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Posted on Sun Nov 8th, 2009 @ 4:00pm by Ensign Charlie Johansson

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.
Location: Starbase templar
Timeline: Night before Kodiak mission

After a few hours CJ had his room sorted out and he was off duty but after arranging his room, he found there was nothing else to do. He was nervous about the mission tomorrow. It was just simple transport mission but he couldn't help himself and he couldn't sit still. After a few moments he decided to head to the promenade.

He was rather surprised there were still a quite a few people going about their business at this time of night. It was well after nine and he didn't expect many civilians to be out. Suddenly there was a loud hollow sound which resembled a bouncing ball and to CJ's surprise he found a basket ball flying towards his head.

CJ managed to duck and catch at the same time spinning around so the ball wouldn't recoil.

“Nice reflexes,” said a young crewman running towards him followed by two others.

“Sorry about that I lost control of it,” said a pretty woman from behind the front man.

“Do you play,” said the man in front, “ we are going to play in the holosweet would you care to join us. Two on two”.

CJ smiled, “Yeah I would love to,” he said, “the names CJ”.

“Cool,” said the crewman, “I'm Ben, the young one is Kally she's a little shy and this big fella here is Craig,” he said beckoning to the young woman and the tall dark skinned man.

Luckily enough CJ was dressed rather appropriately with long grey track pants on with a plain white t-shirt. He didn't have any shoes but that didn't bother him much.

CJ was paired with Kally who was smiling and more talkative and the other two men seemed to think that he was at a disadvantage and let him start. CJ stepped out with speed and was covered by Ben. He watched Kally run to his left so he feigned a pass which Ben fell for and he went to the right. Ben went after Kally and Craig switched to CJ. CJ feigned to shoot then bounce passed it under Craig's arms towards Kally and he easily got around the big man.

She was easily covered by Ben's size. She stepped to the left but bounced passed the ball back to CJ who caught it on the fly left jump for the basket slam dunking it. Ben and Craig stood there for a moment in awe but when CJ landed on his back he let out a loud yelp of pain.

“You alright,” Ben said helping him up.

CJ winced and nodded, “an old injury,” he said, “ I better not play I am going off station tomorrow so I need to be at my best sorry guys”.

“No its ok,” Ben said, “we play everyday next time then”.

CJ nodded then walked out of the holosweet all the while biting his tongue trying to stop the pain.

“Gah I should have known better,” he said cursing under his breath as he walked with difficulty along the promenade.

After going to sick bay and getting a mild pain relief he headed back up to the promenade to grab a late night coffee. He found himself a nice observation seat on the upper floor and watched the stars. After about half an hour he decided to head back to his quarters. He thought the the pain relief would have fixed his back by now and he stood up a little to fast which ended up with him falling to his knees while holding the rail.

“Are you ok,” said a woman from behind him as he felt her arm loop under his and help him up.

“Oh great its you,” she said. It was the women he had met on the shuttle earlier when he first got on the station.

“Don't worry,” CJ said sitting back down, “I'm not in the joking mood”.

“Oh,” she said taken aback by his coldness, “I didn't mean,” she said struggling with what to say.

“Well are you ok. Are you injured”.

CJ shook his head, “its an old injury. I was playing basket ball in the holosweet and I fell on my back,” he said looking at her, “I'm Charlie, but my friends call me Charles or CJ”.

The beautiful young woman smiled, “I'm Olivia,” she said. They sat there for the next two hours just talking. They didn't talk about anything in particular just different things. Food, star ships, earth, the station. It was rather nice CJ hadn't talked to anyone like this for a very long time.

“Its getting late and I have a mission off station tomorrow,” he said getting up gingerly.

“Oh so your a crew member,” she asked helping him up a little.

“Yeah I'm the assistant CAG”.

A smile broke out on her face. It was obvious the woman liked flying but then worry overtook her happiness, “how can you fly in your condition,” she said.

“Oh I will be fine after a nights sleep. Always am, besides we are going on a Wallace class starship not a fighter so I should be fine”.

Suddenly Kally came running down towards them.

“Kally,” Olivia said, “what are you doing here at this time of night”.

“Olivia,” Kally said as she stopped and tried to catch her breath, “CJ dropped this,” she said holding up a thin chain with a single wedding ring on it. CJ quickly felt his chest where it usually hung and sure enough it was gone.

“Thanks,” he said taking it with a smile, “so how do you know each other”.

“Oh haha she's my sister,” Kally said with a smile.

“Wow that Is funny,” he replied with a smile as well.

“Wait,” Olivia said, “the question is how do you two know each other”.

“Oh CJ was playing basket ball with me, Ben and Craig before but anyway I've gotta go. I need to be up early tomorrow. Cya CJ”.

CJ smiled.

“She's nice,” CJ said turning to Olivia and putting on his chain and tucking in under his shirt.

“Yeah she is. Not many nineteen year olds around as sweet as her,” Kahlan said watching her sister run out of sight.

“Anyway come on lets get you back to your quarters,” she said putting his arm over her shoulder.

“I can make it,” he said laughing.

“Nonsense,” Olivia replied, “you cant even walk”.

Once inside is room he looked at her and realised how close her face was to his. He couldn't help himself looking at her lips. She turned to him and looked him dead in the eyes. She had deep blue eyes like none he had ever seen.

“I'm sorry,” CJ said after a few moments turning away and heading for his closet.

“Have you had something to eat. Help yourself to the replicator I have added a few of my own recipes and drinks,” he said pulling out clean shirt and throwing it on the bed as he pulled his old one off.
Olivia got two coffee's from the replicator and turned around and nearly dropped them as she saw his back. It was covered in many large and small scars. She put the drinks on the table and walked over to him.

“What happened to you,” she said in a quiet whisper.

“Have you heard of the USS Archer. The one that was destroyed,” he said turning his head slightly towards her.

“Yes. There were only five survivors,” she said.

“Yeah I was one of those survivors,” he said a tear running down his cheek. Suddenly he felt her cold hands touch his back as she ran them over the scars. He turned around and looked at her until she suddenly kissed him and they fell back into the bed.

=/= next morning=/=

CJ awoke to Olivia laying motionless her back facing him. He had to report in a few hours so he jumped up and had a quick shower. His back felt a lot better to. Just as he was about to head to the Kodiak he stopped next to the bed and looked at Olivia. He had only known her for a few hours but he had only felt like this for one other person. He leant down and kissed her cheek as she stirred then he headed off to the ship.


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