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Shards of a Broken Mirror

Posted on Fri Oct 30th, 2009 @ 11:15pm by Fleet Admiral Tal Navek & Captain Jorvin & Lieutenant Thomas Jenkins & Lieutenant Helen Lyons [PNPC] & Lieutenant JG T'Arjia D'Ras & Lieutenant JG Diego Echevarria & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh

Mission: Ties To Blood: Season 1, Episode 3.
Location: Starbase 611 - Sickbay

The scene in sickbay was a somber one. The Captain, heavily sedated and still under the effects of the compound she had been injected with lay motionless on an ICU biobed, surrounded by a forcefield and a heavily armed security team. Many of those who secured the Captain in Jenkin's quarters were either laying or sitting on biobeds themselves, recovering from their injuries. Zeek received the word about five minutes ago that the Captain had been subdued, and not a moment too soon. He and Lieutenant D'Ras made their way to sickbay as quickly as possible, Zeek feeling that the Lieutenant might be able to help in some way. When they arrived, Zeek quickly pointed out the good Doctor and made his way to her.

"Doctor Ulonova, how's the Cap'n doing?" Zeek asked.

"Well, for the moment she isn't trying to kill everyone so that is an improvement over before." Leanne moved her hair out of her eyes and watched as Helen and the others were analyzing some DNA strands.. "It is going to come down to how we treat her, if we choose the wrong treatment option, we'll be back and square one but I doubt the Captain would be able to handle a second treatment." She moved a little closer to Zeek to speak a little softer. "Anyone who has had contact with the captain is going to need to be scanned. I'm not sure how far along the virus is, and before it was being spread by contact."

Zeek nodded and kept his voice down "Understood. I'm going to have Ops place a forcefield around the door to sickbay, just incase anyone doesn't want to cooperate." His thoughts immediately went to the Klingon woman lying on another biobed, and to Kristina. "Once they are treated, they are free to leave unless you need anything else from them." He darted one last look towards the Captain before continuing "If you don't mind, I need to utilize your office, Starfleet needs to be briefed on whats happened here."

Helen’s back ached. That wall was hard! But she still stood with Atsuko Kendo and Annabelle Brenari around the med station as they frantically worked to find a way of killing this thing off once and for all. Being as energy hungry as this virus is, denying it the means to replicate itself might have weakened it enough to allow it to be screened out using the transporters…. Or maybe the virus they had created could now be tweaked again to go after the dormant alien DNA…Helen’s fingers began to fly across the terminal to run some simulations.

Thomas entered sickbay with a security escort. He'd yet to spot Mason, and he wasn't sure whether she'd lay into him for his actions or remain quiet - having torn his boxers off, earlier. He'd stayed back to redress, though it had taken slightly longer with every movement stirring up pain in his side. With an arm held tightly to said side, he made his way over to an empty biobed and waited for a doctor - hoping it would be the Chief, though he wasn't sure who the Chief was, exactly.

Jorvin had just suffered a few minor cuts and bruises and was standing with the others watching the progress of the Captain.

When Mason had entered sickbay she glad that the strong presence she had insisted were in place over Beverly as she slept looking almost peacefully and innocently. Krissy could hear Leanne speaking to Zeek no doubt giving him the low down on her condition but for once Kristina did not want to know. She was still seething with Jenkins regarding his actions with Beverly added with the rising bruises, limp and the strange sensation of lopsidedness from whatever injury she had sustained being thrown around in the heat of the moment. Mason hobbled inside clenching her jaw, instantly clocked Jenkins and moved toward him.

If looks could kill, Thomas would have bigger problems than a broken rib or two. He spotted Mason as she entered sickbay and instantly B-lined it for him. He looked around almost frantically for a way to avoid the encounter, but the security chief had him trapped in the already crowded room. Mentally, he braced for impact.

Aside from the scattered thoughts of concern, bewilderment and the clear pattens of hurt Lieutenant JG Brenari sensed Mason's anger from three decks away. Protectively if not a little suicidally she moved between the Commander and Jenkins. "Commander allow me to look at you," she said trying to sound assertive.

Mason simply pushed the small women aside and continued to move toward her target. "You couldn't resist could you?" she hissed lowly. "There's a special place in hell for scum like you."

Kristina Mason sure had a way with words. Direct, and to the point. Thomas should've expected her comment, but with what had happened recently tied with their encounter earlier in the day, he just didn't have any patience left. "You can't pin this on me!" He barked out. "If your team hadn't taken their sweet time, I probably would've still been clothed and in one piece when you got there!"

Gob-smacked Annabelle blinked in disbelief then came to. "Commander please! I don't think this is nesscery." Bravely she moved closer to the other woman feeling the waves of anger and disgust hitting her like waves crashing upon the shore. This she saw wasn't all about the sworded event in the bedroom between the Captain and the Lieutenant this steamed from something deeper and much more personal.

Still glaring Mason sneered, her good arm urging her to hit Jenkins for his actions. Instead of clouting him around the face she took a swipe at his injured side with whatever strength she had left. The muffled groan was satisfying until Brenari and another medical person pulled her away after they shouted in shock stealing the attention of the room.

“What in hell is going on here!” Helen stormed away from the simulations running on her terminal and stood in front of the restrained Commander. “We have bigger things to deal with in here at the moment, without having the two of you take up the time of medical personnel that could be put to better use. I will not suffer fighting or abuse of patients in this sickbay! Understand me?” Helen glared at the two. She did not recognise the lieutenant but the Security Chief should know better.

Hunched over, nearly falling off the biobed with both arms wrapped around his sides, Thomas piped up with his eyes still on the floor. "My ribs are definitely broken." His line of sight didn't change, but he could feel Mason's glare at the comment. "From the Captain!" he quickly added, looking at the woman in blue. "Whenever someone could tend to me, it would be appreciated, Doctor." Much like his earlier encounter with the security chief, he instantly dismissed their issue.

Leanne watched as Helen stood between the two. It looked like she had everything under control. She looked at the doctors Menze who had been scanning some of the patients in sickbay for the virus and walked over. "As soon as Helen gets that mess cleaned up, we need to grab her, Bernari and Atsuko and decide what we are going to do. Scarlet, you prep the quarantine area? Wil, if Helen needs backup, make sure you are there to help her."

Wil nodded at her and walked over to where the commotion was going on and stood next to Helen, and waited for a punch to be thrown.

“Fine.” Helen said helping Thomas back onto the bed. “Just sit tight and stop squirming, if your ribs are broken doing that will just make it worse. Someone will see to you shortly.” Helen knew she did not have the greatest of bedside manners – which was why she was a medical researcher and not a GP. She then turned back to the still restrained Mason, her anger barely held in check.

“Commander, whatever piece of flesh you want to carve out of his hide will feel a lot more satisfying to you if it is from a healthy source.” Helen jabbed a finger at an empty biobed on the far side of the sickbay. “Now go and put yourself on that bed and wait to be examined, then the medical staff holding you can actually do the work they are trained for.”

Mason's angry glare swifted sideways to Helen and Will behind her still craving a fight, but her words did carry a certain about of weight which she knew she should bend to. She debated for a moment to fight or answer back but the woman gripping her injured arm twisted it just enough to make Mason think twice.

Bernari was amazed just how furious this woman was. The reasoning behind her anger were constantly changing but each new interference seemed to spark another spurt of aggression. Sensing they would soon be going round in circles she twisted her grip upon the Commander's arm that had been hanging loosely at her side when she entered to dampen the angry fire. For her effort Bernari felt Mason's body squirm and a sharp hiss escape her lips.
Still adding pressure Bernari began to steer both Mason and her colleagues to the bed Helen had indicated at the far side of the sickbay.

Zeek ducked his head out of the Doctors office "Oy, just so you all know, no one leaves unless cleared by the Docs. So I suggest if you don't have any teal on your collar that you sit down and play nice, unless you want to try your luck against the forcefield on the door." Zeek gave a slight wink towards Kristina before returning to the office to begin his report. He knew that might make her more enraged, but hopefully it would lighten the mood.

Having limped, half steered or directed Mason sat heavy upon the bed with her face drained of most of its color, but the anger had but not faded. Her blue eyes still burned with it, she glared at Zeek from across the room then shot a look of disapproval at the door. Gritting her teeth she bailed her fists and submitted herself to a long wait knowing no doubt after that display she'd been one of the last to be treated to give her time to cool off.
From her position she could oversee most of the activities around the room continuing to shoot glares at both Jenkins, Zeek and Helen.

Helen watched as Mason was escorted to her bed and then shot a warning look at the Lieutenant cradling his ribs. She then finally noticed Wil standing behind her. “Leanne wants you,” he said jerking his head in Ulonova’s direction. Helen nodded and followed Wil.

Atsuko had watched the exchange with a detachment that had taken her a very long time to develop which was in complete contrast to what she had been like when she had reported for duty on her first assignment. She had been a fresh faced Ensign taking up the Chief Medical Officer spot on the USS Discovery and now she was an Assistant Chief Medical Officer on board one of the biggest instillations in the area.
Her eyes went back to the screen in front of her as she poured over the data that was streaming in front of her. Her eyes were darting back and forth taking in all the information as she compared the DNA strands and the cellular morphology in the hope she could find a chink in the amour of the virus.

Haqtaj lay very still. She had lost a lot of blood, and had one arm dislocated as well as numerous broken ribs. Last time she had been this badly hurt she had nearly got pregnant. She closed her eyes. There were going to be all sorts of complications following this. That what the Federation did. They complicated things with enquiries and interviews and paperwork.

She sighed and instantly wished she hadn't. She opened her eyes again to look for the cute Bolian, but he was staying suspiciously inconspicuous. In fact most of the medical staff had managed to find themselves jobs that didn't involve dealing with a 6'4" Klingon in pain. Haqtaj guessed that was to be expected.

She lay back down and closed her eyes again. She tried to think of something other than the pain. 'I wonder', she thought, 'what my room will be like. I hope they haven't painted it red.'

"So much for Sto'ko'vor... that was how you pronounced the place, was it?" Diego commented as he stumbled over, still trying to clear the cobwebs out of his head. "Though I can't say I deserve the bloodwine either way. My improv didn't work."

Haqtaj smiled, making her split lip bleed purple again, "What you did was brave and foolhardy. It took a lot of gall and I admire gall. We won, and it was a great battle."

Haqtaj turned her head and focused her one good eye on the man, "I do not know you but we have shared blood together. I am Haqtaj, of the House of Matlh. What is your name, loDniI'Hom?"

He tried to assemble the proper wordage in his mind as he spoke. "By your custom, I would be named Diego, of the House of Echevarria. But most people just call me 'Doctor' like all the other blue guys in Starfleet."

Haqtaj lay back and panted a little, "We will still drink tonight. I have blood wine, real blood wine, not the replicated suQ'a plastic stuff. For now however, I think I will lie here until the blue shirt gives me a frequent flyer card. I think I will need to ask for my own parking space in med bay."

He allowed a smile to touch his lips, ignoring the prospect of humiliating himself to Klingon customs by surrendering to the potency of an honored drink. "Why stop there? They shall also provide you a custom-designed room to yourself, with extra restraints and whatever soothing aesthetics it will take not to have you rip heads off of workers and fellow patients alike!"

With an soft noise, Henk was transported int to sickbay. he looked around and tred to stand.
"A little help please." he said called. "Did i miss anything?" he then frowned looking around the packed room.

Atsuko saw the red clad Lieutenant beam into the Infirmary and was the first to jump too. Her data forgotten about completely.
"What happened Lieutenant?", she sprang to work, crabbing up a medical kit as she went. What amazed her the most was the sheer number of injuries in sickbay and the station was still on condition green. The last time she had been in a sickbay that was this busy she was on the discovery in a battle situation.

"I was in the hangerbay when something exploded I'm not sure what at the moment. I was trapped beneath a piece of bulkhead." Henk said with a smile.


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