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Mission: Ties To Blood: Season 1, Episode 3.
Location: 611 Bar/Holodeck

The bar was not normally a place Mason would choose to go to, but after her day full of mostly downs the bitter taste of proper alcohol was soothing. Plus so was the bustle of the bar now that the business had begun to pick up again, additionally it felt much better to be out of uniform but considering the late hours it wasn't surprising.

With a sigh Mason swirled the contents of her glass peering into the copper color liquid as spirlaed. So much had happened today, much of it things that she wished she could have changed but worse still some of it could have been avoided. With a juster of her hand she signaled the barman to top up her glass. Maybe to become blindly drunk would help her sleep although it would properly give her a mammoth headache come morning.

Henk slowly walked into the bar. He was still limping slightly because of his injury. He looked around to see if there was any familiar face. He was surprised to see Kristina in her off-duty clothes. he walked toward her, and sat down.
"Good evening."

Slowly Mason lifted her eyes. "Care for one?" she nodded to her glass.

"Depands, on what you drink." Was the only thing Henk could say as he looked at Mason."Sorry that I stare, but I have never thought to see you out of your uniform."

"Suite yourself." She waved her hand taking a heavy sip from the glass. "Just be careful where you stare, and if you want to thank someone you should thank the Doctor. She insisted, the counselor too that I have the rest of the day off. Frankly I don't know what to do with myself."

Henk took an order when a waiter walked by.
"Maybe to relax after all what happened. First that planet, that ice place you went to, then right after that the Borg, and now the captain. It's not that this happens everyday." Henk said with compassion.
He looked up when his drink arrived.
"I would love to share a drink and talk, but if you want I can go and talk to other people. Because I think you are not really pleasant company."

Surprised by the change in Henk's normal tone Kristina turned fully in her seat to look at him directly and banged her glass down on the bar top so violently a great deal of the liquid leaped out of the glass and it could would quake in fear.
"Look," she said steadily flicking her fringe from her eyes. "You're right I make crappy company normally and I haven't exactly been the nicest person on the station."

"Fine, be by yourself then." Henk said as he stood up. "And I was hoping that you where losenging up on me."

Mason momentarily closer her eyes and started again. "I..I want to be your friend. We both need someone to talk to, someone to unload onto and pick each over up after a fall. If you want to talk I'll listen and I'll try to say something in return. But if you'd rather not thats fine, after I have a whole bar to keep me company and a tab I haven't touched yet."

"You don't need alcohol to keep problems from poking out." Henk said as he sat down again. "You can talk, paint, sing. Hell you can do anything you like."
Henk looked around the bar and then signaled the bartender for the check.
"Let's walk."
The tone made it more an order then an request.

Downing the remainder of her drink Krissy smiled rising. "Yeah a walk would be nice, but trust me the singing is not a good idea unless you want things to break around you."

Henk paid the check and slowly started to walk away. He had no idea where he wanted to go. At least a place where it was a lot less busy.
"So, how are you?" he asked as he started to walk into an random direction.

Mason shrugged her shoulders wincing a little at the sharp pain that followed. "I don't know. A lot has happened as you've said. I feel out of my depth but I suppose ashamed would be a good word to use."

"Why is that?" Henk asked carefully. "You didn't do nothing wrong."
Henk stopped for an turbolift and pressed the button. After a few seconds the door opened and Henk stepped inside.
"Holodeck 2" He said after Mason entered and gave him a thorny look. "I only wanted a place where we are alone, so we can talk freely. Nothing more."

Leaning against the wall of the lift she nodded. "Thats my point I didn't do anything. The whole thing of Beverly becoming infected I should have prevented. If I had stayed with her rather then branching off when we were on the planet she wouldn't have been captured nor injured. Then none of it would have happened....then she would have been spared from Jenkins." She shivered as something rippled down her spine.

"There is nothing you could have done." Henk said. "And if you want someone to blame then it should be me. If I would have found these things then none if would have happened."
Suddenly the door opened and they walked out.
"Do you have any favorite spots to walk in?" he indicated as they reached the holo controls.

Mason shook her head. "I can't blame you. I did enough of that before. I think the trouble is with me and me alone. It's my duty to protect. I'm just not up to scratch." she signed defeated watching Henk insert some commands into the controls.

Henk inserted the last command. He walked into the holodeck to be awaited by an strong seawind.
"A beach somwhere in what used to be England." Henk said loking over the ocean.
After a few seconds he looked at Mason.
"You have the hardest job ion this station. You have to protect everybody, but there is always poeple who will die. There is one thing I want to say about you. Because you care about other people, you are still a good person inside. Nothing more nothing less. Just remeber that."

With the warm wind comming off the channel caressing her skin Mason felt herself sink deeper into the soft sand. She had to blink to understand what Henk had just said. "That's the sort of thing I would expect you to say because your my friend. You don't see the looks in the eyes every one else. They think I'm intense, crazy and off the rails because of the way I act. Hel even the counslour was concered after my outburst in sickbay. And perhaps they are right. I'm a monster just itching for a fight, but I fight to protect them all. They just don't see that."

"Maybe your heart is in the right place, but you are doing it the wrong way." Henk said while glancing around. "Your hard, even when situation needs a compasion person. If it's true what I heard about Thomas I would have done the same. But for the rest maybe you are a good security woman, but you need some polishing."
Henk wrapped an arm around Mason to comfored her as they walked throug the thick sand of the deseret beach with the waves breaking upon the shore.

Mason's eyes flashed at the comment about Jenkins but it faded at his later term. "Polishing?" she echoed with a hint of laughter. "Are you Mr O'Brien going to give me a lesson from finishing school? To teach me how to feel?"
Strange how normally she would have found the arm that snaked around her waist violating but right now it felt comfortable and in the privacy of the beach she didn't beat it away like normal.

"If you want to?" Henk said with a smile. "That's what friends are for, helping each other."
Henk was nervous. The last time he got this far he ended with a red cheek. He looked at Mason and then to the sea.
"Oh by the way. If you like woman just tell me, then you won't have anymore problems with me."

Mason suddenly stopped. "What did you say?" she asked already fearing the answer.

"It's just a rumor, that you where quite close with one of your personell." Henk said with a smile. "I just want to know what happend. Nothing more."

Unsure to gape open mouthed to become angry again Mason shook her head in disbelief. "That wasn't me I can ensure you. The woman in question already shares her bed with another woman. Nothing happened she made a pass at me when we were searching for Beverly. That's all" Or at least that was she was about to let on.
"Look do you mind if we change the topic? I heard what happened in the hanger bay, are you alright?"

Henk couldn;t hold back a large smile on his face.
"I'm fine. Part of the job. Thanks for the doc, I'm almost as good as I was before."

"Yes, the Doctor's are brilliant until they force you to rest when you have a mountain of paperwork sitting in the office with your name on it," Mason said heavily turning away missing the smile upon Henk's face. "Still I suppose I should thank them otherwise I wouldn't be able to do this."
She suddenly turned and gripped Henk strongly by the wrist and pulled him along with her as she ran into the breakers.

Clearly a little dutch courage was needed to loosen Kristina Mason as she laughed good natured racing to the water leaving a zig zagging trail of foot prints in their wake. The water was chilly at first as it splashed up highly as they ran, then with a mighty push Krissy pushed Henk under the surface laughing until a wave caught her full in the face turning the laughter into a heavy cough.

Henk came above the water he saw Mason and a smile appeared. He swam toward her. He stopped a few inches in front short at stood fully against the tide.
"This side I like."he said with a smile.
He slowly raised his hand but stopped an millimeter from of her face.
"Sorry." he said confused lowering his hand. "I, I know you need your space."

Unconsciously she had lent backward from his hand and visibly stiffened the laughter evaporated. "I'm sorry," she said softly remembering all to clearly how much she had hurt him before when he made his feelings clear. He was genuine and kind to her but she hadn't yet found the way to return the same warmth yet. Maybe in time that would come.
She licked the salt from her lips the moment of reckless now over. Then as an after thought she splashed water playfully at him. "Well you'd better make the most of the playful me before the night ends and I'll be ordering your ass around again."

Henk twsited his head away and looked at Mason.
"In your dreams girl." Henk said with a smile as he threw as mutch water towards Mason as he could. Then quickly swam away towards the beach.

Chuckling to herself Mason followed. "Henk," she called when she made it back to the sand. "Thank you for this evening its been... fun. How can I repay you?"

"Just be my friend, and help me when I reach rock bottom." Was the only thing Henk could say. "And accept my help. Nothingm more, nothing less."

Mason's eyes moved unsteadily as if she was looking for a loop hole or reading the fine print of a contract. "I would be honored to be your friend and yes with no doubt I'll help you where ever I can. As for you're advice I'll try but considering I can't even accept my own I might struggle with that one."

"Welcome to reallity. I'm just your guide."
Henk walked towards the door.
"I will see you tommorow."

She didn't follow him out, instead she bid him goodnight and allowed the program to continue. Sitting in the warm sand she watched the sun sink slowly into the horizon, the constant sound of the waves lapping against the shore and the cry of the gull over head.
What had she done to deserve such a good friend? One that would do anything for her even help mold her into a better person. Resting her chin upon her knees she pulled them closer was dusk fell over the English bay Mason reflected upon the days events thinking now how can this go forward to a brighter future.


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