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Staring into the Abyss

Posted on Fri Nov 6th, 2009 @ 6:29pm by Lieutenant JG T'Arjia D'Ras

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.
Location: Science lab 3
Timeline: 1 week after the capture of DeVour

The room was lit by bright lights. They reflected off of polished serfaces and metalic tools alike, casting light reflections around the lab. All except against one wall. There, neatly arranged in a perfect row stood a line of workbenches, having been moved there from their original places and, on each one, a single figure clothed in a black, rubberised carapace, and each with an array of augmentics.

They were Borg. Dead Borg. And between then stode a slim female figure dressed in a Starfleet science devision uniform, her hair pulled back into a ponytail, and in her hands both a tricorder and laser scalpel. T'Arjia was at work

Leaning in closer to one of the cadavers, she deftly sliced off a section of it's carapace and, putting the tricorder away so that she had a spare hand, pulled. A tecnological device came free from both the outfit and the flesh into which it had been integrated with. Holding it up so that the light of the room had an unobstructed path to the object, she trned it, looking at it from all angles before walking over to a console in the centre of the lab and placing it to one side. Pulling aside the chair, she sat down at tapped a couple of buttons on the console.

"Computer. Begin recording. Subject is component eleven" The computer chirped in reply. "I have recently identified a component found on subject four to be a projector of some sort. Detailed scans of the other subjects reveal the same device, but in different positions dependant on the species. It is not directly linked into any offensive system, assimilation device, or sensor node, although it does link indirectly into each drone's neural transciever. I surmise that it is designed to recieve certain data from the Borg collective conciousness and process it somehow. As of this time, I am uncertain as to it's exact function, but my initial assumption is that it is part of the borg personal forcefield system. I will hopefully know more once I am able to take it apart. However, if I am correct, then the possabilities of reverse engineering a devie from these compnents could result in the biggest breakthrough in personal security of this century. End recording"

Loking back down at the device, T'Arjia rested her chin on one hand. "Computer. Encrypt last log and allow voice authorisation access only. Code D'Ras-Beta-Seven-Zulu"

The computer responded in it's familiar metalic voice [i]Identity confirmed. File Component Eleven encrypted"[/i]

She sat for a few more minutes, staring at the varioud devices that she had extracted and layed out on the worktable nearby. Each one seemed to be a vital component of the drones, allowing for different functions or capabilities. The first one she had extracted, one of the eyepieces, had been almost compleatly disassembled. It hadn't granted her much of an insight into borg biological interconnections, but it had taught her something.

"Computer. Time"

[i]"The time is 0728 hours"[/i]

Nearly a half hour until her duty shift started again. Had she really been in here all night? The time seemed to have passed so quickly. Well, the loss of one night's sleep was a small price to pay for scientific advancement, logically speaking, if said avancement could be delivered to Starfleet a few hours earlier where it could do more. Also, the loss of a single night's meditation would not affect her ability to perform her duties, nor restrain her emotions to any significan degree.

Standing up, T'Arjia walked to the door, it's mechanism sliding open allowing her to leave the lab, before sliding closed again after. Turning to a panel by the side, she activated it. "Computer. Switch off lights and lock this room" It might well pay to be cautious. Many species on the station cannot control their emotions like the Vulcans and, given the scene inside, might jump to conclusions. Keeping the room sealed would prevent that

After all, it's the logical thing to do...


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