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Rude awakenings

Posted on Tue Oct 27th, 2009 @ 1:29pm by Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & Lieutenant Helen Lyons [PNPC]

Mission: Ties To Blood: Season 1, Episode 3.
Location: Serge's Quarters
Timeline: Morning of Day 2

Serge was not a morning person. This particular morning was a prime example. His head hurt. It hurt so much. He put his hand to his head. It didn’t seem about to come unattached.

He tried a quick mental check. He was in a bed. A quick glance showed his case on the floor. Presumably then it was his room. Clean sheets. Hadn’t been his room long then.

The Starbase! That is right, he had been station on the base and had arrived yesterday and… There had been a Soliton Wave experiment on the computer core. It had worked and…

He had a vague memory of having gone out in his dress uniform. Had he been celebrating? Had he been drinking? That would explain the headache.

He tried sitting up but it made his head swim and his thoughts scattered before him.

Naked. He wasn’t wearing his flannel pyjamas. Not cold though. Coffee. He needed coffee. Clothes. He should put on some. T-Shirt at least. Suitcase. Socks, no. Webbing, no. Books, no. Iscolinear chips, no. PJs, no. Where was his shirt?

Maybe uniform would do. Dress uniform on end of bed. Too formal. Replicator in main room. Don’t walk into wall. Ouch, don’t bump into couch. Don’t wake up half naked women sleeping on couch. Replicator.

Wait. Replicator only giving him engineering uniform. That’s no good. Where was yesterday’s uniform? Couch. He’d flung it on the couch. Why. Oh yes it had got sweaty from talking to that girl. Where is it? Half naked girl using it as a pillow. Damn.

Replicator. Something he was trying to remember? Coffee! Hot, sweet. Good. Urgh. Head starting to focus. Porridge. Needed food. Two bowls one for him and one for the half nak…

There was a clatter as the cup hit the floor spilling coffee, then a scream as the hot coffee splattered onto Serge’s bare feet. Then a second scream when he realised the first scream had woken the woman on his couch who was now looking at him standing there naked.

He made to run for the bed room but stepped on the coffee cup which rolled under him propelling him full force into the wall, and ricocheting him onto the couch and on top of Helen.

The scream that roused her from sleep grated down Helen’s spine and she still was not fully awake when Serge’s naked form was suddenly on top of her. They stared at each other briefly in shock - and then he pushed himself away and - What the…?

He rolled quickly off her and onto the floor and screamed again, since he was now lying in a puddle of hot coffee. Leaping to his feet he tried one more dash for the bedroom, getting as far as the chair near his door which he tripped over and landed head first in his own suitcase.

She looked over the back of the couch into the bedroom in a moment of stunned silence.

“Serge, are you okay?”

Serge's answer was muffled from inside the case.

Helen scrambled from the couch and rushed to help Serge off of the floor and onto the bed where he clutched the covers around him. She sat next to him and tried to get a look at his face and eyes, worried that he might now be suffering from a MTBI. A concussion might be a good explanation for what just happened… Maybe.

“How are you feeling? Would you like me to get you anything?” Helen was completely oblivious to the fact that he was naked and that she was dressed only in a T-shirt and her underwear. He looked to be fine from what Helen could see.

Serge mouthed soundlessly for a while. His mum had never given him advice about this sort of thing. Dimitri had often talked about gettig a naked woman into your bed room, but not about what you did the next day.

Serge wished desperately that he could remember last night.

Wait a minute. Why was she on the couch and he on the bed?

"We... You... Walmop... I am being in wrong room?"

Helen was confused. The wrong room? Maybe he was referring to his offer of a decent bed for the night. Don’t tell me he was going to take the couch and let me have the bedroom…

Helen smiled, men could sometimes be full of surprises.

“No, you’re in the right room. You needed to sleep, especially after what happened last night.”

This wasn't as comforting as Serge had hoped. What HAD happened last night? Why did she keep touching his cheek and looking into his eyes?

However, if this was his room then he would have to play host, even if it was in less than ideal circumstances.

"You will be wanting some breakfast, yes? If you would like replicator to give you uniform, then I can be making one for me. I will get coffe and porridge for both, yes?"

Serge was hoping she would get up from the bed soon. She was sitting with her legs in a most distracting manner.

“Are you sure you’re feeling fine?” she asked again, still scrutinising his eyes and running her fingers softly through Serge’s hair to make sure there was no prominent swelling where he hit his head. “No headache, dizziness, anything like that?” As Helen spoke she edged closer to him, dizziness would explain the acrobatic display...

Serge leaned back nervously, forgetting that he was on the end of the bed. Suddenly he toppled backwards dragging the covers and a surprised helen with him onto the floor. From under the disarray of sheets and womanhood his voice filtered up weakly, "Perhaps I am being a little disoriented?"

Helen found herself straddled over Serge, tangled in sheets. And then she felt something else as well. Realisation suddenly set in. He was naked. And she might as well be….

She frantically tried to back off but only succeeded in tangling them both closer together within the sheets. Her face was now pressed up close to his jaw and she could smell his sweat along with a faint spiciness…it was…

Her lips pressed suddenly against Serge’s and Helen stopped trying to escape the confines of the blankets.

Serge wimpered and shot out of the sheets like soap in a bathtub. It was not that he didn't want to be kissing Helen. That's just the point. He did. But he didn't want her thinking he was taking advantage. After all she was obivously in a vulnerable position, tangled on the floor, half naked, wrapped in his bedsheets.

"I... I... I... will get something at work."

He ran to the couch and grabbed up his uniform, throwing it on in one hurried move. As he dashed out the door he was completely oblivious to the bra still snagged to the back of his pants, or the lipstick covering his face.

Helen suddenly found herself alone on a strange bedroom floor, in Serge’s T-shirt and tangled in his sheets. She heaved a sigh and rolled onto her back. This was NOT how she imagined her first morning on the Starbase. In fact she would never have imagined herself doing this in a million years. Perhaps she should have stayed with Starfleet R&D.

The beeping of an alarm drew Helen away from her thoughts. That’s right. She had set it before going to sleep on the couch last night – she was going to be late for work! Scooting out of the sheets, Helen ran to the living area and slipped quickly into her skirt. She could not find her bra so decided to wear the T-shirt back to the office and change into uniform there – there was no way she was going to wear the top she wore last night out in public without one!

Slipping on her shoes Helen too disappeared out the door.


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