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Posted on Sun Oct 25th, 2009 @ 11:38am by Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez & Fleet Admiral Tal Navek & Lieutenant JG T'Arjia D'Ras & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh

Mission: Ties To Blood: Season 1, Episode 3.
Location: Science Lab 2; Main Computer Core; Ops

While he waited for Moshchnost to return, Jrez began turning Lyon’s excellent suggested modifications to his nanites into reality.

He wasn’t sure which of the two he felt sorry for - Moshchnost or Lyons. Moshchnost seemed a nice enough person, he just lacked any semblance of social skills. On the other hand, Lyons didn’t seem like the type to cope with the ensign’s bumbling ineptitude. Probably it would end up with Moshchnost babbling incoherently to mask his insecurity and Lyons doing her level best to ignore him for want of any better reaction.

There was a chirp at the door. At Jrez’s signal the door opened and admitted serge, red faced with his arms full of equipment, “They are finding the Captain, so I took a risk and ran back to get the things we are needing for the experiment. I am bringing the makings of two Soliton wave generators and the linkages for communication relay. I was not remembering which it was that we would be doing. The Soliton is faster to set up but being much more catastrophic if it is failing. Helping please!”

The last was said as a piece of heavy (and probably quite delicate) equipment fell out of his arms with a clatter on the floor.

That settled it. If anything was going to get done around here, Jrez was going to have to take charge. He noticed that Moshchnost had changed out of his Blue uniform and into the mustard yellow – and that this one only had the one pip on it. He wondered what that drop in rank indicated – probably that Moshchnost had grabbed someone else’s uniform by mistake! “We’ll go with the Soliton waves” Jrez said firmly. “We don’t have a lot of time to play with.” In fact, we don’t have any!

“Where is being the computer core, yes?”

“Crewman Edkins?” Jrez asked. “How are you going with locating a redundant core?”

“I actually have two for you, Chief. I thought it best to have a back-up in case your inoculation doesn’t go quite as planned.”

“Good man,” Jrez said. “Kindly escort Ensign Moshchnost to the main computer core. I’ll contact Commander Lorran and get the go-ahead. The control centre will be here but we’ll need to co-ordinate between here and Lieutenant D’Ras in Ops and yourself at the coalface. Take these hyposprays with you. They contains the inoculation. Use one for each gel pack. They’ll pierce the pack membrane but it should self-seal immediately.” He gave Edkins another hypospray. “When I give the word, infect the core with this. It contains the Borg nanites. Simulations show we’ll have no problems but I’d rather be sure before we go messing with the system as a whole.”

“Are we deciding on how to vent the Superheated atmosphere from the core without burning out the Atmospheric Processors?” Serge asked.

“That’s your field of expertise, Ensign. I’m prepared to go with your recommendations in the absence of any advice to the contrary.”

Serge blinked, "Excusing me? I am not Engineer, I am Scientist; Astrophysics and Temporal Mechanics. This uniform was the only one the replicators is making for me and with too many Pips. I am not knowing the workings of the Air Filtration Systems. I will have to call up some specifics..."

Never the less Serge and Edkins made their way to the core.

=/= Jrez to Commander Lorran. =/=

No reply. He tried again. Still no reply. He decided not to waste time. Presumably Lorran was busy somewhere with the hunt for the Captain.

=/= Jrez to Commander Aerelon. =/=

Zeek hit his comm badge "Go ahead"

=/= We’re almost ready to go down here. We’re ready to inoculate a redundant isolinear core and transfer primary systems to it. We have a back-up core on standby should something untoward occur but we don’t anticipate that. Ensign Moshchnost has a plan for sterilising the nanites in the main system. When the new core is in place and operational, we’ll begin that phase of the operation. =/=

"Understood. Try to keep the transition as seamless as possible, last thing we need is a blackout."

=/= Thank you, Sir. Jrez out. =/=

=/= Jrez to Edkins. We’ve got the go. Inoculate!=/=

Jrez turned to the monitors. He reached out to select the computer core then.... He didn’t have a clue which ones Edkins had chosen. In his need to keep things moving, he’d forgotten to ask.

=/= Tim, which cores did you prepare? =/=

Edkins sounded like this was not an opportune moment. =/= 613-Alpha-9 and 5694-Gamma-335, Chief. =/= Even so, Jrez noted, there was no hesitation in supplying the designations.

Jrez selected 613-Alpha-9. Initial results looked promising. Numbers built up rapidly then levelled off. That was no more than he’d expected. It took excruciatingly long minutes for the population to reach the required level.

=/= Jrez to Edkins. Now please Tim =/=

Jrez watched as the Borg nanites raced into the gel packs. They made initial gains then.... Lieutenant Ulanova’s doctored nanites started to fight back. It really was like watching an immune system fighting off an infection. The good nanites – he couldn’t help but think of them in such terms – struggled at first but they fought doggedly until they gained the upper hand. Then they went ruthlessly on the attack until not a single Borg nanite was left in the field.

=/= I think we can call that a success, Tim. Well done. =/=

=/= Jrez to Lieutenant D’Ras. The inoculation has been delivered to computer core 613-Alpha-9 . Can you it on line? 5694-Gamma-335 is also available but I recommend saving it as a back-up. =/=

=/= Acknoledged Chief. I will attempt to restart it from here =/= T'Arjia's fingers flew over her console, accessing the various systems of core 613-Alpha-9, running a visual diagnostic of their running potential even as she braught the machine back up to full readieness. =/= Congratulations Chief, the core appears to be running smoothly. Please alert me when the other core is ready =/=

An hour later Jrez got a page:
=/= Moshchnost to Jrez. The Soliton wave induction/reduction pair is in place. I have established the atmospheric protocols in the core and evacuated all personnel. We are ready to be going here.

Serge rubbed his hands and nodded to Edkins. “All righty then. Be bringing the Secondary Computer Core on line and set Tertiary core to hot standby. Good. Now be transferring command functions to Secondary Core. Fine. I am establishing hermetic seal in Computer Core. Good. SIF are at full power. Increasing Core temperature to: 30, 45, 60, 75, 85, 90, 95, 98, 101 degrees. Stable at 101 Centigrade.”

He moved over to the Soliton controls, “Testing low grade induction reduction sequence in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Go.”

The was a loud creaking of one wall. Serge switches some controls quickly. “The energy dispersion is not quite as clean as I expected. Compensating.”

The creaking ebbed away. Serge kept an eye on the controls and carefully adjusted the power meters. He signalled to Edkins, “Be reading me the temperature.”

Edkins moved to environmental control. “103, 105, 107, 110 113, 117, 120, 123, 125, 127. Stop there!”

“Cutting power to Soliton waves”, Serge replied. “Oh dear. No wait, here. Yes. Power decline… good the wave is off. I can tell you I sweat almost as much out here as I am being sweating in there. Computer, vent super heated atmosphere to Secondary EPS ducts for cooling.”

=/= Moshchnost to Jrez. If you are hearing this then we are not being dead and the experiment is succeeded. Engineering may wish a Level 1 Diagnostic to check for collateral damage to some of the biogels and more delicate circuitry, but I wouldn’t be trying to send anyone inside for an hour or so. =/=

=/= Jrez to Lieutenant D’Ras =/=

=/= D'Ras here. Go ahead, Chief =/=

=/= Bring the systems on line, M’am. I recommend you do so progressively...just in case. We still have core 5694-Gamma-335 in reserve but all should be well now. =/=

=/= Understood. I estimate systems should be back fully within the next ten minutes =/=

Serge looked at Edkins, “I am here at station for three hours now and already I am saving day. First week out of Accademy!”


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