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Are you getting off.

Posted on Fri Nov 6th, 2009 @ 6:26pm by Ensign Charlie Johansson

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.
Timeline: Stardate: 62456.43

“Ladies and gentleman the shuttle has now docked with station 611. Please exit via port side air lock,” said a rather calm feminine voice through the shuttles intercom. CJ sat and waited as the other few passengers left their seats and headed for the airlock.

Once the small shuttle was nearly cleared he rose from his seat and stretched his back cracking loudly. It had been a long trip from earth. Truth be told this was his first ever trip outside of the Alpha quadrant. All of his assignments had been deep inside federation territory and now he was out on the edge.

“Do you plan on getting off,” said a voice from behind him. He recognised it straight away as the woman over the intercom. He turned around and raised his eyebrow.

“If I don't,” he said holding his bag at his side. She was rather breathtaking, she had long bright brown hair and bright blue eyes which she rolled to the sky.

“Then it will be a long trip back to earth wont it seems we're not going straight back there. The shuttle will be docked here for the night so sleep here if you wish,” she said with a rather amused smile obviously proud of outwitting the man.

“What would be the point of that now,” he said turning and walking for the airlock, “I mean I did come all this way what makes you think that I want to go back. Unless,” he said stopping and turning, “you are flying back alone and want some company. I saw you eyeing me when I first got on the shuttle. Don't deny it,” he said with a rather cheeky smirk.

The woman opened her eyes and was lost for words, “I did not,” she said breathlessly, “I would get off my shuttle would you”.

“As you wish captain,” he said saluting and stepping out of the air lock. CJ looked back for a moment and smiled to himself. He hoped he would run into that girl again.

On the other side there was a young officer checking off names.

“Are you ensign Charlie Johansson” the young man said going over his padd.

“Ah yeah that's me,” he said coming to the stop.

“Very good it has been noted that you have arrived on station. I would suggest you report to your department CO. Which department would that be again”.

“I'm assistant CAG for the fighter squadron,” he said looking around him.

“Well yes very good. Report to the CAG asap. That will be all,” CJ didn't like this kid very much. He seemed rather snobby.

“Um where would I find the CAG right now exactly,” he asked.

The young officer looked at him for a few moments as if he thought the question wasn't a serious one, “It is a very big station. How would I know”.

CJ just rolled his eyes and walked off. After walking for a while he came across the promenade. It was huge full of people shopping and talking over drinks. CJ stood watching for a moment to take it all in. The tiny station he had been on was nothing like this.

After walking for a while he came across a small cafe or as close as you could get to one on a station. He sat on a small seat next to a single table and watched as the people bustled by. It was nice to be around people again. As he sat there he noticed something about the, there was a certain buzz about it.

Just as he went to sip his fresh coffee the women he met on the shuttle walked past on the upper floor. She must have been off duty as her hair was not tied back any more it was swaying softly behind her as she walked without a worry in the world.

“I think I'm going to like it here,” he mumbled to himself quietly just as the woman looked down at where he was seated. He lifted his mug with a coy smile as her eyes ran over him. All woman scoffed and kept walking on her way.


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