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Coffee Break

Posted on Sat Feb 14th, 2009 @ 11:11pm by Commander Lorran Vos

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.
Location: Ten Foward
Timeline: After the meeting in Sickbay

Storming through the corridors Kristina tried to push down the building sense of anger and disappointment she was feeling after her lecture from Beverly.
Underneath all her resentment and hurt she knew that Bev only meant well in the long term and had been right in what she had said. All the same it still stung that her best friend had dealt the blow.

"Lieutenant, do you mind scaling it back to a jog for a moment?" Commander Lorran's voice sounded from behind Krissy. Turning around, she would find the owner of that voice walking calmly, but quickly after her from sickbay. "We need to talk."

Pressing her eyes closed Kristina stopped, waiting for the Commander to catch up wit her. She braced herself for another stinging blow.
Once he stood at her shoulder she opened her eyes trying to put back on controlled face.

Rather than match the way Beverly's face had twisted into that stern, reproachful expression, Vos just gave her a disarming grin. "You've served with Commander DeVuor a long time, haven't you?" he said as he got them walking again. He kept his pace to a stroll, but she really had no choice but to follow him. "You two must have been through a lot together."

The Commanders questions were not what she had expected. Not seeing the point to lie about it Kristina gave her shoulders a small shrug.
"Beverly was the Second Officer when I came aboard. She was still in science role and we became good friends. Yes, we've been through quite a ride together. Losing Jennings though was the worst thing. Far worse then anything I've endured in my career to date."

"It must be hard on both of you to have lost such a respected commanding officer and a good chunk of the crew so suddenly. I met Captain Jennings once while he was giving a lecture on Earth. Only got to talk to him for a few minutes, but he was one of those people that you immediately like. I remember." the grin turned sad for a moment but his eyes sparkled as they entered a turbolift. "Deck ten. Forward." Vos ordered the computer, which squiggled at him a moment before the soft, swishing hum of the turbolift car's operation filled the small space. "I'm going to get some raktajino. Do you like Klingon coffee?"

In the confides of car it wasn't hard for Kristina to see how the topic weighed the Commander down, fortunately the subject passed.
"Only with two sugars." she answered trying to relax a little realizing now she wasn't going to have her head torn off again. "Just be careful Kathy doesn't harass you too much. She's the ships mother hen to the crew especially the younger ones who get home sick."

"Don't worry. My sister is the same way." Vos said, that grin coming back. The turbolift doors opened and Vos let Krissy out of the car first before walking even with her into Ten Forward. He took a seat right up front at the bar, nodding to several young officers and crewmen he'd already met along the way. "Two raktajinos, please. One drowned in cream and sugar, the other just two sugars; brewed, not replicated if you have it." he asked the bartender before turning back to Krissy. "I figure as long as I'm overloading my system with caffeine, I should get the sugar rush as well. I just have to be careful never to let a Klingon see how I dishonor their coffee." he chuckled.

Kristina smiled, for the first time in ages. A proper genuine smile. "Don't worry I won't tell."
Once the steaming cups had arrived she took a small sip before lowering the cup onto the counter. "Forgive my bluntness Sir, but something tells me you didn't bring me down here just for a cup of coffee."

Commander Lorran paused for a moment before tasting his own coffee. He gave a sigh of satisfaction as he put the mug back down on the bar. "I don't think I can say anything that hasn't already been said at a much higher volume by our commanding officer, Lieutenant." he said, swiveling the stool around so he could lean back on the bar, taking the weight on his elbows. "Look, I think that maybe you're a little high strung sometimes, but that's what makes you such a good Chief of Security. Your record is exemplary. I just think that MAYBE, you should sit down and have a coffee break with a friend every once in a while to cool your thrusters." he said, reaching back to take his mug off of the bar top again. "That's all this is. Some time to get your head on straight before we see the Commander or Mr. O'Brien again, and for me to enjoy my coffee." he grinned, taking another sip.

Kristina felt speechless, pulling at her bottom lip she mirrored Lorran leaning her back against the bar resting her cup on her lap.
"That's very generous of you sir. But I think my 'highly strung' attitude leave me a few friends short to have regular coffee breaks."

"I'm sorry to hear that, Lieutenant. In that case, why don't you just call me whenever you need a coffee break? With the work we've got cut out for us, I think we're both going to need it." he replied, taking a big mouthful of coffee and swishing it around in his mouth a bit comically before swallowing.

Half watching the Commander and the room around them Kristina sighed lifting the cup again to her lips. "I don't think coffee will be strong enough after we've dealt with K'Tan or O'Brien especially if his story is true. What do you make of it all Sir? I think he's making it all up, I don't believe in ghost stories." She lowered her cup forcefully back onto the bar top.

"To be honest, I don't know. He certainly could be making it all up, but..." he paused, letting his coffee drop slowly to his lap as he was about to take a sip. He forced a breath roughly out of his lungs before continuing. "On the planet, when we were approaching the ruins, I could feel someone watching me. And when you spend your puberty in the Bajoran resistance running Cardassian patrols ragged through the forests and mountains you know when you're being watched. I think there's more to this situation than we can see right now." He finally took another sip of his coffee. "As for K'Tan, just leave him to me. I may not speak the language, but you don't have to know the words in order to communicate with a Klingon." he smiled a feral grin.

"If the situation on the planet is that unsettling shouldn't we be arguing our case to Beverly? But then again I don't think she would I would like to live to see the next day." she smiled into her coffee cup she took up again. "K'Tan understands fists better then he does words I've learned. All the same I wouldn't feel comfortable allowing you to go down there alone."

"Well, it's fortunate then that I'll have you there to protect me, isn't it?" Vos chuckled. "I'm going to request that both you and K'Tan are assigned to my team on the planet. That way you can take command when the two stupid men knock each other out." he looked at her sidelong as he took another sip, finishing off his cup.

"I'm sure it won't come down to that," she caught his sideways look and fought the smile that was itching to spread across her lips again. "What about O'Brien, who would you assign him to? I'm concerned he might be unstable after what he's been through, besides I'm still not convinced by his story."

"I think Commander DeVuor will want to keep her eye on him. Don't worry, though. I'll make sure Captain Jorvin keeps him in sight at all times. She'll be okay, Lieutenant. After seeing how he handled K'Tan in the transporter room I'm sure he'll be more than up to keeping an eye on Mr. O'Brien for us." Vos said, setting his mug back on the bar top. He was glad that Krissy seemed to be almost enjoying herself for a change, even if she was trying to hide it as hard as she could. "It'll be alright, Lieutenant. You can't micromanage everything. That's MY job."

She raised an eyebrow. "Good luck with that!" Taking another mouthful of coffee she swallowed it down. "No, seriously I want this to go as well as you do for Beverly's sake. She needs to get this under her belt to proof to herself that she is capable of Command. I don't want this to go wrong. Can you imagine what affect that would have on an already delicate person? She'd been spending her hours under the care of Doctor Ulonova under sedation I would imagine." A slight bitterness had fallen back into her voice, and the sparkle in her eyes had faded. The shutters were closing back down again.

"I think you might be underestimating Commander DeVuor. Obviously I don't know her as well as you do, but Starfleet wouldn't have given her the Genesis if she wasn't up for the job. That includes a few bumps and bruises along the way. Besides, sedation? You know Starfleet CO's don't sleep." he joked, sliding out of his seat. "Thanks for the entertaining break, Lieutenant. We'll be doing this again. I'll get Dr. Ulanova to prescribe a coffee break as a medical treatment and order you to follow it if I have to." he chuckled. "For now, though, we need to make sure everyone's ready for this massive search and rescue mission. I want you to make sure there are security personnel in each group armed with phaser rifles to complement the marines and that everyone else has at least a sidearm. I'm don't want to be caught by surprise if these monsters in the dark turn out to be real. I'll be seeing the Captain about organizing the teams if you need one of us."

Nodding stiffly Kristina rose to her feet as well. "I'll make sure everyone understands what is to expected of them, and that they'll armed." Putting down the near empty cup she said at length adding more meaning into her words. "Thank you Commander. I'll try to remember to take these 'coffee breaks' more frequently."


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