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When Blood Thaws

Posted on Thu Nov 5th, 2009 @ 8:33pm by Force Marshal Livia Harrison

Mission: Ties To Blood: Season 1, Episode 3.

Beverly had been cooped up in the Infirmary for the better part of three days being consistently watched over by one of either Doctor Brenari, Doctor Kendo, Doctor Lyons or the Chief Medical Officer Doctor Ulonova. Who ever said that Medical personnel were soft and easy to win over had obviously never come into contact with any of these exceptionally strong willed women.

She was lying back on her biobed trying to catch up with some reports on the stations operation and repairs and other than an incident in the hanger bay things seemed to be shaping up well especially with her first officer off station. She made a note to herself to put a commendation in the files of both Commander Aerelon and Commander Mason. Both had acquitted themselves above and beyond the call of duty in the last few days, but she hoped that she would be allowed out of the Infirmary soon to return to some semblance of normality.

"Excuse me Captain. We have a communique coming in for you. Its been routed to Doctor Ulonova's office for you".
Beverly hadn't felt Atsuko approach and this brought a slight smile to her face. It meant she was really on the way to recovery.
"Thank you Doctor."
"Would you care for some assistance?".
"No, but thank you. I should be able to manage".
Atsuko nodded understanding and moved off, but staying close enough incase the Commanding Officer did in fact require some aid.

Beverly with very slow and deliberate movements made her way through the Infirmary and into the Doctors office. She plopped down into the chair behind the desk and let a deep sigh and wince of pain seethe through her teeth before she flicked the console into activity.

The first image was that of the United Federation Of Planets and then replacing that was the familiar face of Major General Harrison.
"General. A pleasure as always. What can I do for you?"

"Captain, its nice to see you up and about. Starfleet has briefed me on your situation and I'm glad you will be returning to normal."

"Slowly but surely sir".
She fought down a wince of pain as her system carried on purging itself of the virus that had come so close to eradicating her from existence, leaving nothing but a broken shell in her place that was hell bent on eradicating her people.

"I've been looking over you file a bit closer these last few days, and I've gotta say I'm very impressed. Starfleet is in a growth stage again, and they have allotted Task Force 86 another Commodore slot. After talking with Commodore Madison and Vice Admiral Johnson, we are all in agreement that you have earned it. Captain Beverly DeVuor, you are hereby promoted to the rank of Commodore with all the rights and privileges."

For a second the information didn't register with Beverly. It just sat in front of her before it sank through into her consciousness and her mouth dropped open. "Sir?"
The simple word carried all of the confusion over almost trying to persuade the General to say it more clearly and in simple terms. "All I have been doing in the past few days is fight a virus that has been holding my body hostage and made me watch it commit acts of barbarism while I couldn't do anything to stop it."

Leanne rounded the corner to enter her office, but with a commanding hand Beverly indicated for her to stay at the door and remain quiet.

Leanne observed the situation going on, usually there was only a few reasons that a CO would need privacy, something hit the fan, or something big was coming down the pike. She leaned up against the door post and watched Beverly. She thought for a moment about pulling a cigarette out but decided against doing it right infront of her CO.

"Indeed, but you were not promoted based on you actions over the past few day, you were promoted based on your actions over the past few months, and because of the confidence and leadership you inspire in your crew. Thats the perfect mold for a flag officer." Livia responded

The fatigue was starting to take its toll on Beverly and the bags under her eyes were now a distinct darker shade than usual. "Sir, I don't know what to say", she paused a moment registering a wave of nausea and pain in her abdomen. "Thank you."
Beverly now changed tack, "When do you anticipate your return to Starbase sir. We have an office ready for you this time".

"You earned it Commodore. I'm currently en route to the Bellatrix system to deal with a...developing situation there. I'm not sure when that will be finished, but I'm sure you have an eager crewman or two ready to dust the office until I return" She said with a wink.

"Yes sir. Your state rooms are always ready for you as well".
A fresh wave of agony pulsed through her as the antivirus desimated the illness. "If you'll excuse me sir, I think I need to get back to bed".

"Get some rest, and make sure you put the right uniform on once you feel better. Harrison out." Livia said with a smile as she ended the conversation.

The screen blinked to black and once it did Beverly slumped in the chair loosing her fight against the pain.
"I could use some help back to my bed Doc".

"What part of you aren't getting out of bed for a week didn't I make clear." Leanne walked over to the chair that Beverly was slumped into and smiled. From her lab coat she removed a hypospray and gave the Captain an pain killer injection. Reaching down and slowly helping her out of the chair they slowly started to limp back towards the door. "If you want, I'll have ops put a comm panel next to your bed."

"I'm fine Doc. Moving around seems to help me focus", she paused for a moment as Leanne with some help from Beverly, lifted her from the chair to a standing position. "Could you do me one thing Doc?"

"Sure what can I do for you?" Leanne wasn't sure what could be coming next.

"The General just promoted me. I need Commodore pips on my uniform".
A slight smile tugged at her lips pleased with herself that she had finally made it to the higher echelons of command, but to a smaller degree saddened that she would no longer be on the front lines.



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