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Keeping The Lights On

Posted on Thu Nov 12th, 2009 @ 7:29am by Lieutenant Thomas Jenkins & Lieutenant JG Diego Echevarria & Lieutenant Michael Lake

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.

The old science station hung in space against what was once a mostly unexplored star system. Now it was a thriving metropolis of scientific and exploration making the Station almost redundant in its purpose. The only thing it was good for now was watching and waiting. Watching for anything that Starfleet needed to know about. The once proud Jupiter Class Starbase 611 was now no more than a listening post manned by a stalwart few that decided not to leave and make sure that the old girl's lights stayed on. Like an old Earth lighthouse directing ships away from danger in the night.

Admiral Beverly DeVuor stood in the centre of Operations watching as the few senior officers she had been permitted on the station filtered in nodding at her as they came. Yet again it was another weekly update meeting that she had long ago given up feeding to the crew in the ward room. There was never anything new too the meetings, and none of it was classified so it didn't matter if the two duty officers in Ops overheard.

Beverly placed her old withered hands down on the small PADD as she watched Commander Jenkins, her one time sordid lover, Commander Echevarria, the Stations Counselor and sector coordinator for Starfleets psychiatric division, Lieutenant Commander Tory Jackson, the Stations Chief Security Officer who also has the joy of overseeing the Operation's of the Station, Lieutenant Jenny Eckhart, Station Chief Engineer and finally Lieutenant Commander Annabelle Brenari her Chief Medical Officer.

She looked around the table and each of the faces was just as she remembered them, yet older, more weathered and in most cases more seasoned.
"Please all be seated!", she indicated the Operations table and plopped herself down at the head of the table.

Tory sat idly by while she waited for the Admiral to handing out her 'news', while she wandered again where those 20 years went, and why she never made it off the station.

Diego took the spectacles from his face, rubbing his eyes. Age had been the least kind to him when compared to everyone else present. Age and time and memories which had pressed upon him with relentless persistence. For all of that, here he still was. He patiently waited for Beverly to begin.

Rounding the table, Thomas placed a hand on Diego's shoulder as he passed and tiredly smiled at the man whose words'd had numerous impacts on his life over the last twenty years. As he smiled, the lines of age that had been creeping up on him were visible on the edges of his eyes. The man had always looked young for his age, and that had never changed; he regularly passed for a man in his early thirties, and he of course still occasionally used the misconception to his advantage with the female crew of passing ships. That said, as he gave Beverly a smile he reserved only for her, he could feel the age in his bones as he took the seat immediately to her right.

Annabella sat in her usual chair just like she always did. And as normal she had nothing to report other then the medical equipment had been correctly cataloged and counted, again.

Eagerly Jenny sat and squirmed into her seat. She was the newest and youngest crew on the Starbase, she was still finding her feet on the mammoth, yet tired station. It was strange location to be assigned where nothing really happened save for the dull job of eking out the last of the power out of the ancient equipment. She had learned the best approach to repair things on the station was to give it a firm kick or curse at it. Each seemed to have a decent affect.

Beverly looked around the gathering of people, and yet again the only one to look cheerful or remotely interested in the meeting was Lieutenant Jenny Eckhart. She was the Stations Chief Engineer and an unusual person she was. The most notable thing about her wold be the fact she still wore glasses. She claimed it was because she was allergic to retinex five, the usual medical procedure to correct any eye sight problems.

"We actually have some news to report today", Beverly sat back allowing the news that she had some news to wash over the group. "There has been a disturbance in the Majurn Ursala Nebula and I requested that the USS Farragut investigate", she waited for a few smiles to spread across the table first, "Yes, Captain Lorran is in the area and he'll be stopping by once his current assignment is over. We also have the USS Gambier in bound. Looks like were going to have a little crew reunion".

Annabella smiled at this. It had been a long time since they were all together just like the old times when Templar was the jewel in the task force's crown. Now she was fading away, nothing more then an oversized listeneing post.

Jenny perked up even more. She always enjoyed Lorran's company and those of his crew. She hadn't been a member of the crew long enough to remember the times when 611 was at its strongest but she had read the reports and drank in the information like she was dying of thirst. She wished she had known the crew and times they spoke so fondly of but they were now in the past slowly being covered by layers of dust and cobwebs. One day they would be forgotten completely which would be a great shame.

"That said. Anything else to report?"
Instantly she felt the good mood dip slightly as they came to the monotnous, standard part of the meeting were everyone tried to look interested and engaged by the standard reply's and preset reponces to the day to day running of the clapt out old station.

Annabella defleated futher and shook her head. Although Jenny also had nothing to report she shook her head with some gusto and continued to smile boardly.

Diego was next. Words weren't necessary here- they merely prolonged the monotony of what were becoming the most worthless of routines. He suspected every station that began on the blade's edge of known civilization began to dull the moment those borders moved past, leaving only the 'tranquility' of repetition and normalcy. It wouldn't have been so bad had Starfleet had enough of the sort of peoples who would thrive under such pedestrian condition.

He shook his head in response to Beverly's inquiry. He may have been old, but he knew he hadn't quite the outlook needed for an overlooked station lost in time.

Beverly pulled herself from the wandering thoughts as the crew gave the same reply's as they did every week before they came to the bit they all looked forward too. Nothing had changed this from last and everything was running as it always did.
"Very well. Dissmissed".



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