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Kept Secrets (Back Posts)

Posted on Thu Nov 5th, 2009 @ 10:22pm by Lieutenant Commander Jack Daniels & Fleet Admiral Tal Navek

Mission: Ties To Blood: Season 1, Episode 3.
Location: Variours

It taken several minuets for Daniels to make it up to a level where the internal comms still functioned, but finally he did make it and opened his comm badge "Daniels to Mason and Aerelon".

The sonud of Daniels voice made Mason flinch as she stood in sickbay watching with tender hooks Beverly's recovery. Breathless she smacked her badge with venom. "This had better be good Daniles."

Leaving the medical staff to handle things, Zeek was one his way back to Ops when the message came through "Aerelon here, go ahead."

"I've got something on deck 515 you'll gonna want to see, you'll want to bring a medical and engineering team too".

---- Deck 515 ----

Daniels stood next to Mason and Aerelon infront of the remains of the former Crewman Mitchel, medical teams where working to record all the details they could before preparing the body to be moved.

"I came across him installing something into the junctions back that way" Daniels gesturered down the corridor "When I confronted him he pulled some type of disrupter and started firering."

Following in the direction Daniels had pointed Mason looked over the burn marks left in the wake of the weapon Jack had described upon the bulkhead and looked at the open panel for a moment then waved over one of the engineering persons that had accompanied her to inspect the panel closer.

"I don't need an engineer to tell me something is wrong with this circuit," Mason looked up to Daniels who'd joined her. "I think this has been sabotaged. Where else did you see this crewmen?"

"I found him on this level working on junctions 6, 7, 8 and 9. What he might have done before that I don't know."

"Have the body correctly identified and the cause of death," Mason called as the medical team began to move the fallen man. "I don't like this." she said slowly rising to her feet. "I can't put my finger on it but I'm suspicious." She moved her gaze back the assitant. "We'll have Butler look over those too just in case. Did he say anything before he died?"

Jack gave a small nod while watching the now covered body being lifted onto the gurney for removal "He kept saying Their going to kill them but that's all I got, I've got no idea who 'they' might be."

"Wonder what that means?" Zeek thought out loud. "I'll have a team pull any recent comm traffic coming from or going to Mitchel, see if there are any patterns. Kristina, we might also want to look at the duty roster of the shift he worked on. His shift leader would have a log of where he was supposed to be working, we can compare that to where he was actually found working. If no one caught this, then in my mind, someone is covering for him, probably someone on his shift."

"I'll look into it," Mason agreed to Zeek's surgestion. "Although as you say I suspect someone is covering for him." Her expression was sour yet lined with concern and worry.

Zeek turned the egnieer. " Any idea what that device is he was working on?"

The egineer shook his head with dismay. "I can't rightly say sir. I need to pick the brains of the chief."

As the body finally moved out of view Jack turned back to commanding officers "With your permission sirs I'd like to be involved in the investigation."

"I think that would be a good idea actually." Zeek said as he turned to the Lieutenant "Work with Commander Mason, the quicker we get this issue solved, the better."


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