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The Pick Up

Posted on Mon Oct 26th, 2009 @ 6:42am by Lieutenant Helen Lyons [PNPC] & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh

Mission: Ties To Blood: Season 1, Episode 3.
Location: Serge's Quarters
Timeline: That first evening


Helen stood in the corridor, looking uncertainly at the door. Perhaps she should have commed first - but that would leave him wiggle room to find a reason not to be here when she came. She was here now and the computer had told her Serge was in.... She reached out a hand and rang the chime.

Serge heard the chime and checked his chronometer. Who was contacting hima t this time. He saved his progress on his work station and went to the door. When he opened it and saw Helen there he froze like a bunny in the headlights.

"Lieutenant, Sir!" he snapped to attention. "I was not expecting you to be coming. I mean you said that we should... we could... but I thought... I didn't think..."

'Serge, where are your manners' his mother's voice rang in her ears, 'don't leave a person standing at the door!"

"Would you like to be coming inside?" He spurted out.

“Thankyou.” Helen stepped past Serge into the room. “You haven’t forgotten that we’re going out have you?” she said glancing around the room.

“I… No… of course. I will be needing to… I must change. A moment please, yes?”

Serge dashed into his room and wished fervently that they had been fitted with doors. He started flinging clothes out of his small case till he found what he was looking for.

Serge’s room was large and at this point had only a sole occupant. They were certainly larger than one would expect for a lowly ensign. Serge had a work space with a computer terminal set up and a number of gadgets on the flat surface. The rest of the room was fairly clean except for a discarded blue service uniform flung on the couch.

After a short while Serge reappeared in blue Dress uniform, “I am sorry but this is being the only good clothes I am having.”

“I am not going to take you out in uniform-” as Helen said this she noted the Lieutenants pips on Serge’s collar, “-..Sir.” Earlier he was an Ensign and now he outranks me. What is going on here?

Serge’s hands went to his collar, “Eh? Oh no. Is being a mistake. I am not Lieutenant. I am asking for rank pin and they giving me to, and only mustard uniforms, not nice blue ones.”

It didn’t matter really; they were off duty now so rank did not count. But there must be a lot more behind this easily flustered man than meets the eye. Helen was determined to find out what.

“You really have nothing better than a dress uniform to wear?” she said arching an eyebrow. “That means I will have to take you on a shopping trip as well…”

“I only come with two uniforms and some books and personal experiments. I am not sure what I should be wearing. Where are you wanting to be going? Do we have time for to be shopping as well? I do not usually shop. Usually I just ask replicator for simple outfit, but it is not always working today.”

‘Serge!’ His mother’s voice admonished, ‘She is a nice girl. You tell her that!’

“You’re a nice girl!” Serge blurted, “Woman! Helen. You are a nice Helen. A nice woman Helen. I mean that you are looking the nice. You are being nice also but You are looking…”

This is not going very well. Why hadn’t someone developed a simple equation to deal with female interactions in the same way that sub-atomics were mapped?

"Ah...Thanks I think..." Helen smiled; she had actually put a lot of thought into what to wear tonight which surprised her.

“And you do strike a fine pose in that dress uniform.” At least Serge was speaking to her in a semi coherent fashion, which was a huge improvement from when they last met.

“I think we might leave shopping for another time Serge. Maybe a lunch date?”

Serge could say nothing. Lunch DATE? Then this was a dinner DATE? he was confused. He hadn't even been out yet and she was already inviting him out again. Fear nearly paralysed him. What was he supposed to do or say. What would his brother Dimitri do?

Her eyes suddenly narrowed as she looked across his shoulder. “Your collar is not fixed properly at the back. Here, let me.” Helen quickly reached forward and started deftly adjusting Serge’s uniform collar.

Serge froze. The gorgeous woman put her arms around his neck to fix his collar. She was barely inches from him. He closed his eyes so he wasn't looking at her leaning forward, but he could still smell her perfume and it filled his mind with imagined images he couldn't avoid. His armpits began to sweat.

“There, that’s better.” Serge’s face was showing a nice healthy flush of red, making his blonde hair appear more white than gold. The man was actually blushing!

"Da." Serge said, falling back into Russian for an instant, "Much better, thanking you. You are very helpful. If you ever need your uniform adjusted, I am being happy to help. NO! I am not meaning... Only that... I am trying to say words in English and is not being easy. I am scratching your back. You are scratching mine. I mean, we are scratching each other. Not actually scratching each other, no. Unless you are being itchy. Are you itchy? We... we should be going, yes?"

Helen tried not to smile - she was beginning to find his verbal ramblings quite endearing. She fussed a little more over his crumpled jacket, trying to make him more presentable. Obviously it had just been taken straight from what ever it had come to the Starbase in.

“Yes, we should be going. Have you had a chance to look around the station yet?”

"I am looking at the Prominade when the alarm was calling for general quarters. Is still my first day and am not having time to look around. Where shall we be eating?"

“I haven’t had a chance to look around myself, but I was reliably informed by some of the nurses that the Replimat is a good place. Though if anything else takes our fancy, we could go there,” Helen said as she walked to the door. “We’ll go exploring together.”

Serge opened his mouth to speak, licked his lips nervously, then hazarded, "There is also an Orion Resteraunt and a Ferengi bar. I am checking the Starbase directory on the way here. It is just... you've gone to so much effort to be looking beautiful... not that you have to be working hard to look beautiful..."

Serge clamped his mouth shut. Better be silent and let people think you are an idiot than open your mouth and remove any doubt.

Helen, for once, was momentarily lost for words and she felt her own face begin to flush red, and butterflies started fluttering in her stomach. How can one simple compliment affect her so much? Damn….

“I…ah. Do you really think so?” Helen cringed inwardly as she said it. She was not used to receiving compliments, she also did not consider herself as being ‘beautiful’- tolerable maybe but not beautiful.

"You are not wanting to go to the bar or..."

Then, on the spur of the moment, Helen leaned forward and kissed him.

Serge froze. This must be that dream again. Any moment now the boys from teh accademy would apear and he would be upside down in a toilet.

Long moments passed and Serge didn't dare move, or hardly breath. He might as well have been in stasis. Helen began to shift uncomfortably.

Helen now felt even more embarrassed. What in hell was she thinking? “Perhaps we should go…”

"Okay", said Serge in what could only be described as a falsetto squeek. Obviously he had imagined the whole thing. Wow, his imagination was getting away from him.

**Later that evening**

Helen was happy and she was enjoying the feeling. It was something she had not felt in a long long time. She kept looking at Serge, not quite believing that he had managed to stay in her company for the duration, not after what happened earlier. She still could not believe she had kissed him it was so unlike her.

“I hope you enjoyed yourself tonight Serge.” Unconsciously she reached out to hold his hand as they walked.

"Oh yes!" Serge blurted. He was oblivious to the held out hand. He just didn't even realise it was meant for him. He was walking with his hands behind his back as if he were on the parade grounds. The food had been good, if fairly standard replimat fare. The company had been delightful and very happy to converse, even if they found it difficult to find a common topic. Serge had balanced talking constantyly with shovelling his food so he wouldn't say anything. Thankfully, Helen seemed to have an inexhaustable ability to provide safe topics for discussion.

They reached the turbo lift and again his mother's reminders were running through his head.

"It... I am understanding they have the good Captain detained now but... perhaps... you will still be needing someone to accompany you to your quarters?"

“My quarters?” Helen could not help the annoyance that crept into her voice. “At this present time my quarters consist of my office in the med research labs. Due to the issues with the computer core and the – well, it just seems that due to other unforseen events I have been momentarily forgotten about. It should be sorted out by tomorrow afternoon.”

"Oh," it was all Serge could think to say. Sleeping in a Medical Bay did not sound like much fun. At least there were beds and replicators though.

Then an idea struck her.

“You’ve got a spare bed, perhaps you wouldn’t mind if I borrow it for tonight? It will be a lot more comfortable than the beds in the lab….” Helen had only been half serious as she asked but was completely unprepared for Serge’s reaction.

Serge's eyes widdened but before he could speak an image of his mother suddenly stood very clearly inhis mind. His father had once complainged that the house was so full of people and perhaps it was time to make some of them find other places to live. Serge's mother had taken it as a personal insult.

"Vladimir Moshchnost! I will not have a person sleep on the streets while I have a bed and blanket to offer them. It will not harm you to do without your food for the good of others!"

Serge smiled slightly, "It would be my pleasure to be offering you a place to stay, Lieutenant Lyons. Feel free to stay as long as you are wanting. If you would like I will go and collect your things from Medical, or I can be replicating what you need."

The obvious conotation about having a superior officer, and very attractive woman, stay the night had completely slipped past Serge. All he could think of is how proud his mother would be that he was helping somoene less fortunate than he. She had always been happy when Dimitiri had brought women back to the house. Dimitri did seem to meet a lot of women who needed somewhere to sleep. And, now he thought about it, they didn't seem to own much clothing or get to eat much either. Poor girls. Dimitri was a good man. Sometimes he would let more than one share his bed at a time.

“You’re being completely serious aren’t you,” Helen blurted in surprise. The offer of a real bed was better than the excuse for beds that get placed in most sickbays. She had asked to stay half in jest and was very sorely tempted to take the offer…

Helen’s conscience warred with her. A comfortable night’s sleep or a mar on her freshly minted reputation on the Starbase – thought it would only be a mar if someone found out about it… and it’s not like anything ‘untoward’ was going to happen now is it? No. Of course it won’t.

“I’ll need to pick up a few things from my office if that’s okay…” The thought of a comfortable bed won out.

Serge indicated with his hand that she should lead the way. He was so pleased with himself that he wasn't concentrating on where he was going. If he had been he would not have walked into the open access plate and knocked himself out cold....



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