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Posted on Sun Jan 10th, 2010 @ 6:46am by Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.
Location: Outside Matlh's quarters
Timeline: 'Normal' time

Vartog detoured on the way to Matlh’s quarters to put on full Klingon dress uniform. He wanted to make a good impression on the Ambassador. House Matlh might have fallen on hard times but it was still a far more illustrious house than that of Rahg. House Rahg had been a supporter of the Duras family so he had some sympathy for the fortunes of House Matlh. House Rahg had changed sides when the full extent of Duras infamy had been revealed and he suspected that House Matlh had clung to their allegiance far longer but that was true of many Klingon Houses. If they were all to be castigated and shunned now the Empire would be a far weaker place.

He also admitted, though in private, that his own rise in status was the reward for switching sides. He had been offered this position in Starfleet ahead of candidates with far better credentials – or, at least, with far better standing in the High Council – because that was part of the deal for the forces of House Rahg to betray House Duras.

Now he stood before the Ambassador’s door. He smoothed down his uniform then pressed the chime.

Haqtaj was standing hands on hips looking around her office. Why did the Federation insist on painting everything red and black? How about a nice silver line occasionally. It made the office dark and oppressive. She did not turn around when the door chimed but just barked and angry, “What do you want?”

Any Federation crewman might have been put off by this, but amongst Klingons this was a more standard greeting than “Hello, how are you?”

Vartog stepped into the room. He saluted smartly. “Madame Ambassadress,” he said formally. “I have been posted as your new aide. My name is Vartog of the House of Rahg.”

He stood ramrod straight, awaiting the Ambassador’s response and her orders.

Haqtaj turned, surprised by the Klingon in full armour, “House of Rahg? Indeed? You come of strong lineage, Vartog. Rahg died at Chin’toka, did he not?”

"My father fought at First and Second Chin'toka. He was killed at Second Chin'toka. It was an honourable death. Sto-vo-kor will be a better place for his presence. My grandfather fought at Donatu V in 2245."

Haqtaj grunted, "I was there for the first battle at Chin'toka. It was a glorious battle."

She considered him for a moment speaking aloud, “You are not from a Klingon transport, I would know if there were one in dock, which means you are stationed here as a Federation officer. Yet you come to me in full Klingon regalia, suggesting that your application has nothing to do with your association to the Federation. Interesting. You obviously speak English fluently, as well as our own tongue?”

"I am fluent in both, Ambassador but, with your permission, I would prefer to converse in English while on a Federation ship. I have however, been known to lapse into tlhIngan Hol when under stress or when no suitable translation exists."

"English is fine", Haqtaj waved her hand dismissively. "The humans would suspect us of plotting something if we spoke in a way they could not translate with their precious UT."

“I was about to make a request to the Homeworld for an aide, and yet here you are. The commodore did not send you, so I make the assumption that you volunteered for the position. Why?”

"I did volunteer. It would do me honour to serve you. The House of Matlh is - you will forgive me for saying so, but it is not a great one. Yet I hold it in esteem. You have carried yourself with dignity and honour through adversity. You also acquitted yourself as befits a Klingon warrior during the base's recent crisis."

Haqtaj snarled, "The house of Matlh is a great house. My brother's voice is still heard at council, son of Rahg."

She dropped the aggression a moment later, "We lost our fleet in the final weeks of the Dominion war. I commanded 46 ships and only 3 returned, but we held the line! Now the allies we supported in strength turn from us in our decline. There is precious little honour left in the Empire, Vartog, son of Rahg."

"However, you do me honour where it was not looked for. I do not take that lightly. What is your current assignment on the station?”

Vartog let that show of pride pass. He had made his postion clear. "I am part of a cultural exchange program. They have been occuring intermittently since Commander Riker served aboard the Pagh. I serve as the base's Master-at-Arms. There is much to learn from Federation practises and tradition; much that I can take back for the benefit of the Empire."

"So, you are a true servant of the Empire. Good! Tell me, your family has a foundary on Penthe 4. You manufacture Holographics, is that right? Why did you not ask to serve in their engineering department?"

"I specifically asked not to be assigned to an engineering role. I have the Imperial forces. It is thought I have one role and one role only. This was my chance to break free of that. However, part of my role as Master-at-Arms is to oversee the physical fitness and combat readiness of the crew. As with most Federation vessels, it is woefully lacking. You probably noted this when the captain was running amok. I design holoprograms which pit the crew against oponents of various levels. It allows me to utilise these skills."

Haqtaj nodded approvingly. The man had ambition and knew how to use his strengths to move forward.

"Very well, I will test your understanding of the people here. I have permision from the Commodore to request a B'rel class to be permanently stationed here at SB 611. I am undecided as to whether that would be wise. It would deprive my family of one of their few remaining ships, and may make the locals nervous. However the benefits of a cloackable ship, and one to be used at my sole discretion is a powerful bargaining chip. What do you think is the best Diplomatic course? Do I get a ship, or rely on local transport?"

"For the moment, rely on local transport. Allow the officers to get used to you while you have a ship sent. They will not like it being under your control for two reasons: one, you are Klingon but; two, you are not military. They have no control over you and can not give you orders. So diplomacy will be important. Discretion is a good choice of words; you will need to be discreet about it's use. On the other hand, a cloakable ship will be an asset. There have been disturbances along the Tholian and Gorn borders and it would be useful to get a close look without being spotted."

Haqtaj leaned backwards against the table, "Alright then. Local transport for now. I will keep the ship as an ace for when the Federation feel the need to ask. It won't hurt their pride to realise they need us as allies."

"Very well, a final test for your application. I have two jobs that need doing today. One requires a diplomat's skill, the other requires an intimidating arm. Which would you choose to do for me as your first job as Diplomatic Aide?"

"The diplomatic," Vartog said without hesitation. "This crew and its officers have already seen me in action. They know what I am capable of. They will expect me to act as a Klingon in whatever duties I perform for you. It would be useful for me to act unexpectedly. It will keep them on their toes and that is exactly where we want them."

'Where WE want them', Haqtaj thought. What an enlightening phrase.

"Again I agree with you, Vartog. I see we will work well together."

"The task is simple enough. I have arranged for live food and genuine Blood Wine to be transported to the station at regular intervals. If the Federation insist on their ridiculous quarantine times the food will spoil and die. I want you to speak to Lt Lake and arrange for special diplomatic dispensation. I will arrange a place where it can be stored and sold. The Ferengi bar should do. If the good Lieutenant demands concesions you may say you have to check with me first, but I will authorise whatever you decide. Just get me that food. I can't stomach the plastic these replicators produce."

"I will attend to it, Ambassador. With your permission, I will enlist the aid of SCPO Jrez. For a Trill, and a joined one at that, he is a competent person. He has dealt with Ferengi before and knows how to play their games. He will ensure you get the best deal and your food is kept at optimum conditions.


Vartog turned to go. On an impulse, he turned back to Matlh. Maybe he was tempting fate but better to do so now and establish some sort of boundaries with the Ambassador. "If I may ask, what was the other task?"

Haqtaj smiled, "You missunderstood me. I said I wanted you to speak to Lt Lake, while I spoke to the Ferrengi. I will take your recomendation about Jrez on board if I find myself at an impase."



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