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Posted on Mon Nov 9th, 2009 @ 9:29am by Fleet Admiral Tal Navek & Ensign Charlie Johansson

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.

The boarding process of the small vessel took a lot longer than Zeek expected. The USS Kodiak, a Wallace class vessel, would be transporting the small team to Starfleet Medical in order to synthesize a vaccine for the affliction that recently plagued Beverly. The vessel was half the size of a Defiant class ship, and took about half the crew as well. Zeek, Leanne, Henk, and Charlie were selected for this mission, and were set to depart any minute.

"Ops, this is Kodiak" Zeek said as he opened the comm link to Ops "We are complete with our pre-flight checks and are ready to get underway."

"Kodiak this is Ops, you are cleared to depart. See you in a week." The voice of Lieutenant Malone said over the comm.

"Lieutenant O'Brien, lets get underway. Once we are clear of the station, set course for Earth, warp five."

"Yes Sir. " Henk said.
He fired the thurster and guided the ship away from the station. After a minute Henk brought the ship to warp.
"We are underway."

"Very good." Zeek replied. The trip to Earth would not be a short one, but nevertheless it would be good to set their feet on solid ground for a bit. Leanne was secure the DNA samples in the Kodiak's only cargo bay, which would also serve as sickbay for this trip. He tapped his comm badge =/="Bridge to Lieutenant Ulonova, we are currently underway to our destination. Is our cargo secure?"=/=

=/= Leanne to bridge, everything is set down here, but let's hope that we don't run into a medical emergency on this trip. I've only got a medkit and a hand phaser, and you don't want to see what I can do with a phaser. =/= she laughed a little bit. This would have to make do, nothing was ever ideal in starfleet. =/=Do you need me up there?=/=

=/="Unless you want to spend the entire trip staring at cargo hold walls, you are more than welcome to join us on the bridge." =/= Zeek replied

CJ sat in the co pilots chair familiarizing himself with the ships systems.
"I've never been on a ship quite like this," He said to the CAG, "Its like a cross between a fighter and a startship and a rather good one at that".

Henk turned around and with a weak smile just looked at Cj. He logged out of the conn console and stood up.
"Well, take her for an spin then." Henk said as he looked at CJ. "Now you can easily learn this ship."

"Are you serious," CJ said hesitating but after a long moment he got into the pilot seat. His fingurs glided over the consol with blinding speed.

"Its much more simple than a fighter," he said, "Its controlled by auto pilot most the time," he had trained in starship piloting int he academy but it never did anything for him. He got his thrills from controlling a ship manually pulling off manouvers you could never do on auto pilot.

The smile on Henk's face got wider. He tapped Cj on the shoulder and turned around.
"Who wants some coffe?" Henk asked.

CJ smiled. It felt good to be flying a ship again, " Nah Im fine Lt," he said all the while going through the ships systems still trying to familiarize himself. It was his motto. If your gonna fly a ship you gotta know the ship.

"So easy, an Ensign can do it!" Zeek said with a wink. He hadn't had a chance to interact with the new Ensign yet, but gave him a good ribbing nonetheless. "I'll pass on the coffee, thanks though."

Leanne had made her way up out of the cargo hold, this was better then a runabout but it still wasn't great. She had taken some anti nausea medicine to keep her from throwing up on the bridge. As the doors slid open she smiled at everyone and moved quickly over to one of the empty science stations.

===2 Hours Later===

The small Bridge of the vessel was becoming very monotonous. Leanne had joined the three officer on the bridge and was helping keep Zeek company as the two fighter jocks talked amongst themselves. Constant reports kept coming in from the jittery NCOs who were managing the extremely small departments onboard the Wallace class vessel. While Zeek appreciated their diligence, The Kodiak would manage fine without all the reports. Maybe his lackadaisical attitude towards this mission jinxed them, but not minutes after receiving another redundant report, the Kodiak's sensors began to scream with incoming contacts. He quickly checked their registries, Klingon, Federation, Andorian, a mix of many different signals. Most were outdated by twenty years, but it brought one thing to his mind...pirates. "Lieutenant O'Brien, see if you can't push the warp engines a bit harder. Seems we've picked up some company, and I'd rather not make their acquaintances."

"understood."Was the only thing Henk said.
He almost threw Cj out of the Pilot chair. His hands raced over the consoles just to every bit out of the engines.

The small vessel was just not equipped to outrun larger vessels, and though the speed increase gave them a few more minutes, the pirates eventually caught up with them. The Kodiak jolted out of warp as the inhibitor wave blasted the small vessel. "Red alert!" Zeek said as four vessels dropped out of warp around them. "Ensign Johansson, I assume you remember basic tactical skills from your academy training?"

"Yes but its not my strong suit," he said his fingures running across the ops consol as he diverted weapons control to his station.

"Well it'll have to do, get ready to fire, just incase." Zeek turned to Leanne "Leanne I need you to open a channel to the lead vessel, lets see if we can't talk our way out of this."

Leanne quickly opened up a hailing frequency even though they were pirates, she hoped that they would have some common sense. Remembering something that Mike had taught her, she bypassed through subspace and linked up directly with their communications array. "Commander, I've got it, link open."

The Wallace class was not equipped with a view screen, instead trading the main viewer for three windows giving them a real time view of their assailants. The voice that came over the channel was raspy and sounded like an older human male "Federation vessel, yer in our territory. Give us all yer cargo and we might just let ya live."

"This is Commander Zeek Aerelon of the Federation starship Kodiak. Unfortunately, we're not carrying any cargo, but if you let us get on our way we'll be out of your space in no time."

The line was silent for a moment before the pirate replied "That is unfortunate indeed, because now we can't let ya leave. Goodbye Commander." He said as the line was closed.

"Damnit. Henk, get us back on course, Charlie, get some phaser fire on them. We won't outgun them but it might give us the poening we need." Zeek said as the vessel was rocked by incoming fire. He opened a comm to Engineering "Chief, I need the warp drive back online now!"

"Five minutes at the minimum sir, the intermix chamber is resting." The Engineering Chief Petty Officer responded

"Aye Commander," CJ said letting off a volley of phaser fire. CJ held the console as the ship was rocked by incoming fire, "sir shields down to 80%. Returning fire. She's a strong little ship sir but there's no way we can keep this up for five minutes. Against one ship yeah but four. Not gonna happen commander and we can only fire torpedoes from the bow sir" he said holding on as the ship was rocked again.

While it wasn't what he wanted to hear, he knew the Ensign was right. "Leanne, send out a distress call on all Federation frequencies, hopefully someone is in the area." He began scouring the sensors to see if there was someplace they might be able to ditch their attackers. The outcome was not looking good, but just as he was about to give up hope, what appeared to be a nebula appeared within good distance of the Kodiak. "Lieutenant O'Brien, change heading to 143 mark 015. Theres a nebula there that hopefully will help us loose our friends.

"Yes Sir." henk said as he directed the ship to the Nebula.

"This is the USS Kodiak, any federation vessel in the area we are under attack. I repeat we are under attack. We need immediate assistance!" Leanne franticly tried to get the message sent to anyone who would listen to it. The ship rocked again from phaser fire. "Commander, sent out a call on all subspace frequencies."

CJ braced himself as the ship was rocked again, "Commander aft shields are down to 50% whatever you plan is I hope its a good one sir".

"Engineering, give me as much impluse power as I can get, we're going to try and lose our friends." Zeek said over the comm.

The small vessel was able to make its way to the bluish green nebula. As they entered, the systems on board the Kodiak began to go haywire. Light flashed all over the vessel, as systems were turning on and off. After about a minute of this, the lights flickered back on and all systems returned to normal. Zeek checked the sensors "Seems we're in the clear for now, but I'm not really sure. I think the nebula fried our sensors, because nothing is matching up, planets and stars are not where they should be. Lets do a quick status report, make sure we're all in one piece."

"Warp Drive is Off-line." Henk said as he readed the information. "We have impuls and thrusters."

CJ couldnt believe just what had happened. It was so strange the nebula seemed to short out everything, "sir all weapons systems are offline along with shields".

"I've got a few reports of injuries coming from across the ship. I just have a basic medkit." Leanne looked over at the commander "Fortunately it sounds like just some bumps and bruises. From the attack."

"Engineering here sir, whatever we entered fried our warp drive. Theres nothing I can do from here, we'll have to get to a starbase to repair it."

With the distress call still transmitting, they were safe for the moment. After about ten minutes of sitting in the Nebula the itch to see if their attackers were gone crept up in Zeek's mind. "I don't know about you three, but I'm tired of sitting here. How about we go see if our friends are gone?"

"I doubt it." henk said. "But I recomment to take a different route out of the nebula. Just to make sure."

"Agreed." Zeek replied

As the small vessel moved out of the nebula, what they saw surprised them. A Sovereign class vessel was directly infront of them where the pirates had been. Sensors were clear as well, aside from the Federation vessel infront of them. Sensors were still not matching up, but diagnostics said there was nothing wrong. The four officers were all staring at the large vessel infront of them, hoping that they might have some answers to what was going on.



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