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Serge makes an impression

Posted on Mon Nov 9th, 2009 @ 10:33am by Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & Lieutenant JG Jasmine Butler & Lieutenant Michael Lake

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.
Location: Lakes' Quarters
Timeline: The next morning

The door chimed, then again.

Mike slowly woke up. He grinded his teeth together, because he had set his alarm for the right time, three quarters of an hour before Jasmine's and his duty started. He looked down at Jas for a moment, who hadn't even flinched at the sound. "Lucky you he muttered." before getting up and putting on his briefs and then his trackies.

When the door opened there was a very dishevelled Ensign in a sweaty Science uniform at the door. His blonde hair was un-brushed, he was barefoot and his face was covered in lipstick kisses.

“Excusing me, please. I am looking for Chief of Operations?”

"That's me." He replied, rubbing his eyes.

“Hello, sir, I am Ensign Serge Mashchnost. I am having problem with my replicator and duty roster. I am going to Temporal Mechanics lab but my access codes are not working. Also, when I am replicating new uniforms they are all coming out as orange and with twice as many pips?”

"That isn't too good. I can see your problem. I'll get down to your quarters within the day. Where are you located, Ensign?"

"I am in an Officers quarters. That is being concern. I am not wanting to meet the Officer who is having to spend night in my quarters instead of his own bigger suite. I am wanting to make good impression, yes?"

Jas tried hard not to laugh. She had just noticed that the man had a bra snagged to the back of his uniform. A rather nice silk and lace number. The original owner would probably want it back.

Jasmine came into the light from the deck and clung to Mike's arm. "So, you're Mr Mashchnost. I am pleased you're in my department, I hear you've done some pretty good things."

Serge, oblivious to the garment on his back, or his own dissarray, was painfully aware of the barely clad Jasmin. He had gone years without seeing a scantily clad woman now they were apearing wherever he went. Was this normal for Starbase 611?

"Hello, sir. Yes, I am Ensign Serge Mashchnost. You are Lieutenant D'ras? I am sorry but I was believing her ... er you to be Vulcan, not beautiful... er... naked... No... Human. I was not knowing you were being humand naked... human beautiful. I was not knowing you were being a beautiful naked hum... I think perhaps I should just go..."

Mike forced a smile at the young man, who was bringing back memories of his early career. "You're catching on fast, Serge. Run along now. I'll let you get away with it this time."

Serge's face was a picture of relief, "Thank you, sir."

He held out his hand to shake Mike's but in doing so snagged the bra on his arm. He looked down in confusion for a moment then went red and ran for the door.



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