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Posted on Thu Nov 12th, 2009 @ 7:45am by Lieutenant Michael Lake & Lieutenant JG Jasmine Butler & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & Captain Jorvin

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.

Atsuko had been sealed away in her medical labs for several hours working on her personal projects, one of which was still looking at the recombined DNA of the virus that had so long ago afflicted Commodore Beverly DeVuor. She was still stuck on the fact that she thought the Virus could be adapted as a form of treatment for almost any illness that might infect a humanoid body.

Now however she had come up for some air, so to speak. She was making her way to the bridge, slowly weaving her way through the hallways of the USS Gambier. She had known the Captain for some time, and before he had risen to the rank of Captain both she and him had saved each others lives on more than one occasion. But things recently had not been the same as before. Admiral DeVuor hadn't seemed the same last time she had seen her and with Captain Lorran. The same could also be said for Captain Lake.

Now the Gambier was en-route to dock, having been on a deep space assignment for... She had forgotten how long.
Finally she stepped out onto the bridge and it was its usual bustle with activity. The Luna Class Starship maybe out of date, but she was still a very versatile Class of ship, not to dissimilar to the old Excelsior Class.

Commander Atsuko Kendo rounded the bridge, pushing a few strands of the now graying hair from her face.
"Captain", she said in greeting. "How long until we dock?"
She plopped down in the chair to the left of the Captain in a very casual manner, but after knowing each other for so long they could be nothing but casual.

Mike ran his fingers along his close shaven beard, then looked at the woman beside him. "About five minutes, Doctor." He kept it short and quiet.

"Commander Bailey, would you be interested in doing a manual docking?" He asked, noting that the ship was getting closer.

Micah looked at the Captain and said "Sure sounds like a plan to me."

He hit the com panel once he got an answer from his XO. "Lake to Engineering."

"Go ahead." Jasmine replied the moment her husband of 20 years came across the com, while repairing some faults with the warp core.

Mike circled the bridge. "We'll be docking with the Starbase very soon. Could you start up the engine docking protocols."

=^=Aye, Captain. Procedures will be engaged when we dock.=^=

Atsuko reclined in the chair allowing her tension to subside as the grand old Starbase came into view on the viewscreen. She looked older and more run down than in her hay day when both Captain Lake, Commander Butler and herself were crewing her. She had been vital and alive then. Now she looked no less grand, just old. Very few ships were buzzing around like they had been and most of the decks looked to be quiet and powered down.
The only new addition to the hull was a very sophisticated sensor and communications array. From what Atsuko could make out it was almost totally automated.
"Why do they have any crew left on her with that automated array. I don't understand. And why would the Admiral stay there?"

"My guess is sentiment" Micah said.

"People in this area still need to let their hair down now and again, Commander", Lt Air said from Helm. "Besides there are thousands of people trying to get into Starfleet. One less job on that station means one less cadet accepted into the accademy. I understand they are holding a Tactical seminar there this week. Booooring!"

Mike fixed his eyes on the Starbase again. "Commander, you have the reigns. Take us in."

Micah took a seat at the flight control station. He slowed the ship to 1/4 impulse and then just to thrusters as the got closer. He waited for an affirmation from the dock master about being able to dock and then took it in nice and slow. He lined it up nearly perfectly and initiated docking procedures. In a few seconds you could hear the stations clamps close in on the Gambier. "Hows that?" he asked.

"Keep that up and I'll be out of a job, Commander" Air smiled returning to Helm to lock down the functions

"Pretty good, Commander." He turned to his Operations officer on the other side of the bridge. "Ensign. Hail the Starbase."

"Aye, Captain." She replied, and opened a channel.

"Starbase 611, this is Captain Mike Lake," he paused for a moment. "Its... ah... good to be back."

After only a few seconds reprieve from talking with one old friend, another appeared over the com. "My god. Talk about the old war horse day."
Her smile was genuine and she almost felt like she was back in the good old days. Back when the station was still a buzz with the youth that now looked almost as old as she. "Commandant Harrison is in bound. May I request that you and your senior Officers are there in the Honor guard Captain?"

Mike nodded. "Sure, we'll be there. It'll be nice to see the Commandant again. And the rest of you."

"I look forward to your arrival. Six one one out".

Mike looked down at the console. The large scar that ran down his cheek standing out. He then looked back up to his XO. "Senior Officers, report to the within the next few hours to Station." That's when he slipped away to catch up with his old cronies.



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