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Vulcanize - Verb, To Add a Protective Coating

Posted on Thu Nov 5th, 2009 @ 7:56pm by Lieutenant Thomas Jenkins

Mission: Ties To Blood: Season 1, Episode 3.
Location: Sickbay

"Ow." "Ow." "Ow." "I said 'ow,' damnit. What are you doing to me?" Thomas whined, flinching slightly as the male nurse poked at prodded at his side.

The man sighed and turned Thomas' body back towards him. "I told you already, I'm fixing your broken ribs-- will you stop moving?"

"No no no." Thomas corrected. "I've had broken ribs fixed before - a minute or so with an osteo-regenerator and you're good to go. YOU sir, are torturing me."

The nurse jerked his body straight a second time, noticeably frustrated. "Which would be fine if what must have been a post-break, blunt trauma hadn't shifted the broken pieces out of alignment. I have to re-set the bones - THERE."

As the nurse pressed his fingers into Thomas' side one more time, he could feel the ribs shifting - and it didn't feel very nice at all. He knew exactly what 'blunt trauma' had caused them the shift out of position, too. As he turned his head to send a mean look in Kristina's general direction, he realized she'd already beat him to the punch. The security chief was sitting on a biobed on the complete opposite side of sickbay, GLARING at him. Not knowing how long that’d been going on, he quickly turned away and focused back on the nurse, who was now holding a combination dermal and osteo-regenerator.

Thomas remained still as the treatment regenerated the bone in his ribs. It was an odd, but all-too-familiar sensation. He'd broken ribs and other bones on multiple occasions during skirmishes both in and out of Starfleet. Before long, the treatment was complete, and the nurse began packing up his medkit to move on to the next person.

"Finally. I can't WAIT to get out of here." Thomas almost cheered. The sooner he was away from his would-be murderer, the better. He hopped off the biobed before the nurse who'd treated him grabbed his arm.

"Take it easy on those ribs, will ya? For both your sake and mine." He stressed. "And I doubt you'll be going anywhere until you've been screened, so have seat."

"Screened?" Thomas looked confused. "For what?"

"You're kidding right?" The nurse chuckled as he clicked his medkit shut and turned back to the Lieutenant. "That ..'whatever' the Captain had? It's contagious."

Thomas instantly went pale as the man continued.

"I don't have all the details, but if you've had any physical contact with her, you could have contracted it. The usual transmission paths, I'd imagine: blood, saliva, or any other bodily fluids."

Thomas' mind instantly wandered to his encounter with the Captain. From the scratches on his back, to the rather rough but admittedly enjoyable mouth action, to ..oh no. He looked downward, then stared forward with a blank stare.

The nurse walked past Thomas, patting him on the shoulder along the way. "Try and stay out of trouble, okay Tough Guy?"

Not a moment after the nurse was past him, Thomas was bolting for the CMO's office, ringing the chime and pounding on the window frantically with an open palm.

"Come in!" Leanne was drinking some coffee, she had been awake for nearly 36 hours with all the chaos that was going on she was just saying good bye to the Menze's when Jenkins walked in.

"Leanne, we'll be seeing you, I have to get back to Mars and Wil is shipping out to the Delta Quadrant. The two other doctors walked past Jenkins, Wil looked at the Lieutenant and laughed.

"Lieutentent... Umm Jenkins right?" Leanne smiled as she put her cup down on the desk. "What can I do for you?"

As Thomas entered the doctor's office, he did his best to compose himself; nodding at the mention of his name. "Yes ma'am. And you're Doctor Ulonova I hope?"

"That is me." She smiled at the man as she got up from behind her desk. "What can I do for you? Usually I don't get many people storming in here to my office"

The lieutenant searched for the words, but there was really no way to say what he needed to without just coming out with it. "I've heard that the Captain's condition is contagious.." He paused as his thoughts shifted back to the Captain and his own concerns left him momentarily. " is she?" He asked, in an awkward segway.

"She should recover, we've done everything we can for her so far." She reached into her lab coat and produced a tricorder. "I saw that you may have had some contact with her, have you been filling any dizzyness? Aggressive tendencies? Blue tinge to your skin?

Relieved and reminded of the reason he'd stormed in, Thomas shook his head. "No more than normal - should I be turning blue?" He asked. "The Captain and my physical contact was.. thorough.." He attempted to sound discreet, feeling calmer now that he was in the presence of the Chief Medical Officer rather than an uninformed nurse. "If I'm not infected, Doctor, no one is."

She finished up the scan and looked at him, fortunately it looked as if Mr. Jenkins was either immune or hadn't caught the disease. "Looks like I can give you a clean bill of health, if you plan on having relations with people who have been infected with an ancient mutagenic virus, I would suggest taking some precautions next time, perhaps a phaser?"

Thomas nodded. "I didn't plan it Doc, trust me. She somehow found her way into my quarters, and the normal 'protection' for that kind of encounter? She wasn't having it." His thoughts again strayed to the Captain. He wondered how she must be feeling. "Maybe that was tied into this ..creature?"

"More then likely, we observed that there was a central queen on the planet that set up a hive to breed and create offspring." The doctor moved over to her desk and grabbed her cup of coffee. "You should be honored, you would be the father of a new breed of human. Homo Jenkinus."

Thomas let out a small, almost indistinguishable chuckle. "I don't think I'm the fatherly type." His mind wandered through a few chains of thoughts before feeding him the next worry. "Speaking of - has the Captain been checked for ..Homo" He asked, awkwardly.

"Due to the nature of the treatment we used on the captain, it is likely that if there was it would have been removed during the transport phase. We essentially took an earlier copy of her molecular structure from the transporter buffers and replaced the alien DNA with that." Leanne took a sip of her coffee. "I'll have her scanned but I think you'll be fine.

Thomas nodded, silently. Suddenly he wasn’t sure how he felt about his potential offspring being 'transported' away. His tone suggested that pesky 'seriousness' he so rarely showed was back. "I don't expect you to believe me Doctor, and I don't imagine anyone else will." He looked out towards Kristina. "But I'm genuinely concerned about her.. the Captain.. Beverly." He fought with how to refer to her. "If there's anything I can do.."

Leanne went over and put an arm around Thomas's shoulder. "We'll take good care of her, the worst part of it is over. All of our tests show that she is going to be alright, it is just going to take some time. I'd actually like you to be there for the healing process, I can fix her physically but there is going to be a lot of emotional aftermath from this. She obviously went after you because she thought you would make a great mate, alien virus or not that is something that transcends everything.”
“Maybe you can start again, without the need for phasers and a bio detox after." She smiled at him and took her arm off of him. "It is going to take some time"

"Thank you, Doctor. Anything I can do to help." He honestly felt somewhat calmed by the doctor's words. "..Am I cleared for duty?" He asked, the atmosphere in sickbay starting to get to him.

"Well, looks like that rib could be a little sore check back in 48 hours and I'll clear you for active, if you need something for pain come back but try and get some rest, you've had a wild night." Leanne went to her desk and grabbed a data padd then handed to Jenkins. "Give this to our Acting XO."

Thomas took the padd and nodded, out of words for the doctor. He stopped for a moment at the office door, staring off at the Captain’s biobed before continuing through the door and out of sickbay. He’d head to Ops to meet up with Commander Aerelon and set up a replacement for his duty shifts, then head back to his own quarters. Perhaps he’d give his sister a ring; she’d surely get a kick out of the last few days.


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