asleep.

Henk was walking trough the corridors of the West Ridge. He was holding his rifle pointing it straight forward. It was the day after. Light was falling trough some open hatches.
~Where is everybody~ He thought. ~There were several hundred colonist~

*Their all gone swallowed into the night that you fled from like the coward you are* Came a niggling negative thought. *You're night tucked tightly away in the cockpit left them outside all night. Who knows where they are now. Do you have the bravery to go and find them?*

Henk was outside now striding through the sunshine.

“Who is that?” Henk asked.
~There is no one here. That is not possible~ He thought.
He slowly walked towards a hut. He slowly turned and looked inside, his eyes were unable to pierce the darkness for a couple of seconds.

*What have you done Henk?*
Something moved in the dim light make him recoil and raise his rifle in alarm.

Raising from the corner of the small dirty room a woman, with her black hair mattered, her cheeks streaked with dried blood rose slowly to her feet. "You bought us here," she took a shaky step forward the sunlight striking her pale skin and bloodied dress.

“That is not possible.” Henk said astounded. “There was no one in the village. I saw it. You are all dead. Those things got you.”

The woman stopped and twisted her head to one side, there was a subtle cracking sound and her whole head jerked briefly. "They did," her blue lips moved sluggishly. "How does it feel? They'll all gone because of you." she staggered closer reaching out with a stiff hand.
It was obvious now this woman was dead, her skin white, her body almost unable to move and her dress heavily splattered with dried blood.

“I had no way of knowing that these things were here. It’s not my fault.” Henk said. “How do you think that I feel? I wish they also took me. So that I didn’t bare this burden.”
Henk turned and ran in fear sprinting back to the ship.
~It’s not possible. They were all dead~ he thought pounding through the long grass.

*You can't run from the the truth. They'll hunt you down, and when they do your be with us again* the womans voice followed him as he climbed back into the ship.

Shutting the hatch firmly closed Henk looked around himself, his labored breath catching in his chest,
All around him he saw red eyes blinking the poor light.
He fell to his knees slumping against the hatch unable to move as fear had held him in place. Then started to scream hysterically clawing at the hatchway desperate to escape.

*We'll hunt you...*

End dream

In sickbay Henk sat upright with the speed of a bullet screaming on the top of his lungs. Covered in sweat, breathing heavily.

Leanne ran across the room towards Henk. She reached out and grabbed his shoulders while making eye contact with him. "Mr. Obrien... Henk... It is me, Dr. Ulonova. It is ok.. I'm here" She tried to snap him out it while motioning a nurse to prepare a sedative. "Henk, breathe, it is ok." The Dr. instinctively rubbed his shoulders trying to remove him from his state of panic. Henk was showing signs of PTS syndrome, and the phaser blasts probably weren't helping his neural systems either. "Take a deep breath."

Henk took a deep breath.
"I'm fine. It was just a nightmare. Nothing more," he said taking steadying breaths. "Just a nightmare." he said softly to as if he was trying to convince himself lying slowly back down again. "A nightmare, nothing more."


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