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Did You Really Come Here To Help

Posted on Mon Oct 26th, 2009 @ 10:46am by Lieutenant Michael Lake & Lieutenant JG Jasmine Butler

Mission: Ties To Blood: Season 1, Episode 3.
Location: Ops

"Could you keep the gain steady at twelve?" Mike asked Jasmine.

Jas gave him a nod and started controlling the gain on the sensor boost. "How's that?" She waited for a response from Mike.

"Good, good. Keep it there." He mumbled, concentrating so much he almost left her behind.

She watched the occasional number fluctuate as Mike obsessed about the sensors. "Mike?"

"...Just a second..." He said, writing another algorithm for the sensors. He pulled away once he was done. "What's up?"

"Mike, I saw Leanne a little while ago..." She was fairly apprehensive about talking to him, because he was so tense.

"Funny that, I was talking to her a while ago as well. What about her?" He asked, in a fairly dull tone.

"She scanned me to see if I was showing any signs of ," She stepped a little closer to him and whispered. "Pregnancy."

"Why? You know that I was careful." Mike muttered. "You don't need to drag Leanne into this unless you feel sick, or get a speed bump, something like that."

Jasmine sighed. "Fine, sorry." She ran her slender fingers through her hair. "Mike?"

He felt like hitting the console, so he turned back to the console and started some more work; the stress was starting to get to him, so was Jasmine. "Yes, Jas."

She choked a little. She got close to him and touched his hand, she was trying her best to make her relax. "Mike, I know it's only been a day since we got together. But we've shared a lot together. The question I really want an answer to is whether you love me or not? Whether you want to take our relationship to the next level."

Mike stopped working again and kissed her on the forehead. "You know I want to. How can't I love you."

She beamed with a radiant smile. "Do you still need some help with the sensors?"

"You bet. Ok, for this one. I need you to keep circulating the modulation of the shipboard sensors." He ordered.

Jasmine gave him another smile and started working. "Rotating the modulation."

"Good work. Have you ever worked much with the sensors?" Mike asked.

Jasmine shook her head. "Outside of engineering, not really. But as everyone does, I did a basic course, and I did some repairs on the Genovia."

"Fair enough." The console beeped a little. "Whoa, watch your alignment there."

She quickly corrected the mistake. "Sorry."

"No, no, its ok." He pulled away from his console and stood behind her and kissed her neck. "I was thinking about tonight. Oh, you can finish now."

She chuckled. "Thanks for letting me know." She turned around and wrapped her arms around him. "Did you want to start your scan?"

"Oh, yeah." He pressed some buttons on his console and started his sensor scan. "So, I was thinking, how about I make dinner?"

"It depends. What are you making?" She asked with a smirk.

"I don't know. What about spaghetti bolognese?" He asked, wishing that she'd just say yes.

The ashamed look on her face was a dead give away. "I made that in first year cooking classes at high school."

Mike shook his head. "I really didn't think I'd get away with that. Roast beef pierogi?"


"Tender loins?"


"Fine. What do you think?" He asked.

"Something vegetarian. Or, ever better, lobster." She gave him a cute smile. "You're in too deep, aren't you, Michael Lake."

"You want to take me on. You want Lobster, you will get lobster. Maybe." He suddenly realised that he would have to take on something that he had never done before, let alone something that he could do. He returned to his sensor sweep, and wallowed in a state of self pity.



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