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Encounter in the Turbolift

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Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.
Location: USS Genesis
Timeline: After beverly meeting in sickbay

Ardeth pressed the turbolift button, carefully trying not to lose his grip on the twelve padds he was holding against his chest.
It had took him several hours of carefully analisis to organise the hundreds of files on the pads, if he dropped them now he could start all over again.
'Curse this habit of mine,' he muttered, waiting for the turbolift to arrive.
When the doors finally slid open he barely noticed the commander standing there.
'Deck six,' he told the computer while the doors closed again.
He almost dropped the padds when he finally noticed Beverly standing in the back.
'Oh sorry Beverly I didn't see you there, everything alright?' he said, smiling nervously.

Her temper was still barely in check after Krissy's behavious in sickbay. Beverly's posture reflected that as well. Her arms were crossed, fists glenched, tight lips and a reflexive gritting of her teeth.
"Everythings fine!", she snapped.

'It doesn't really sound like you are fine though, sure you are alright? Did something happen?'
Noticing the way Beverly was standing he was sure there was something going on, with a last regretfull look at the padds he loosened his grip, deciding that helping an old friend would be a more valuable way to spend his time then pointless administrative work.

She looked around to see a supportive hand on her shulder, not unlike the way she had with Henk in sickbay. She allowed a weak smile to cross her lips.
"Its just command issues Ardeth. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have bitten at you", she patted her hand on the back of his. "I'm still trying to adjust to command, and I had my first run in with another crewmember".

Ardeth shrugged indifferently.
'You know me, always getting the anger thrown at me,' he said.
'Do you want to tell me what the confrontation was about? Maybe I can give some insight on how you can prevent a fight developing next time.'

She sighed, allowing her shoulders to sag slightly. "Its Krissy. She just dosen't have the knack for filtering what shes about to say. She was completely out of line in sickbay just now", she turned to look at her diplomatic officer, "She just accused the only survivor of murdering his ship mates. Granted it was a question that I had wondered about, but she has to learn that just asking those questions isn't acceptable".
An idea struck her, just as the turbolift came to a stop and opened up onto the bridge, Beverly's stop.
"Aredth, would you spend some time talking to Krissy. I know your not a councelor, but your the closest thing we have to one at the moment".

Ardeth grinned, not surprised that the rumours had turned out to be true.
'Its a difficult situation indeed, I will talk to her. Do you need me to council our guest aswell? My councilling background might turn out to be usefull.'
He finally dropped the padds, not even looking at the annoying equipment while it spread over the turbolift floor.

Like a coiled spring, Beverly's hand shot out and caught one PADD in transit to the floor. "That would be wonderful, if you could". She knelt down and helped Aredth pick up the rest of the PADD's. "And once this current crisis is resolved, you, me, Commander Vos and Krissy need to get together about the crew evaluations".
She handed a small stack of PADDs to Ardeth.

'Sounds good, they are in sickbay? I can go over there right away.'
He thanked Beverly when she handed him back the padds, it was easier to hold them now he didnt have to put his fingers in all kinds of awkard positions between them to keep the files ordered.

She nodded at her old friend with a smile, her anger and tension subsiding. It always helped to talk to other about ones problems, or in this case, palm them off on someone else.


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