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Mission: Ties To Blood: Season 1, Episode 3.
Location: Hanger Bay

With the captain now captured Henk returned back to the fighter bay. He put his phaser and sword back to his office and walked toward the nearest fighter. In his absence his men replaced some power relays. They were working fine and made there work a lot easier, or at least that's what he thought.

Suddenly one of the relays exploded. The shock wave surged though the fighter bay. It knocked Henk and a half dozen people of their feet. With his ears ringing Henk slowly turned trying to move and regain his footing, but a large piece of bulkhead was lying on leg.
“Get those people out of here.” Henk yelled. “Evacuate now.”

Warrant Officer Simon Clarkson felt as if he had been submerged in water. His body felt heavy, his head swimming and his hearing not functioning save for the throbbing drone. Inch by inch he forced himself to sit and through his fuzzy vision he observed the scene. The once tidy hanger was burning, debris lay scattered across the deck, one the planes had been rocked off its support and the wall on the right hand side had massive deep cracks running through it. Some of the section had even fallen away landing upon an individual that was pinned beneath it.

With a jolt of fear Clarkson realized who it was beneath the rubble when O'Brien's voice ordered the remaining crew to leave. Obedily they were following his words staggering unsteadily. But Simon wasn't about to listen to the young fool. At fifteen years his senior Clarkson has accepted Henk's new position seeing the same eagerness each new Fighter CO bought with them, but the nipper still had a lot of learn.

Crawling over to him Clarkson took a proper look at the situation, the threat of more structural damaged but the pressing issue of O'Brien's safety. He knew basic first aid and the knowledge that if the trapped limp was pinned for more the twenty minuets recovery would be twice as complicated. Coupled with the threat of further damaged from the crumpling bulkhead and the remote of another explosion Simon bought his blooded hand to him comm and raised the alarm.

Next with the air of calm he had mastered over the years Clarkson knelt beside Henk looking him in the eye speaking in a light tone. "I know you've cracked heads together son. But why did you have to go and do this to yourself?"

With a weak smile Henk looked up at Clarkson. He tried to move but he almost fainted from the pain his legs gave him.
"Look, the bulkheads can come down any minute, And I have no idea when there is another explosion, Just get out of here." Henk said as he fought the pain.

Simon followed his eye then shrugged. "Maybe, but we can't let that happen to you can we now?" he asked. "Help is on the way, so just sit tight. I'm not Superman I'm afraid I can't move that lump of I don't know what on that twig of yours but I can stay here until help comes. Although you could order me to leave sir but I won't listen any way."

Henk looked around for something they could use, the way to his office was blocked. The fire was burning even harder. If it would reach another relays the damage would be severe.
"Just go. Don't make me order you." Henk said. "It is too dangerous for you to be here. Just go."

"Look son, I've been around for a long time. A little fire and the threat of death doesn't bother me. So quit your winging and try not to move otherwise you'll be hurting a lot more in the morning." Clarkson cntuned as if Henk hadn't spoken.

Henk lay back and looked at the ceiling.
"I haven't seen you around." Henk said just to past the time. "New around here?'

Glad that he'd finally understood Simon wasn't going to leave in a hurry Clarkson chuckled lowly. "Nah, I've been here quite some while, I'm like a piece of the furniture you forget I'm here. Either that or you've been too busy chasing that tail of yours or that security chief to notice," he gave a wolfish smile and eyes twinkling with mirth.

"First of all, there is nothing between me and Mason." Henk said. "I know the rumors, but you do better not to believe them. Maybe you are just to quite around here?"

Simon chuckled again. "Sorry I didn't mean to. I was pulling your leg. I don't think she'll ever settle, she's too....wayward. Yeah, your right I am quite normally. The young and eager are always hasty and loud. I just stand back and observe them as they create trouble from themselves. I guess I was once like them act instantly think later. Now it's different. Like I said I've seen my fair share of action and adventure so this is nothing and the eager men and women are nothing but whippersnappers."

Henk tryed to lie a litte easier. A pain surged trough his leg as he did that.
"Dammit. Where is that rescue party of yours?"

"I don't honestly know. I'm sure you'll be here soon," Simon looked around feeling a little worried. "How are you feeling?"

"Like hell." Henk said with a weak smile. "The pain keeps me awake, but I don't know if I'm greetfull of that."

Then over the answer came the hurried footfalls of people and the sudden blast of chill from the manual fire equipment. Jogging toward them looking both out of breath and flustered Ensign Annabelle Brenari skidded to a halt beside the two men and blanched at the scene. She whipped out a tricorter and noted Henk's vitals. "Hey handsome," she smiled. "How you feeling? Don't you worry we'll have you out of here in a jiffy."

Henk looked at the woman and then to the bulkhead on his leg.
"My leg hurts like hell, And I think if been her long enough." Henk said as he looked at all the people.

"I agree with you there," Brenari signaled for some assistance. "I'm going to give you some painkillers alright? They might make you feel a little woozy or sleepy but it will help, alright?" She loaded a hypo and lent over to inject it into Henk's neck. "Once they start to work we'll get you out of here."

"Clarkson, I want you to find out what hapend after the all clear has been given." Henk ordered. "Take every safety precaution you can think off."

The older man nodded sitting tensely waiting for the drug to take affect. "Don't worry I'll find the cause of it and report back to you before you know it."

Studying the tricorter Annabelle nodded to the team that stood around her to each take a firm grip on the offending piece of bulkhead. "One...two... three...lift!"
Manpower was an amazing thing. Between the six men she had roped into helping the lumps of dribs and shrapnel were an ease to move. As she expected Henk winced with renewed pain form his injured leg, at least the pain killers were taking off the edge. If she'd given him much more he'd been unconscious.

"Just keep still," she cooed gathering up her equipment and slapping her badge. "Two to transport to sickbay." In the small pause that followed Annabella allowed herself to flash a smile at Clarkson and an even larger one at Henk before they were involved and transported to safety.


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