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Posted on Sun Jan 10th, 2010 @ 7:08am by Lieutenant JG T'Arjia D'Ras & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.
Location: Promenade
Timeline: The morning after Beverly's capture


T'Arjia walked briskly along the promenade, having recently left the Orion Restaurant. Of all the dining areas on the station, she had to admit that they did the most justice to Vulcan broth. Of course, that meant that they just experimented less than the others with 'improving' it.

Holding a PADD in one hand, and a cup of water in the other, she strode purposefully along, glancing up from the data in her hand every few seconds to make sure she wasn't about to collide with anyone. Unfortunately, a very flustered looking man in ops division gold and with lieutenant pips didn't seem to be doing the same, and T'Arjia backpedalled to avoid hitting the man and, in all probability, ending up on the floor with him.

The man leapt a mile when he saw the Vulcan scientist. He began to stammer, "I.. I.. I am being very sorry. I am not looking where I am going. I am sorry, sir. Is being my second day. Is not going well for me. Please can you be helping me? I am supposed to be in Science like you and I am already embarrassing my self in front of Lieutenant D'Ras. I did not know she was with Lt Lake. I am interrupting them and she is... I am sorry again. I am dithering. Please be helping me to Temporal Mechanics Lab. My access codes are not working."

Keeping her outward appearance as neutral as possible, T'Arjia raised an eyebrow and shifted, looking over the young Human in front of her. "You have quite an interesting conundrum there... lieutenant. To have one person in two places at once violates several laws of the universe"

Serge’s brow furrowed, “This statement is not being quite correct, since it still uses the notion of ‘space’. The correct statement is being: Events are having a four-dimensional order, by means of which we can say that an event A is being nearer to an event B than to an event C; this is a purely ordinal matter, not involving anything quantitative. But, in addition, there is between neighbouring events a quantitative relation called "interval," which fulfils the functions both of distance in space and of lapse of time in the traditional dynamics, but fulfils them with a difference. If a body can be moving so as to be present at both events, the interval is time-like. If a ray of light can move so as to be present at both events, the interval is zero. If neither can happen, the interval is space-like. When we speak of a body being present ‘at’ an event, we mean that the event occurs in the same place in space-time as one of the events which make up the history of the body; and when we say that two events occur at the same place in space-time, we mean that there is no event between them in the four-dimensional space-time order. All the events which happen to a man at a given moment (in his own time) are, in this sense, in one place; for example, if we are hearing a noise and seeing a colour simultaneously, our two perceptions are both in one place in space-time.”

She sipped her water, silently thankful that it hadn't left the cup in the near collision. "Temporal Mechanics is on level five, section nine. Would you like me to accompany you there?"

"I am knowing where it is, sir... ma'am... but I am not accessing it. TM is for secure Science personnel, and I am supposed to have access, but my codes are not working. I am thinking it is computer problem. When I see Lt D’Ras again I will ask her, please, to be correcting my codes, yes?”

The pair started to walk towards the nearest turbolift.

"I am somewhat suprised that Starfleet did not supply you with my image. If they had, I'm sure you would be able to tell that I am Lt D'Ras" she said, matter of factly. "I'm told my appearance is quite unusual. For a Vulcan, that is"

Serge nearly walked into a wall, "You? But you are being even more beautiful than the naked girl... woman... half woman... ALL woman... girl... Half naked woman! Not that I am thinking of you as being half naked, sir... ma'am. I did have your image but it is in my room. Not that I am meaning I keep your image in my room... I mean I am keeping it in my room, but not in a way that is unusual... not that I am saying people usually keep images of you in their room... I am just saying that I have picture of you and when half naked woman say she is being my commanding Officer I am thinking picture is wrong. And now I am finding picture is right... and that is a good thing."

Serge couldn't help him self. When he got nervous he dithered. And he had wanted so much to make a good impression on his superiors.

"Indeed?" T'Arjia kept her expression as neutral as she could, dispite Serge's nervous rambling. If she were Human, undoubtedly she wold have smiled or blushed, butshe was Vulcan and, as such, governed by cold hard logic. "It would suprise me if any crewmembers had my picture anywhere, besides in official materials, half-naked or otherwise. Of course, if they did, that is their perogative"

They arrived at the Temporal Mechanics Lab and Serge put his code in. The computer burbled:
Access Denied. Engineering codes do not grant access to secure Science Labs.

"Computer. Recognise T'Arjia D'Ras, autherisation Beta-Seven-Zulu. Unlock Temporal Mechanics lab" The computer chirped in response and the door before them both slid open. T'Arjia stood back and gestured to the door. "After you"

Serge went to move forward but then the memory of his mother gave him a resounding slap across the ears. He actually flinched. he stepped back and indicated for D'ras.

"Ladies first, I am thinking."

Once inside the Lab Serge went quickly to the sensor feed, "I have been detecting a nebula as we approached the station with very unusual Tachyon signature. I am thinking of looking at it closer..."

Remembering himself he suddenly stood straight and looked back at his commanding officer, "...but I do not know what duties I am supposed to be doing from you, Sir."

D'Ras walked over to one of the wall consoles and, activating it, started to search through the station's records on Serge and his assignment duties. "To be perfectly honest, I had not recieved word that you were coming. Quite probably a leftover glitch from that Borg infection that was perged recently" She stopped what she was doing and turned round "So, until I recieve full details, a cursory evaluation of that nebula would be a good place to start. Stellar phenomena is not a specialty of mine, so I shall leave it up to you on how to procede"



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