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Halloween Ghost Story

Posted on Sat Oct 31st, 2009 @ 2:43am by Civilian Haqtaj Matlh

Mission: Ties To Blood: Season 1, Episode 3.
Location: Nevarun Nebula
Timeline: Stardate 63438.9 - 31 Oct 2385

Commanding Officer’s Report on Incident #5173 on the USS Learmonth, Stardate 63438.9 Captain Ajax Glass recording.

The Learmonth was running late for a rendezvous with the USS Hope in the Pucham System, so our navigator, Ensign Maris, selected a course that would take us through the Nevarun Nebula. I felt that this would be a good chance to do some preliminary mapping of this uncharted nebula while we were making up time on our rendezvous.

Three hours into the trip we found our sensors were almost blind. The Nebula has a strange radiation effect that was limiting our sensors. We were barely able to travel at above Warp 3. Far from improving our time it seemed we would be later than usual. I authorised Maris to increase to 3.5 and instructed Engineering to push extra power into our forward shields and deflector grid.

We travelled another two hours at this speed before we suddenly detected a proximity warning and a ship appeared out of the haze moving on a collision course. Ensign Maris was able to bring us about to a heading of 320 mark 300 and avoid a collision. When we checked our sensors the ship had disappeared again into the ether. Nothing showed on any of the sensor logs, yet it had been there.

Fifteen minutes later we detected the ship a second time, again on a collision course and again Maris was able to adjust our heading 15 mark 30 to avoid a collision. A second time there was no record on any of our sensor logs after the event.

I ordered Maris to prepare for All-Stop if the phenomena should reoccur. It did twenty three minutes later. This time the ship was at almost directly in front of us at 0 mark 5. Helm answered All-Stop and we managed to get a good look at the mystery vessel. I ordered a class 2 probe to retrieve more information about the illusive ship.

She was a Daedalus Class which aroused our interest since that class had been retired from service in 2196, nearly two hundred years ago. Her registration read as the USS Star Runner NCC 112. We hailed her, but their response was garbled by the nebula’s interference. Our probes sensors were showing some vague power readings but no definitive life signs. At first I thought this may have been a residual effect form the nebula, but now I am not so sure.

We tried hailing her but all we got in response was vague sounds behind an eerie high pitched static. My first officer, Commander Sanchez Rodrigus, selected an away team to investigate. He took with him Chief Science Officer Lt Commander N’Dras, Engineer Lt Cavic, and Chief Security Officer Narrell.

When they arrived on the ship they sent back a short message. The transcript is, verbatim, as follows: “Rodrigus to Learmonth. I am not sure what we are seeing here. It is hard to describe but we…” his message was suddenly cut short to be replaced by the same high pitched static.

They are all now declared MIA.

At that point the Star Runner suddenly accelerated into the nebula again. Before we were able to give chase it had vanished from our sensors. We tried to recalibrate our lateral sensor array to track their ion trail. When we did we discovered pockets of ionised gas scattered amongst the nebula. Stellar Cartography refers to these as “Ghost Pockets” since our normal sensor resolution was not designed to detect it. Had we travelled through one at warp the pockets would have collapsed our warp field with catastrophic consequences.

Maris was able to plot a slow course back out of the nebula. As we did so we found there were large pockets of the gas on our previous path. In fact if we had not adjusted our heading to avoid collisions with the Star Runner we would have hit the gas instead.

We are now nearly two days overdue for our meeting with the Hood, but are being careful to go around the Nevarun Nebula. I have done some searching and found two more pieces of information to this puzzle. There was a USS Star Runner. It was under the command of a Cortez Rodrigus, a distant relative of my previous First Officer, Sanchez. It was destroyed exactly 200 years ago, on October 31 2185, after a collision with a “Ghost Pocket” in a Nebula over 2,000 light years away, all hands lost.

Our science department has gone over the communication we received from the ship when we hailed it. They can find no consistent patterns in it. On a personal note, however, when I listen to the recording I am sure I can almost make out voices, trying to tell us something out of the static.

End Report.


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