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The Show Must Go On

Posted on Sun Jan 18th, 2009 @ 7:14pm by Lieutenant Michael Lake

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.
Location: USS Genesis, Mess Hall
Timeline: Mission Day 1

Mike looked up at the crowd gathered in the mess hall. It was time for a funeral, and he was charged with delivering the eulogy. He had no idea why, maybe it was too hard for anyone else to do it, he had no idea. He firmly rested the padd against the podium he was almost hiding behind. He took a breath and then opened his mouth to make his speech, he just hoped he wasn't going to mess it up.

"Good morning everyone. We are all here today to celebrate the lives of Captain Matthew Jennings and Commander Kira Harrison. It's never easy to say goodbye to COs and XOs, hell, it's never good to easy goodbye to anyone. Captain Jennings and Commander Harrison were both valued members of our crew and it will be hard in their absence, but like always, we must move on, and make sure they are never forgotten." Mike paused for a second to look at the crowd, looking to see if he had already boring anyone to tears, there wasn't a dry eye in sight, but at least they weren't bored or at least he thought.
"Matthew Jennings was a man of great integrity, he was a kind and sensitive person, and a friend to anyone who needed one. I haven't known many people who always had their door open for a talk and a cup of home brew whenever they needed it, there is no doubt in my mind he was like a second father to me and the entire crew."
"And then there's Kira Harrison, woman to always learn from, she was an idol, inspire and a person who could make someone in the ditches of hell somehow ride the roads of heaven in no time. She had a saying, 'never leave it to chance' it was always her style to make sure that anything that could go wrong didn't. And it never did when she was around. I now hand you over to our Second Officer, Commander Beverly DeVuor."

Beverly had never enjoyed funerals, and right now the tears were flowing freely down her face, streaking the makeup and dropping onto her Dress Uniform. She dabbed at her eyes with the blue strip on her left sleeve before standing and moving to the podium.
"Thank you Lieutenant", she took a breath to compose herself.

Mike stepped off the podium and joined the crowd to listen to Beverly's speech.

She stood there a moment, taking in the faces of the crew, all of them had turned out in full dress, and a full honor guard.
"Captain Jennings was more than just a commanding officer to many off us, he was a friend", she took a moment, feeling that her voice was going to give.
"Some where even lucky enough to be considered family, myself included. He once told me that...", she began to crack, more tears pouring down her delicate features. "He once told me that I was the daughter he never had... But what he didn't know... We all considered... him...", she fell apart. Her emotions out of control, she couldn't continue. She stepped back and turned to look out of the window, showing a magnificent vista. A beautiful blue nebula hung in the distance which the ship was moving towards slowly.
"All that can be said now is, Captain Jennings, Commander Harrison. With honor and grace you served Starfleet and the peoples of the federation. We now honor your memory".
She nodded to Lieutenant Mason to bring the honor guard to attention.

Quickly wiping away her own tears. Mason stood straighter and blew on the whistle generating the sounds that bounced around the room loud enough to stir the company for a moment.
"Honor guard stand to attention," she called bringing her feet together and locking her knees in tight.
Her finger hovered over the panel wavering for the second with words unsaid and fond memories still fresh. It was time to let go, time to move on to the next adventure.
She pressed her finger upon the button, and some where below motor whirled and out drifted the departed.

She watched as the torpedo Tubes floated away from the ship.
"With honor we commit these brave and courageous deceased to the timeless depths of space".
She just watched them go, feeling like she had just lost her farther, the one she had never had.

A tear rolled down Mike's cheek as the two bodies were committed to space. This was something new to him, he had never lost anyone on the ships he had been on, let alone a CO and XO.

Podi was near Mike when he noticed the officers tears, and even though he was doing a good job of controlling his emotions, he was still very teary too. He leaned towards Mike and patted his shoulder gently and comfortingly. He mouthed 'It's ok' and gripped Mike's collar firmly. Podi looked back up and took a deep breath as the honor guard changed the pace of the music slightly.

Mike took in a breath and mouthed "thanks" to Podi.

It had painful to bare to their deaths at the time and at the funeral it worse again realizing suddenly that they truly gone leaving behind a small, mourning crew. Each member had tears in their eyes putting aside for one day their roles and ranks to be united in grief before they headed into new territory.
Following the cases with her eyes Kristina blinking away her last few tears determined to rise to the challenges ahead of them.

When the funeral ended the people dispersed, some remained and mingled, others just left. Mike and Podi were off duty anyway. At the bar the senior officers had a few private drinks in the corner, just for debrief and whatever.

Mike smiled at Beverly "That was a good speech, Ma'am. I wouldn't worry about the... tears, I'm sure everyone understands."

She offered a weak smile at the younger officer. She still felt alone. She was the highest crew member on board and was bound by protocol to assume command until Starfleet assigned a replacement. How could she follow a man like Captain Jennings?
Simple answer, she couldn't.
"Now we just wait to see who command sends in as replacements".
She turned her attention back to the vista of stars. Loosing herself in the void, mulling over her thoughts.

Across the room Kristina watched Beverly stare through the glass knowing she wasn't actually looking. She had taken then deaths of the Captain partially hard, they all had but her the most. Sipping her drink from her position in the corner of the room she looked around the faces gathered there trying to put names to the new faces already sent across. She felt that they were intruding on a family in grief after all only a small number of the original crew remained now.
They were easy to spot, they were the ones with the tears in their eyes.
Resting her back against the wall Kristina pulled herself back into her shell and stayed as silent as ever watching and waiting.

She couldn't do this anymore, she had to have tme to grieve in her own way, and in her own time. She climbed out off her seat, excused herself and began to walk across Ten Forward.
This situation wasn't something she could deal with. Not with how much she cared for Captain Jennings. She just needed time and space to sort her thoughts out.
She also knew that the crew needed her now, given the fact that she was the only command officer left on the ship. The crew would muse as to why she left, but she really didn't care.
The door sealed behind her leaving the crew to talk.

Mike took a sip of his wine and looked towards Podi "So, what do you think will come out of the coming days?"

Podi finished the last of his drink and put the glass down. "Well, I think it'll take a while for the crew to adjust, you know to the changes in staffing, and missing such sterling commanding officers. Give them time.' Podi ordered another drink. 'But we should still hopefully work as an efficient body. Let's also hope that by the next drink I can kill that bug up my ass making me speak business like."

Mike gave a single laugh that quickly jerked his body forward "Trust you to go and get off your face. I don't think the purpose of this get together was to get drunk. "

"I didn't mean get watsed, just a bit tipsy so that I can speak like a normal person, not a corporate jack-arse. If you follow my subtlety"

Mike's jaw dropped a centimeter "Nope. Not at all. You know, I think Commander DeVour has the CO job between you and me."

Credited by: Lieutenant JG Mike Lake & Commander Beverly DeVuor & Lieutenant Kristina Mason & Lieutenant JG Podi Wesdon


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