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Twenty Years Time

Posted on Tue Nov 10th, 2009 @ 9:55am by Fleet Admiral Tal Navek & Commander Lorran Vos & Ensign Charlie Johansson & Lieutenant Commander Jack Daniels

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.

Communications were about the only thing that was still working aboard the small ship after their stint in the Nebula. As they stared the large vessel down, Zeek grew tired of waiting for them to make contact. Cursing the lack of a viewscreen, He once again enlisted the help of the next highest ranking officer onboard "Leanne, I don't know whats taking them so long but I'm very eager to find out what happened to our pirate friends. If you would be so kind as to open a channel to them, that would be great."

"Sir, there is no way that they could be here so fast."It's impossible." Henk said in disbelief "It would take them over an hour just to get here. It has been minutes."

"Who knows if they were in the area or not, we were not really focused on the sensors during the attack." Zeek replied. What Henk said had merit though, if they were not in the area, how did they get here so fast...

"I didn't receive any kind of message on the communications grid. Maybe the nebula had blocked the comm channels." Leanne tapped a few buttons on the panel and looked over at Zeek. "Comm channel open."

"Federation vessel, this is Commander Zeek Aerelon of the USS Kodiak. I'm not sure what you did to those pirates, but you have our thanks."

CJ felt something was off after the long silence. He agreed with the CAG, this wasn't federation space so why would a Sovereign class vessel of all things be out this far. After checking a few things what came up on his screen shocked him.

"Commander Aerelon," he said spinning around, "Sir, I just ran the ships registry with the database," he said looking at all three of the officers on deck with him, "that ship doesn't exist. The Kodiak's database was updated just before we left 611 so any new ships should be on there but its not."

Zeek nodded "Interesting. Something doesn't feel right about this, not that there's really a lot we can do about it at this point."

A voice filtered through the Kodiak's communications system. "This is the Federation starship Farragut. We're going to tractor you into our shuttlebay," said the curt voice on the line. "Relinquish computer control now."

CJ looked at the commander again, "I don't like this, sir, but I don't think we have any choice over the matter. We won't be able to repair the shields and weapons unless we are docked with another ship or station."

"Understood, relinquishing control now." Zeek replied "Before I do so, may I ask whom I'm speaking to?"

"This is Captain Lorran Vos," the voice said as the tractor beam from the Farragut locked on and the away team's craft rocked slightly underneath them, "And you had better be able to explain who you are and where you got that ship, mister, or I'll see to it that you're all locked up for the rest of your natural lives." He sounded rather angry. "Farragut out."

Zeek looked directly at Leanne "...Captain Lorran Vos? Farragut?" None of this made sense. Vos was just returning to the starbase when they left, now hes a Captain on a ship that they've never heard of. Either this was a very elaborate hoax, or something was very, very wrong. He took a quick look at the officers onboard before opening the comm channel to the rest of the ship "Attention all hands. We are being tractored into a Federation starship. For the moment, I'm going to ask you to remain on board until either myself or Lieutenant Ulonova say otherwise. Aerelon out." Her turned to the three officer on the bridge. "Once we're tractored in, the four of us will meet whoever they send to greet us. I'm very uncomfortable about this, but we're not being given any other option."

The small vessel was easily tractored into the Farragut's shuttle bay as the bridge staff followed normal procedures to shut down most of the vessel's functions. Straightening his tunic, he nodded to his fellow officers indicating that they should follow him to the airlock.

Henk stood behind Cj as he worked on a PADD. Slowly they began to walk. After a few seconds Henk jumped towards Zeek an grabbed him by his arm.
"Look at the data." Henk said. "if I'm correct we are 20 years in the future."

"Well I want to wait for confirmation before we start jumping to conclusions." He said as they made their way to the airlock. The airlock door opened with a slow hiss, revealing the welcoming party that was waiting on them.

Henk looked at the people in front of him. Some where familiar, but others where not. Henk wobbled on his shoes because he was nervous. He wanted to know what happened.

CJ overheard what the CAG had said. Twenty years in the future, he couldn't believe it. As the airlock opened CJ stood behind his CAG with his hands behind his back trying to look confident and unwavering but truth was he was scared as hell.

Leanne had spent the last few minutes trying to figure everything out, if they were 20 years into the future then this was about to get messy. She remembered something about the temporal prime directive and how inquisitive the people from TI got about traveling through time, accidental or not. She leaned over to Zeek and whispered, "Why do I get the feeling like we are showing up for our own funeral?"

The welcome wagon hadn't exactly been rolled out for the Kodiak crew. An security team stood by outside of the airlock with oddly patterned phaser rifles the like they had never seen before ready but not yet pointed at them. Directly in front of them was a sight even stranger. A Bajoran man who could only have been the Lorran Vos they knew stood with several other officers behind the security team. Strangely, however, he wore a captain's rank on his collar. Not only that, but he looked...older. He retained the athletic, long-limbed frame for which they knew him, but his face sported new lines, his hair was streaked through with gray. Vos looked distinguished, experienced, and a good many years into his fifties. Not only that, but he looked furious.

"Alright, all of you come out of there! I want to know where you found this ship and who the..." he started in an angry rush, but then trailed off as he saw the first of the Kodiak crew come down the ramp. "...hell..." he managed to say before he was stunned too much to continue. He focused first on Zeek, then Henk, until finally he spotted Leanne and Vos' eyes widened in surprise. He sputtered for a moment before turning to the security team.

"Lieutenant, I...bring, bring these people to sickbay. I want immediate DNA testing with Federation personnel records to make sure this isn't some kind of trick." he said, glancing back at the Kodiak crew several times. The lieutenant in charge of the security team looked apprehensive about his captain's indecision but did as he was bade. Captain Vos, for his part, approached the group.

Vos looked each of them over, his eyebrows narrowing in suspicion, before he spoke. "I know who you look like, but I want you to tell me who you think you are and I want to know where you came from. Right now." he demanded of Zeek, but his eyes focused on Leanne. "Because this isn't possible."

The uniforms were a dead giveaway that they were not where they were supposed to be. Zeek focused on Vos, who was still in some ways the man he remembered "Zeek Aerelon, Commander, Station Master of Starbase 611, current Commanding Officer of the USS Kodiak. We were under attack..." He drifted off as the reality set in that this was all terribly wrong "How about this. We'll go to sickbay and participate in your tests. Once that's completed and we prove who we say we are, we will debrief you on everything that happened...everything that we believe happened."

"Before we do anything, we have injured aboard our ship, I don't have the adequate medical facilities to handle them, and Vos what the hell are you going on about." Leanne looked at him. "Regardless of what has gone on, our injured should be first priority."

"My people know how to do their jobs. Your casualties will be transported directly to sickbay for immediate attention." Vos replied. "You will all be escorted there as well so that we can ascertain your real identities. Until that has been confirmed, you will cooperate with security to the best of your ability, is that understood?"

Just then the over head speakers broke the tension --Bridge to Captain Lorran--.

Vos tapped his comm badge, eyes still on the Kodiak crew. "Go ahead."

--611 is requesting an update on are ETA. What should I report?-- the disembodied voice held some small spark of recognition with the displaced crew but not enough to place who it was.

"Tell them..." he sighed, "Tell them to stand by, Jack. We'll have more to tell them soon. You, might want to meet us in sickbay, as well. Lorran out."

CJ stood behind his CAG completely dumbfounded a what he was hearing, after a few moments he leaned over to his CAG'S ear and whispered.

"Correct me if I'm wrong," he said in a near dead whisper, "but isn't Vos the XO of the station". CJ felt so far in over his head that it felt like he was drowning.

henk almost jumped through three decks when he heard CJ whisper.
"do you want to give me an heart attack." Henk whispered back. "As far as I know he still is. But something is wrong."

"If you'll all please come with me?" the security officer said, gesturing toward the exit doors. Captain Lorran turned and strode out ahead of them, his posture stiff and strained, but he forced himself not to look back at them.

Zeek nodded "Alright everyone lets go." The Kodiak crew followed the security team in the direction of sickbay, prepared for whatever tests awaited them.



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