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Posted on Sun Feb 15th, 2009 @ 10:11pm by

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.
Location: Bridge/Ten Forward

Beverly stepped out of the turbolift and found the bridge to be running smoothly. She had left the bridge, and so had the rest of the senior team, apart from her chief engineer.
Podi was sat in the command chair, fiddling with something, she couldn't tell what, and she suddenly realized that this was the first time she had handed the bridge, or left the ship under his sole command.
"Lieutenant, report!", she asked as she approached the command chair.

Podi jumped and turned around quickly. He sighed in relief as he realized it was Beverly. "Um, all good, yes, fine...excellent."

"Very good Lieutenant", she took her seat, it felt comfortable to be back in it, even if it had only been an short time since she had left it. "Your relieved Lieutenant. Go have a break, something to eat. We have a hard job ahead of us and I'm going to need you on the ball".
She left no room for negotiation as she knew that Podi would try and bargain it down to going back to engineering and working through the night.

Podi made to negotiate, but saw his commanders expression and nodded. "Very good, Commander. I'll be back soon." Podi moved to the turbolift and stepped in as the doors opened. As they closed. The familiar 'whooshing of air could be faintly heard.

Beverly couldn't help but smile, he was such a sweet young man, but nervous about almost everything. Either which way, he had worked his way into Beverly heart over the years, and she cared about him, almost like a son, if only because her own son had turned out to be something of a disappointment.
She settled into her chair to wait for her Executive officer to arrive, once he did, they would be able to get the mission rolling.

---------------------------------Deck 10----------------------------------------

With an critical eye Kathy Edkins looked around her newly refurbished lounge with a smile pulling at her lips. This was fair better then then the previously tired room before it was burned to a cinder during the attack.
The only thing about returning to the Genesis that Kathy need to address was her son Tim., but that was a work in progress.
A job that could take a life time to fulfill.

Behind her she heard the doors open, she jumped checking her watch and spun around.
Surprisingly it wasn't Tim or one of her other staff it was Podi the chief engineering looking in one word peaky.

Behind the mother hen she was Kathy rushed over to him. "Podi!" she called friendlily. "Welcome to the newly constructed Ten Forward. Do you like it?"

Podi turned around quickly. "Oh, yes, hello, there you are, no it's good, fine, excellent.' Podi gave a goofy smile which he quickly wiped off, clicked his fingers stumbled slightly and ran a hand through his hair. "Do I look like I've seen better days?" Podi asked through gritted teeth, disappointed look on his face.

Smiling Kathy lead him to the bar, gently pushed him onto a stool. "You 'do' look like you've seen better days sweetie. What can I get you?"

"Erm, just some...synthahol, please,' he signaled to the bartender,' oh, um, what about you, what'll you have?"

Kathy waved her arms. "No, don't worry about me..." her eyes moved around the quite room. "Oh, alright you've twisted my arm. I'll have a drop of gin." she nodded to the barmen with a cheeky wink.
Then she turned back around to Podi, "I hear things aren't going too well on the planet?"

Podi took a sip of his drink and put it down, looking back at Kathy. "Well, we can't pick up any life signs and there seems to be a biogenic field of some kind on the planet."

Frowning she put down her glass. "Isn't that a little strange considering how people were upon the West Ridge?"

"Well, I'm not sure, but the biogenic field might be preventing us from picking up any life signs, but that is based mostly on speculation." Podi had another drink and tipped his glass, realizing that he had drank every last drop. "Hm." Podi mumbled, and signaled for the bartender to give him a large glass of something slightly stronger.

"Hmm don't like the sound of that," Kathy gave a small shiver. "Other then being bemused how are you? Are you fitting back in alright after what's happened?"

"Yes, no, I'm fitting in very well, yes.' Podi received his new drink with glee, picked it up with both hands and took a large swig, sighing heavily in relief after finishing the large gulp he had taken. He continued "How 'bout you, what's happening in your life?"

Leaning backwards on her stool Kathy gave a loud sigh. "Everything is fabulous absolutely fabulous." She looked over the top of her glass and saw Podi didn't look convinced.

"Alright," she continued lowering her glass down slowly. "Since the refit I've had to make a few changes to my life. Remember I told you about my son Tim who's been living with his grandparents? Well, believe it or not he is now twenty - twenty can you believe it!" She picked up her glass again and swirled the liquid around watching it for a moment.
"Anyway he's applied to go to the Daystom Institute, his a bright boy there is no doubting that. But he needs to have a years experience a board a space vessel before they can grant his application. Naturally where do you thing he went? Yep, that's right the USS Genesis to stay with Mummy" She threw her head back downing the gin in one mouthful.
"Don't get me wrong, I love my son, but we haven't spent much time together over the years. I've missing most of the moments in his life that are important to him, and now he doesn't respect me and there is only tension between us." She prompted her barman to refill her glass.
"Other then that's its perfect." she finished accepting the fresh glass.

"Crikey, that's a whopper of a dilemma, not something I'd want to order at an ancient fast food restaurant." Podi could understand the look on Kathy's face and decided to elaborate. "They sell burgers called 'whoppers' or something."

"Thank you dear," Kathy said softly tapping Podi's hand. "Please have something to eat and enjoy yourself. I think I can remember now why I said I would never drink at work... please excuse me the gin's gone straight to my head." She slide from her stool precariously and wobbled towards the door leaving Podi to his thoughts.


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