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Matter of Honor [Back Post]

Posted on Fri Feb 13th, 2009 @ 11:43am by Commander Lorran Vos & Captain Jorvin & Lieutenant Michael Lake

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.
Location: Transporter Room
Timeline: Just after Into the Ruins

As soon as they were transported back to the ship K'Tan turned toward Jorvin snarling "You honorless p'taQ! Whoever taught you to be a warrior should be ashamed with your behavior. You took a target I had engaged!". With that the Klingon grabbed Jorvin with both hands pushing him against the nearest wall with full strength. His right arm swung back, hand formed in a fist as he struck for Jorvin's face. "I will teach you to challenge my honor you spineless targ!".

Jorvin easily out maneuvered the larger Klingon, and instead of using force he used his 100 plus years of tactical training to expertly put the Klingon's arm behind him and pin him to the wall with one smooth motion. He then kicked the Klingon in the leg causing it to go numb and making him slouch to one side. "I did not steal your target." Jorvin spoke into the Klingon's ear, "I simply took care of what you were incapable of doing. As for being a p'taQ you are the one that attacked a senior officer. You will be dealt with accordingly." Jorvin released the Klingon and took a step back.

Mike's eyes were wide as saucers, he had never seen this happen between two officers in his small career. He touched his finger on his phaser, hesitating to draw it, fearing he may jeopardize his friendship with K'tan for shooting him, or stealing his target, which was what the problem was in the first place. Mike knew a fair bit about Klingon's, remembering some stuff about honor and what he knew about K'tan, he stepped to Lorran "Sir, stand back, let them fight it out."

"I don't think so, Mr. Lake." Vos could see that Jorvin could handle himself, but this was still completely unacceptable. K'Tan was out of control and had to be dealt with, and Lorran didn't have time for any of it. So, he calmly produced his sidearm, set it to a heavier stun setting so that it would be effective on the resilient Klingon, and shot him in the back at near point blank range. He could already tell that K'Tan would have another point of honor to settle as soon as he woke up. Shooting someone in the back was, in a Klingon's opinion, a coward's tactic. More to the point, Vos didn't care. K'Tan was making a mess of things on Commander DeVuor's ship, and Vos was in charge of making sure the crew behaved. His first priority was stopping this foolishness. He'd settle things with K'Tan when they didn't have a mission to complete.

K'Tan slowly released his grasp on Jorvin, he managed to turn halfway to Lorran then slumped down stunned by the phaser. All he could mutter before passing out was "p'taQ..". With all his bulk he fell onto his back sprawled on the transporter room floor in all his size, dropping his Disruptor rifle as he fell.

Lorran tapped his comm badge. =^="Lorran to Security, send a team to the transporter room, please."=^= he said with an exasperated sigh.

Then, turning to the transporter chief, Lorran said, "Chief, please inform security that Mr. K'Tan is to be taken to the brig to cool off. He may be released when Commander DeVuor or I say so. Sorry for the ruckus."

The transporter chief nodded still wide eyed.

Without warning the ships intercom beeped, -/"DeVuor to transporter room, we've registered phaser fire down there, report"-
Concern and worry seeping through in Beverly's voice.

=^="It's nothing, Commander. Mr. K'Tan will be indisposed for a few hours. I'll be writing a full report for you concerning the matter."=^= Lorran explained, holstering his phaser. He looked at Jorvin and Lake, attempting to gauge their reactions for a few seconds before stepping over K'Tan's unconscious form and towards the door.

-/"Sounds like it was interesting down there Commander, I look forward to reading the report. DeVuor out"-
With that the line went dead.

Sprinting with a team behind her Kristina gushed into the transporter room with her phaser in hand and her eyes blazing. She snapped around taking in incredibly quickly the proximity of both Jorvin and K'Tan, and the expression on Jorvin's face.
She lowered her weapon and gestured for her team to do the same.
"What happened?" she asked, looking between the men.

"Lieutenant K'Tan attacked Captain Jorvin and the Captain defended himself. I stunned K'Tan to keep him from bringing further harm to himself or anyone else. I'll get a copy of my full report sent to you, Lieutenant Mason." Vos explained calmly as he continued past the security team and down the hall.

The security team kicked aside K'Tan's weapon, removed the vast collection of blades on his person and heaved his frame between them towards the door while Vos explained. Between the three man security team they struggled and were half carrying, half dragging K'Tan from the room. Kristina watched them leave not offering to help, privately she was drawing a little satisfaction from the fact that he was incapable after he had beaten her when they dueled recently.

Jorvin silently watched as the security team hauled the Klingon out of the room and to the brig.

Mike bit his lip and muttered "That was handled well, just what I told him not to do..." he gave a short and quiet laugh then continued to mutter "Lorran's gonna have some fun with K'Tan now."

Shaking her head slightly Kristina turned tucking her weapon away. "Do you find anything on the planet?" she asked.

Mike stepped off the pad to her "Yeah, a colonist, that's who the fight was about. We also found a pyramid with some glyphs... a ship amongst other things."

"Only the one?" Kristina frowned. "The West Ridge had over seven hundred souls on board and you only found one?"
Abruptly she stopped herself and dropped the sour face. "Nothing else?" she asked again softer this time.

"Nothing else really... not that I saw." Mike said, noticing her moods changing, he was slightly amused.

Sighing Kristina straightened: "How can that many people disappear? I think I need to ask our friend a couple of questions... Excuse me Mr Lake, Captain."
She inclined her head slightly both to Lake and Jorvin then left pausing only long enough to gather the last of the weapons the security team could not carry. When K'Tan woke she knew he'd be as angry as hell, she wanted to make sure she was ready for his brutal attitude but first she wanted to speak to the colonist.

Mike realized he needed to request something to Krissy "Hey, Lt Mason, wait a second!" he said chasing after her.

"Yes, Mr Lake?" Kristina didn't turn her face she strode along the corridor with Lake following.

"I am assuming that K'tan will be allowed visitors?" he asked, nudging at the question of him accompanying her to the brig to talk K'tan down.

"That will depend on him, Mr Lake. If he continues to be violent and out of order he'll be staying the bring until either Commander DeVour or Lorran agree he shall return to duty. Until then I would say no." she turned her head slightly. "We cannot afford to have crewmen injured by his lack of self restraint"

Mike was curious as to her comment, he raised an eyebrow to it "You know he is behind a forcefield?"

Insuring she was no longer facing him Kristina rolled her eyes. "Yes, I am fully aware of that, but my answer is still the same. Besides what is to discuss while K'Tan is unconscious? It will some time yet before the affects of the stun wear off."
She had no idea how Lake does it but he was snaking under her skin again.

Mike stopped in his footing for a second "Let me rephrase my question, then."

Creasing her brow slightly feeling a little intrigued Kristina stopped and turned. "Which is?" she prompted.

Mike closed his eyes quickly and opened them again, slightly twitching his shoulder "I just..." he paused for a second "I think... we can talk him down, he seems reasonable enough..." he then went quiet "Despite the broken pride."

"How do you know that will work?"

"How do I know?" he chuckled for a second "Word's quicker than warp 10 around here."

"Perhaps it does." she nodded darkly. "Alright, Mr Lake I'll think about it, but right now I need to speak to our new arrival in sickbay."

Mike smiled "Yeah, have fun with that. I'll see you up on the bridge later." Mike walked up the corridor to the other turbolift and stopped being a pest to Mason who continued on to sickbay.



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