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Time for some trouble

Posted on Wed Nov 18th, 2009 @ 6:48pm by James Miller & Captain Jorvin & Kyle Bowman

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.
Location: SB611

Walter Jones looked down the promenade of the station waiting for Tyl to join him. It had been a while since he had something to drink and he remembered that his Andorian friend owed him one, or several. People came and went, not paying the old freespacer much attention. The station seemed way too peaceful. I guess this is what a perfect universe is supposed to be like.

About a minute later, Shrive walked up to Jones. "I believe I owe you a few drinks, but look at all of these uptight pinkskins. We could have just drank onboard the Warden."

"Yeah, but it might be good to get you socialized in with society, never know when we might need to actually blend in one of these days." he looked at the Andorians antenna that were now looking rather annoyed, "well as well as an Andorian and an old spacer can that is, and besides I've been working on my tan. I've cased a few of the joints over here, there seems to me an old broad named Kathy who runs a place and a Ferrengi. Your choice."

"Which one will have more federation fleshbags? I figure they should give some interesting conversation." Making sure that his weapons were well concealed, he looked at Jones with a smile. "So. Who do you think will bail us out today?"

"Hopefully someone will, but let's try to at least hold off on that for a while till we get a few drinks in. I do need to have words with the woman in charge here." Jones thought for a moment, "I think the Feds hang out at the bar with Kathy... she used to run the bar on their ship or something."

** Across the Promenade **

Alyssa's ship had just docked and finally she was able to stretch her legs and move. The journey had been a long one with very little to occupy the mind other than stare at the stars that were streaking by while the ship traveled at warp.
She had found it difficult to focus on her book, a classic from Earth's twentieth century. 'Memoirs of a Geisha'. In some ways it reflected her new position and the confusion and worry that it evoked in her and how she was innocent to the workings of this new world she would be running.

She stepped down onto the deck and finally it felt real for about thirty seconds before she spotted a small collection of people sat in the replimat. One of the group she recognized from some local security reports and if her memory served her correctly he was one Walter Jones, wanted over seven different star systems for a variety of minor charges.

Alyssa wove her way across the deck to a Security Officer, or who she hoped was a Security Officer. She sported the rank pips of a Lieutenant Commander.
"Excuse me. Those men over there. One of them is Walter Jones. You may find him on several of your security reports".

Already watching the moving crowd with a keen eye Kristina Mason followed the pointing hand of the officer she did not recognize. She instantly spotted the men in question mostly because of the blue Andarian comrade. "Jones." Mason said. "I'll look into it, thank you..." she paused looked closer at the woman..."Captain."

"Yes. Captain Alyssa Crawford. New Commanding Officer of Starbase 611".
She extended her hand to shake the other womens, but kept a firm eye on the group of civilian misfits.

Mason frowned while shaking the firm hand. "Lieutenant Commander Kristina Mason, security chief." She introduced herself dead pan. "Sorry did I hear you correctly Captain? The new Commanding officer? Has DeVuor been relocated?"

Confusion etched across the other women's face spoke volumes. "Trust Starfleet to send me in and not inform anyone!"
She took her hand back from the hand shake and once again smiled at the Security Chief. "I am here to assume Commodore DeVuors duties as Commanding Officer as her duties as Task Force Chief Of Staff are going to be dividing her responsibilities. Can you tell me where I might find her?"

This was news to Kristina. It bought a lump to her throat. "Yes she's in operations in talks with the Klingon Ambassador."

"Thank you Commander. No doubt we will be meeting each other again in the near future". Alyssa smiled her sickly sweet smile at the Commander before side stepping and making her way to the nearest turbolift.

** Replimat **

Sky had spent some time gather what little information she could find out about the station and one thing seemed to ring true with every story. On the whole this place was dangerous what with Borg attacks, Starfleet Commodores that transform into unknown alien entities and Security Chiefs with a panache for violence and being the biggest bitch alive.
"Captain", she nodded at Walter as she took a seat around the table. "Its an interesting place this Station".

"Yeah, no doubt, I'm starting to get a bad feeling about this place, we needed to come here sure but that doesn't mean that we are going to stay here long." Jones looked over at Tyl, "Why don't you head over there and get a few drinks, I've gotta talk to Sky for a minute." Jones looked around at everything. "I need to find us some work, do you have any contacts here? I've got a lead or two but it never hurts to have more then one looking."

Sky powered her voice, "I'm afraid not. The contacts I did have on the Starbase are now either reassigned or dead after the recent Borg attack and rampant murderous Commanding Officer. A word of warning though. Tread carefully with this Commodore DeVuor. She takes a dim view of people with your...", she stopped and corrected herself. "Our profession".

"Our profession? Is that so? It is just as well. I'm not particularly fond of feds that have kissed enough ass to make it to such a rank." Shrive grew a look of disgust on his face.

Ladened with you rich food Lottie pulled James into the bar and settled around the table with Jones and the remained of the crew interested to hear if they had anything worth sharing. Other then recommending a restaurant and a place to replace their tired wardrobes Lottie had nothing worth saying.

"Hopefully we can find some work to get the hell out of here." Jones watched as the chaos unfolded outside and then looked at Tyl and Lottie. "Sounds like Martok has caused a bit of trouble, I'm going to go and see if there is anything I can do."

Shrive gave Jones a sideways look. "The hell you are going by yourself. If I know starfleet security, they are looking for an excuse to get you involved. Besides. How would I look if I let my pinkskin captain get planted on the deck by some ambitious ensign?"

"You've got a point let's go see what the ruckus is." Jones stood up and started to walk towards the promenade.

Lottie had been watching the two scenes with mild interest but failed to move with Jones. Instead she sat back feeling full from the lunch with James.
She looked over to him: "I'm sure the Captain can handle that,"

"I'm sure you're right." Miller said deciding to remain seated. Unlike the others Miller didn't feel the need to confront Starfleet when ever possible, and besides he thought [i]I wouldn't want to spend the rest of my leave in sickbay or the brig.[/i]

"So what did you think of today?" Miller asked casually to Charlotte as he relaxed back into his chair.

Lottie smiled tugging at her new jacket. "Brilliant, You know maybe I could get use to this," she signed reclinging further watching the captain and Shrive tread on the toes of the security chief from a safe distance.


After his conversation with the new pilot down in the armory, Martok had headed over to the 611. He headed down to the promenade to the bar there. Turns out that the bar owner was a human named Kathy, instead of the usual Ferengi bar owner. He went up to the bar and ordered a bloodwine. He was sitting there drinking quietly when he noticed a rather large Klingon in the corner of the bar eyeing him. He walked over and said "Do you have a problem?"

"I am J'ral of the house Gortok. You are Martok are you not?" The Klingon said.

"Yes I am. Do I know you?" Martok replied.

"Me, no, but you do know my brother Met'vak. You are responsible for his death. And am here to avenge it." The Klingon had a disruptor hidden under the table and pointed at Martok. "Sit down he said."

Martok took a seat, He was analyzing all of his options and ways out of this. A plan was coming to mind. "What exactly do you plan to do with me?"

"I will repay you the pain and suffering you caused my brother by allowing him to be captured by the Romulans."

Martok was finally begging to remember this guys brother and the mission he was lost on. "Your brother was captured because he failed to complete his part of the mission. He was a close friend of mine at that time and I have missed him dearly." Martok said.

"You lie." Came the Klingons response. He went to pull the trigger on his disruptor, but Martok acted first. He knocked the disrupter aside causing the bolt to disintegrate a near by table. The two warriors rose up to battle. J'ral swung at Martok, but the Chal was to quick for him and dodged his attack unleashing one of his own that sent the Klingon back into another table. Soon the occupants of both broken tables were up fighting each other and others around them. An all out bar brawl had broken out.

On the back foot of the Captain's warning about Jones the brawl breaking out across the promenade pulled at Mason's attention. Instantly she moved to intercept tapping her badge and requesting assistance was she went. Two raging Klingon's were not her idea wrestling buddies.
Fortunately her hail was quickly answered by three more officers. Bravely or brassily which ever term fitted better Mason stepped into the fray between the flying equipment and loose punches with her team behind pulling apart the fighters in the room as the brawl between the Klingon's had been enough to spark more violence.

Standing somewhat shorter then the fighters Mason with her assistance heaved J'ral wrestling in their grip to one side to cool off.

A security officer came up to try and hold Martok down, but Martok was full of adrenaline from the fight and not ready to calm down. He slung the officer against the wall, you could hear bones crunch on contact. The officer screamed in pain as Martok waited to see what would happen next.

Mason spun at the sound of her team being tossed around similar to how the Captain threw her about when she was unwell. The security chief wiped out her phaser and fired at Martok as he stood over the fallen officer with a look of satisfaction.

Martok, having enhanced reflexes due to his genetic engineering dodged the phaser blast and then went on the offensive. He dove under yet another phaser blast before he was able to kick the weapon out of the security officers hand.

Weaponless Mason stared coldly at Martok with disdain wondering if he would attack another starfleet officer just for kicks?
The brawl had called the attention of larger number of the stations security officers and even the odd Marine or too. Feeling the reinforcement wrap around them Mason's look changed. Now she was the smug one with at least a dozen weapons pointed at his ruthless character before her there was not was he could escape.

Martok seeing that he was out numbered decided it was time for him to leave. Lucky for him he had a habit of needing to leave an area quickly and was always prepared to do so. He touched a button on the control panel on the comm unit that he wore on his arm and he began to dematerialize and re materialize on the other side of the promenade, just within a well trained earshot and a good listening devices range of the bar. A site to site transporter was one of the many gadgets he had come across in his many years as a bounty hunter.

Jones had run out of the replimat in time to see Martok dematerialize, destruction was left in it's wake as people were still brawling. "What in the hell is going on out here?" Jones was about to reach for his side arm but decided that it wasn't a good idea with armed Marines standing around.

Shrive had a grin on his face, and stated, "Having a bit of trouble, are we?"

Fuming lividly that her prey had escaped Mason turned her gaze to the man Captain Crawfort had idenifed as Walter Jones with the same periceing look.
"Move along," she called moving to expell the bystanders as the last of the fights were being ended and several deatined. Meanwhile a medical team swopped into view crowded around the wounded.

"Look here missy... if my crew is going to be endangered on your starbase, not only by random Klingons, but by your own staff I've got some serious issues with that, and furthermore, chasing down one of my crewmembers for self defense is unacceptable." Jones stared down at the woman.

Clearly Captain Crawford was correct, Jones was a shady man who kept dangerous company. "Does self defenses include the assault of Starfleet Officers?" She asked pointedly gesturing her arm to the wound man being treated completely unable to move anything from the shoulders downward.

"Self defense if you officer attacked him, which by the looks of it, he lost. I'm sure your doctor can fix him, maybe he needs better training." Jones leveled an eye at this woman. "Look just apologize for the inconvenience caused by your security teams gestapo like tactics and I'll be off."

Mason crossed her arms and swelled her chest stubbornly. "I would say the only inconvenience here is to the team that has to pick up this mess and patch up the wounded. However having a intoxicated and furious Klingon in my brig is an inconvenience to me. Yet you still feel you've been cheated out of a prize don't you Mr Jones?"

"I only call them as I see them love." Jones smiled at her, seeing that he was obviously getting under her skin.

The Andorian looked at Mason with a curious glance, his antennae moving downwards slowly. "You female pinkskins, and your talk of entitlement. And low and behold, the federation only enables such petty whining. You should just be pleased that your dogs didn't attack in earnest."

Mason's eyes narrowed. "I'll remind you of that later when the two of you cross the line in the future. I'll be watching you from now on." She turned, she didn't have time to waste bickering with the civilians.

"Keep walking, pinkskin. I'd hate to cause you any more paperwork if you decided forget your place."

Determined not to give them any satisfaction Mason gritted her teeth, clenching her jaw as she walked away. She hated civilians sometimes, no respect just arrogant.

Martok walked over as the security chief walked away. "Congrats boys. I think you handled that well." He said to Jones and Shrive.

"Nice trick with the site to site transmitter, you'll have to show me how to do that, let's go back to the replimat and get some grub." Jones smiled at Martok. "Just be glad that Marine Captain wasn't around, he'd probably give you a run for your money."

"I will show you the transporter when we get back. And just so you know. I can handle any foe."

Shrive pondered for a moment, then said, "I would hope that you would be more concerned about out-thinking any foe. I've seen many fall to weaker prey due to a lack of foresight and planning."


Jones came back over and sat down with anyone and picked up the sandwich that he had been munching on. "Did I miss anything?"

Lottie jerked in her seat having not heard Jones return. She blushed having realsied she had been day dreaming enjoying the warmth of James body beside her which had lead her to think of all sorts.
"Errrm..." she tried to recover. "No, no nothing important."

Martok took a seat across from Jones and ordered a bloodwhine to replenish his thirst after his fight.

As everyone was sitting down Suddenly Kyle appeared from around a corner, jogging quickly from the direction of the promenade. He smiled cheekily at everyone "Sorry I'm late guys, missed all the fun it seems," He nodded to the Promenade, "From the description of the fight I assume we had a hand in it" He ordered some synthahol, sipping it as he sat, "Not good, but better then nothing." He noted the looks between Lottie and Miller, smiling but keeping discreet, He wasn't a complete bastard. "So," he asked, "How have people enjoyed their shore leave so far?"

Tyl had what looked to be a smirk and sneer at the same time forming across his face. "Well, aside from the fact that their pinkskin security apparently have no spine, it's been rather uneventful."

Kyle smiled "Standard Starfleet mentality, not used to dealing with brigands such as us" He smiled and tipped back his drink "These people are so soft they may go splat if I hit any of them."

"That Security Officer may have no spine, but she knows what she is doing in a fight." Martok said

"Ha see?" Lottie lent forward back into the coverstation. "Don't get all sexist now I saw the look on her face, she not just knows what to do in a fight I think she's gagging for one. See us woman have stronger spines then you might think!"

"I said she knew what she was doing, not that she had a spine." Martok retorted. "She probably just needs a good man in her life."

Kyle raised his glass, a cheeky grin on his face, "Happy to take the role, It's been a long time in space."

"What makes most of starfleet so weak is their reliance on their position. Had I said what I said to any normal spacer, I would expect red blood to have been shed. She is a coward. Her abilities non-withstanding." Shrive then took a long swig on his drink.

"Still I wouldn't want to tell that to her face if I were you," Lottie said undertone.

Jones chuckled to himself he was glad that the crew seemed to get along together, Just then a message came across his communicator. Flipping it open it seemed like a tip about a new job. "Alright guys, I might have a lead on a job. Try not to get into too much trouble, I'll get a hold of you when I know for sure." Jones smiled and walked out of the replimat towards the holosuites.

"Very well. I'm sure it will be interesting as always." The Andorian walked towards the bar, set his glass down, and stared down the bartender. "Pinkskin. Give me a bottle of Andorian Ale. I haven't got all day."

"I'm sure we can manage to keep out of trouble." Martok said jokingly

Shrive looked annoyed, saying, "We'll see how that goes, but the lack of speed on the part of this waste of air that calls himself a barkeep is vexing me." Looking towards the bartender again, he said "Make it two bottles. And keep in mind that I'm severely annoyed with the speed of your service."

Grabbing the two bottles, the Andorian paid for one of them, and started to turn away. "Hey! Who the hell do you think you are shortchanging me?"

Martok was silently watching Shrive and the Barkeep's exchange. Waiting for another fight.



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