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Introducing Vloc

Posted on Fri Nov 13th, 2009 @ 2:49pm by Lieutenant Commander Vloc Can & Lieutenant Michael Lake

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.
Location: Promenade

The sound of laughter coming from a table of Vulcan’s and Andorians is always a strange thing to behold. Particularly when the Vulcans in question are showing all the signs of affection you would expect form you humans.

The bar had few others in it now. The Klingon behind the bar was friendly enough, but there were not enough people to make it earn more than a break even amount. When Tory entered there was no one else in the bar expect for the table of four. One of the Vulcan’s looked up when she entered.

“Commander Jackson, please come and join us”, Captain Vloc Can signalled her over.

Tory reluctantly went to the group. "Yes?"

Vloc turned back to the Group, “Commander Jackson is the Station CTO and has agreed to us holding the Tactical Forum here. Commander, allow me to introduce, Commander Kaeth Mor’lei of the Andorian Alliance, his Chief Tactical Officer Angram, and this is my wife M’fanwey, Vulcan delegate to Risa.”

Tory smiled and gave the woman a nod. "How do you do."

Vloc sat took a drink of his iced water with lemon floating in it and smiled at Jackson. Kaeth leaned forward conspiratorially, “I was just about to ask Captain Vloc for a preliminary on his new Anti-Borg weapon.”

Vloc swilled his drink, “Well, of course, I will discuss it in detail during the symposium, but the short version is the Magnetic Resonator is a wonder. We too the Damocles up against a Borg Cube and walked away with minimal injuries. On a ship scale it just pulls thing apart. It is amazing to watch something so big fall apart as if it were sand.”

“How are the hand units working?”

“Not as well, unfortunately. They are having an effect on the Borg, but they are cumbersome and hard to manoeuvre. Unless the Borg walk straight down the barrel they are impossible to target. And there is some indication that use of them can be damaging to our own SI.”

M’fanwey interrupted, “Oh, your two are so boring once you get started. Commander, save me. Tell me a little about yourself.”

The woman in her late 40s tried to hide herself. "There isn't much to tell. I'm just the Tactical Chief."

M'fanwey patted her affectionately on the knee, "Oh, come now. YOu are going to have to do better than that, my dear. I haven't spent a quarter of a century on Risa without learning to read emotions. Vulcan's are telepathic too, you know. Tell me why you are CTO on this old station? WHy not out on the frontier somewhere?"

"Its simple. I just couldn't bring myself to leave, and once I got used to the station life, I didn't want to leave." She informed them. "And Admiral DeVour trusts me."

M'Fanwey raised an eyebrow, "I can see there is no danger of information leak, at least."

Vloc interupted, "Dear, I think you should leave the Commander. Humans can be very private people."

M'fanwey's smile flittered for a moment, "Yes, of course. I think I should turn in. It has been a long trip. Excuse me all of you."

As M'fanwey left the table a sombre mood seemed to settle over Vloc and the Andorians. Vloc became the regular clinical Vulcan again, "I understand there are a number of vessels to be paying us a visit in the next couple of days, Commander? In which case I think I shall retire too. I would want to put on our best face for the symposium."


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