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Posted on Thu Nov 5th, 2009 @ 6:57pm by Fleet Admiral Tal Navek & Lieutenant Helen Lyons [PNPC] & Lieutenant JG Diego Echevarria

Mission: Ties To Blood: Season 1, Episode 3.
Location: Sickbay 611

It was a team effort persuading Mason's dislocated shoulder to reset. Then with the purchase of her knees against the bio bed Annabelle gritted her teeth the muscles flexed enough to allow the joint to come back together.

Laying on her side Mason roared with renewed agony but lucky the pain was fast evaporating leaving nothing more then a dull ache. As she had expected she was one of few persons left in the wake of the carnage which was just as well all things considered.
Siting up Kristina rubbed her freshly injected neck and tested her arm. She winced, it hurt like hell but at least all her fingers moved unlike previously.

"You'll be alright in a few days. Just try and take it easy," Annabella assured her. "Now if your up to it I think Ulonova has something to discuss regarding the Captain's condition."

Mason nodded. "It'd better be something good I don't think we take another thrashing like that."

"Quite," the doctor smiled leading the way to the side room where Lyons, Austko, Ulonova and Aerelon were waiting.

Mason paused. "Counselor will you be joining us?"

"Of course," Diego agreed, gingerly getting to his feet to follow the rest of the group. He vaguely wondered if he'd remember any of this the next day; if not, that meant he suffered a rather low-grade concussion. In the grand scheme of things, it was comparatively minor as far as sustained injuries went.

"Alright, after looking everything over, it think the best course of action is to use both techniques, hit her with with the transporter to let the pattern buffers scrub out and replace 99.9% of her DNA, then inject her with the antivirus to mop up the rest. That should do the trick, the inhibiter that we've injected her with has starved a most of the virus, with the one two combination it should clean her up. Thoughts?" Leanne turned away from the screen and looked at the three doctors who were standing around her.

Atsuko was the first to speak up. "Having looked at the cellular structure of the virus it would be the only course of action I could think off".

Helen looked at Leanne. "I concur. They are the only options available to us."

"Well whatever we're gonna do, lets do it quickly." Zeek replied

"Alright, Computer, run Ulonova transport program beta 7 alpha, target Captain DeVuor, adjust for microbial fluctuation. Engage."

The shimmering lights of a transport beam engulfed the Captain, after a few seconds the ICU bed was empty, her photons copied and put into the transporter pattern buffers.

"If all goes according to plan, the pattern buffers will eliminate the replicated DNA from the virus and insert a backed up copy of her DNA stran from before the mission were she was infected." Leanne moved over to the medical screen and watched as the computer displayed the progress.

Helen moved to a nearby workbench and began preparing the antiviral for use.

Leanne pushed a few buttons on the control panel and rematerialized the Captain. Lowering the forcefield she walked over with a tricorder and gave her a quick scan. "It looks like it worked, her DNA is at 99.8% of what it should be, now all that we should have to do is insert the antiviral and she should be cured."

Helen came over to the bed as Leanne spoke with a loaded Hypo spray. “It’s ready. I’ll administer it now.” She then pressed the Hypo to the Captain’s arm and activated it. There was a slight hiss and the serum was injected.

Helen stood back. "Let's hope this works."

Raw from her emotions with Diego, Mason tried to take a steadying breath as the Doctors began their work. She bit her lip and prayed with all her might for a miracle that would save her closest friend.

Zeek watched for a few moments before deciding that his presence in sickbay would be more of a hindrance than help. Quietly he turned to Kristina "I'm going to head back to Ops and try to get the station normalized again."

Dumbly Mason nodded unable to tear her eyes away. "I'll like to stay here for the time being sir."

"Very well. Please let me know when the Cap'n is up and about again." He said before he left sickbay.

Diego piped up with a question. "I'm curious; are we taking the DNA percentages at face value or do we have a clear-cut way of determining if the procedure worked by observing the Captain's actions?"

Helen turned at the new voice and saw yet another person she did not know. She frowned at the question. “We are determining our success on the complete elimination of the alien DNA from her system. Why do you ask”

"Because as archaic as this sounds, I have my doubts whether this Entity will be flushed out along with the alien DNA."

Helen now completely turned from her patient and focussed her attention on the newcomer. "Are you trying to tell me that this virus is not acting on a pre-programmed instinct, but in fact is controlled by a 'soul'?"

If there was a bite to the question, Diego refused to be drawn into the emotions. "There's a rather good possibility. You're not going to tell me that there has never been any scientific proof of a 'soul' and that therefore, there can be no such thing, are you?"

“No, of course not.” Helen said defensively. “What other course of treatment are you suggesting?”

"If we have someone with sufficient telepathic capabilities, we could send somebody into the Captain's mind, to help bring her back- in case this Entity refuses to leave with its material."

Helen glanced back at the Captain and then back to the Ensign. She then realised who this must be. “Councillor Echevarria. We have done everything we can. But I can see the merit in your suggestion. Someone with telepathic abilities might be able to assess if the transporter treatment has worked and that her mind has been undamaged by the infection, they could also help lead the Captain back to consciousness. But only someone who is familiar with the Patient would be able to determine this.”

Atsuko was only partially aware of the words between the Councelor and the Doctor. Her mind was focused only on the readouts that were streaming in from the scanning equipment mounted over the Captains bio-bed.
"Doctor Ulonova... I think we have a result".

Diego glanced over to Mason. "I am presuming you know her best out of all of us. Would you be willing to take center stage, should it be necessary?"

Mason nodded feeling as if an invisible amount of pressure had just fallen upon her shoulders. She glanced up to Lieutenant Brenari who had turned very silent since the counselor had voice his words.

Leanne had been off getting another dose of the anti-virus ready just incase when Atsuko called her back. Looking at the screens the everything was happening as the models predicted. "Alright, let's try bringing her around, make sure the grav clamps are in place before we do, if this didn't work I don't want her taking out the entire medical staff of the base." Leanne walked over the the bedside of Beverly, even now just shortly after she looked human, no longer the ancient beast that they had cornered in the office. Leanne looked at her staff then pressed a hypo to Beverly's neck. "We'll know in a minute."


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