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fooled you. Or not?

Posted on Sun Nov 8th, 2009 @ 9:28am by Ensign Charlie Johansson

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.

Henk was walking around the station. His leg was still not perfectly healed. The fighterbay was finnaly coming together. The blast that happend a few days ago set them back only a few hours. Now they where almost ready to launch the fighters for patrols. Henk was still waiting for his new Xo to arrive.
He hold and PADD in his hands with his bio on it. He looked at the picture while people where walking below him. Suddenly he saw his XO. He planned to follow him for an while.

CJ had finished his coffee and was walking the way he saw the shuttle pilot go before. After a while he began to catch on he was being followed. After walking in circles for a few minutes he went into a women's clothes shop to make sure and to his amusement the man followed.

"Ah can I help you with something," said the shop clerk from behind the counter.

CJ looked at him with a smile, " um no but he can," he said looking back at the man following him, "can I help you with something," he said in a rather mocking tone.

Henk looked up surprised as he entered the shop.
"I'm just here to buy something for my Girlfriend, nothing more." He said on an honest tone.
Henjk walked around the shop looking at the clothing.
"Morning Frank" Henk said as he past the clerk.

"ah-huh," CJ said watching the man walk around the shop, "and you were getting something for your girlfriend when I was walking in circles back there," he said leaning against the counter, "please you've been following me for a while but whatever floats your boat. Now if you will excuse me I have to go find the CAG. Not that it wasn't fun though our little game," he said with a smile.

Henk looked up,
"have you tried the fighterbay, I've heard that he only stays there. Never returns back to his quarters. Rumors says he is an real slave driver".

"The fighter bay. You say, dont" he said mockingly, "well I have no idea where that would be. You wouldnt be able to direct me would you"

"Just take the turbolist down."henk said as he thought. "Then the first one to the left, if I'm correct. Then almost straight ahead. Just follow the music."

"Awesome. Thanks for all your help. I might see you around," he said turning and walking out the door, "oh and get your girlfriend flowers. Girls allways like flowers," he said with a rather cheeky smile.

He turned left and found the lift he was directed to. After a short wait the doors opened and he entered.

"Henk to Cailyn." Henk said as he tapped his comebadge. "Our Xo is underway,have fun."

In the fighterbay Cailyn yelled something around the fighterbay as people started to run. She walked into Henk's office and took an seat. She waited until her New Xo entered.

CJ entered the CAG's room laughing at a convosation he heard of the flight deck. He turned his head to see a young trill woman sitting in the chair which made him stop in his tracks.

"Ummm," he said looking at her wide eyed, "Your Kent O'briend," he said with a laugh, "your having me on arnt you" he said running his hand through his hair then it his him like a brick wall.

"Wait your not one of those linked trills are you and your other self is a male," he said taking a step back, "Im sorry I ment no disrespect. I've never served with a.....fused...linked.... bonded Trill".

"Mister O'Brien Has left Starbase 611. I'm your new GAG."Cailyn said with a stern voice. "And you are too late. You should have reported to me about 10 minutes ago."
She loved doind that. Pushing peoeple and see how they react. She did the same at the acadamy and Henk always fought back. That's the reason she requested this position. Because she knew how henk thought.

"Is he damn I wanted to meet the man," he said putting his bag on the ground and sitting in the seat on the opposite side of the desk, "and for your information I didnt have to officially report until oh 3..2..1 now," he said with a smile putting his hands behind his back.

"I may be many things ma'am," he said now getting a little more formal, "but im never late unless I mean to be".

"Now," he said, "I know for a fact that Lt O'Brien is still stationed here because I was told to report to him," he said with a smile, "and if he is off station that would mean your sitting in my'am".

Cailyn picked up an PADD and gave it to Charlie.
"Orders from Starfleet." She said. "So I'm your boss. Take it or leave it."

"See now your just toying with me now ma'am. I just came from starfleet and until Im told in person by the commodore or someone in charge ma'am I'm assistant CAG and please Ive been a fighter pilot for five years you dont think I havnt done this whole dance routine before. Now when am I going to meet the real boss. Oh wait your no this girlfriend are you," he said leaning foward.

"Cailyn to O' Brien. He's on to us." Cailyn said as she tapped her combadge.

Henk walked into his office.
" I'm dissapointed in you old man. In the acadamy you talked amost everyone under the table." henk said with a smile. " I'll take him for the tour. Come on."
Henk walked back into the fighter bay as he waited for Charlie to walk beside him."

CJ smiled at the Trill woman as if to say good effort then walked out after the CAG.

"Ha I knew there was something odd about you when you were following me around," he said walking up beside the man. He noticed the man had a slight limp.

"Are you ok," CJ asked.

" Just an injury that i got a few days ago." henk said as he pointed at a piece of bulkhead. " Behind that bulkhead a plasma relay exploded. A piece of bulkhead landed on my leg. It's still a bit sensitive."
Henk walked towards an fighter and turned around.
" This is your fighter. You have to adjust it to you likings. For the rest it's all speaks to itself."

"True," he said looking to where he pointed, "I've recently over come an injury myself. So when do you think we will be flying".

"We will test launch a ship tommorow." Henk said. "But yo uwill come with me today on a flight to an conference. I will brief you on it during the flight."

CJ nodded and smiled, "yes sir".

"Report at 15.00 hours shuttlebay 3." Henk said as he gave him an PADD."I will see you there."
Henk looked how his new Xo walked away.


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