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The Truth, and Nothing But

Posted on Thu Nov 12th, 2009 @ 5:43am by Fleet Admiral Tal Navek & Commander Lorran Vos & Lieutenant Commander Jack Daniels & Lieutenant Helen Lyons [PNPC] & Ensign Charlie Johansson

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.
Location: USS Farragut, Sickbay
Timeline: Future

The Sovereign class vessel was as majestic as the last time he set foot on one before...whatever had happened to them. Many of the familiar sights aboard the starship were still relatively the same, although more modern and streamlined. This was the case in sickbay as well. As the team entered the room, a face that seemed familiar was there to greet them, although her expression was one of bewilderment. The security officer who was escorting them handed Helen a padd, explaining the recent situation and the test Captain Lorran was requesting be preformed. The security detail exited the room, but was waiting right outside. Zeek could tell by the look on Leanne's face that he should remember the woman standing in front of them, but for some reason he was still drawing a blank. As he glanced around the room, he caught the name plaque on the wall Lieutenant Commander Helen Lyons.

"I would say its been a while since we've seen each other, but from my point of view its only been a day or so." Zeek said to the Doctor.

“I thought this has all got to be some elaborate practical joke. Except that my eyes are clearly telling me it is not.” Helen replied to the Commander but she was staring at Leanne. Ulonova was the only person she really recognized from the group of people who had just been presented to her and she looked exactly the same as when Helen had last seen her in the 611 sick bay so long ago.

Captain Lorran drew close enough to Helen that they would not be overheard. "Doctor, I know who these people look like. Prophets help me I...I want it to be true, but we have to remain skeptical for now. Once you've performed the DNA tests and you've told me they are who they say they are, then we can celebrate. Until then, keep your guard up." he said.

Helen nodded. “Of course I will. It’s all just…a bit of a shock.”

"Vos, she can do her test, and you can start talking what the hell happened." Henk said a bit harshly. "I feel like i'm a prisoner instead of an Starfleet officer."

Zeek shot a disapproving look at Henk "Lieutenant, need I remind you that while we may not have a complete understanding of whats going on, Captain Lorran is still a superior officer and you would do well to remember that the next time you address him. Lets all just calm down and get this situated." He didn't enjoy pulling rank, but regardless of the situation, they were all still Starfleet officers and expected as such to uphold a certain level of professionalism.

Henk threw his hands up in frustration. He started to walk around sickbay. Just to pass the time, but also to vent off some steam.
"Why is this happening to me," Henk said soft to himself.

Captain Lorran gave Henk a measured look, one you might expect from a disappointed parent. It was strangely suitable on this new Vos' face. However, he didn't add to Zeek's rebuke. "Thank you for your cooperation, Commander Aerelon. Believe me, this is hard on all of us. As soon as we verify your identities we might be able to handle this on a more equal footing, but until then patience is the order of the day."

Leanne started looking around sickbay, there was some familiar equipment but a lot of it was new, strange pieces that she had never seen before. She resisted the urge to start playing around with everything. "Helen, do you want a hand with the DNA scan?"

Helen gave Leanne an apologetic smile. “No. Thank you. I think it best if you leave the testing to us.” She then turned and issued a few quick orders to the waiting medical personnel.

Leanne smiled at Helen, she continued to move around in sickbay admiring the shiny new equipment.

Just then the sickbay doors admitting Daniels, this Daniels carried himself with a strength of character the Daniels left on 611 didn't have. Not even sparing a glance at the new arrivals he headed straight for Captain Lorran "I've informed the Admiral of our delay, she was not... happy."

Daniels had just noticed Zeek and his party, instead of the shock that the rest had shown his face filled with a type of restrained rage that few would have thought him possible of.

"Thanks, Jack. I'll talk to her myself when we arrive." the Captain laid a friendly hand upon Daniels' shoulder and squeezed. They'd known each other for years and had developed a strong working relationship, so Vos could tell when his friend's mood suddenly turned cold. "Take command for me on the bridge. I want the senior staff in the observation lounge for a meeting in an hour. We'll discuss this further then."

Never taking his eyes of Commander Aerelon "Yes sir, I'll get right on that." Before anyone else could say anything he strode through the sickbay door, only taking his eyes off Zeek at the last possible moment.

Yet again, another familiar face who was burning holes through Zeek with his eyes. This was becoming a common feeling so he brushed it off and returned his attention to the tests. The medical staff collected DNA samples from the four officers, and was understandably taking a bit of time to verify their identities. After about five minutes, the computer made a varying array of bleeps signaling the medical staff that it was complete with its task.

Helen ran her fingers over the terminal to display the comparative results of the four DNA scans. All four were a 99.999999 percent match with the sequences stored on the personnel database. DNA identification was confirmed. Her hands shook as she uploaded the data to a PADD as Helen’s mind kept telling her she was seeing ghosts returning from the dead.

"Captain Lorran," Helen placed the PADD in Vos's hands. "Their DNA matches with the samples contained in the personnel database."

CJ turned to captain Lorran, "And why wouldn't they," he said trying to sound as formal as possible, "Captain your ship wasn't in the Federation database," he said remembering back to when Henk said they were twenty years in the future, he didn't know whether the people in front of him had deduced the same hypothesis but he knew if they were in the future they were in trouble. He got a glance at Commander Aerelon knowing he would probably get in trouble later down the line for the way he was acting but he couldn't restrain himself.

"Just who exactly are you people. How do we know you are who you say you are. Now that you've had your medical officer run tests on us maybe ours should test your blood".

"Thank you, Helen." Vos said before his eyes settled on the Ensign.

"Mister..." he looked down at the padd, "Johansson. The reason we will not be subjecting ourselves to DNA tests is because this is my ship and I say so. You'll just have to trust me when I tell you that this is a temporal problem. The reason the Farragut does not appear in your database is because your ship is twenty years out of date. You all are listed as missing in action and presumed dead. You disappeared along with the Kodiak in 2384 while on a mission. Some debris was later found by SB611's support ships, leading us to believe you had been killed by pirates active in the region. Obviously, you're not...and I suddenly feel like an old man." the Captain grinned in Leanne's direction.

"I apologize for our suspicion, but I attended your funerals...visited your families. To all of us you've been dead for two decades. My first instinct was that this was some sort of trick. I didn't want to hope that you might be real." Vos admitted.

"Ensign, lets all relax." Zeek said in the direction of CJ "I assume you'll want to hear our side of the story." Zeek said in Vos's direction "We did indeed come under attack by pirates. We were hit with some sort of warp field destabilizing device. The time it would have taken to reset the warp drive would have left us in pieces, so we made a run for a nebula. We waited a bit before emerging, to find you and your vessel." The usual pleasant tone in his voice was gone as all of his fears were realized. His family, friends, either gone or much older, all believed he was dead and gone.

Henk looked straight ahead. His father was dead, all of his friends where either dead or they had changed because of there age. Henk turned around and let his head rest against the wall.
With an outburst of pure rage and frustration Henk smashed his fist against the wall. his hand was a mess. You could see a lot of blood and some bones sticking out. Henk looked trembling at his hand. Now it hit him.
Although he tried to keep himself in line, He couldn't. Again he was stranded, and getting home was even harder

Helen immediately grabbed a medkit and rushed over. “Let me look at that,” she said gently. She could see his confusion, and who can blame him? Everything he knew was gone, it was like waking from a long-term coma only to find the world around you has changed. Tentatively she placed a hand on his shoulder, trying to give him some reassurance. “Please, let me help.”

Henk could only knod. His mind and body where both on different places. His eyes saw that Helen started to work on his hand. But his mind didn't register it.

CJ leaned back against a wall and slid down to the ground. He shared his CAG's feelings. So much would have happened in twenty years. His mother was she still alive if not then where would his sister be then his thoughts slipped back to Olivia. The woman he left in his quarters just a few hours twenty years ago.

"I apologize," he said hanging his head, "I was out of place, Commander, Captain," he said to Zeek and Vos. After a few moments he got to his feet and brushed off his uniform.

"So I'm just going to throw this out there because I know everyone here is thinking it. How did we get here but more importantly how do we get back," he said looking at the captain and commander respectively.

Zeek gave the Ensign a sad look "We'll have to go over the data from the Kodiak's sensors. Trust me Ensign we'll find out exactly how this happened. As for getting back..." He didn't want to dash the young man's hopes, but the reality that there was a way back, and that Starfleet would let them go back, was about as far from reality as he could see right now "...We'll work on that too. There's a time and place for it though. Right now, we all could do with some rest and time to let this sink in."

"Understood," CJ said nodding to his commander. He knew the commander was worried but he was positive that they would find a way back. They had to.

He tapped the young man on the shoulder, giving him a light smile. He then turned to Captain Lorran "I think at this point, it would be best if the lot of us could get some rest. Battle takes a toll on you, not to mention ending up in the future. I'm sure once Starfleet finds out about this, each of us will be interviewed thirty times over, so its better they rest while they can. If you don't mind though, I would like to speak with you in private. We've got twenty-three people who are now out of place in time, and right now they are still my responsibility." While his first time commanding something larger than a runabout was a total failure, he still felt a certain sense of responsibility towards his crew.

"You'll all be given guest quarters, but I'm afraid you will all be going nowhere without escort. In the event that we find a way to get you back home, and we will, I'd rather not have you go back with too much knowledge of the future. For the duration of your...stay here, the temporal prime directive is invoked." Vos explained. "Commander Aerelon, I'll see you in my ready room."

"Helen, see that everyone gets to their assigned quarters after they've been treated. Security will assist you." Captain Lorran said before leaving. He shot another glance back at Leanne before leading Zeek out of sickbay.



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