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The Rumor (Backpost)

Posted on Sun Feb 15th, 2009 @ 11:31am by

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.
Location: Holodeck
Timeline: Before the annoucement

Eline was lying under her shuttle. She was working all day on fixing a engine problem.
Slowly she crawled back.
~I need a break~ she thought. ~Change of scenery. I will go for a walk on the holodeck~
She stood up and began to walk to the holodeck.

Along her route she crashed into Helen who had finally come off duty and was in desperate need of a shower after heaving the Klingon into the brig.
Staggering to keep herself up right she looked up to see who had walked into with a apology hanging on her lips. That instantly died when she saw it was her friend Eline.
"Of all the people I could collide into it had to be you," she laughed pulling her into an embrace. "Where you headed?" she asked releasing the other woman.

“I’m also glad to see you.” Eline laugh. “I’m going to the holodeck. Just for a walk. Got tired of being in the shuttle bay all day long. What happened to you?”
Eline looked at her friend that was covered in sweat. Like she just ran around the ship a dozen times.

Helen flapped her hand weakly across herself. "Dragging a stunned Klingon to the brig." she said off handily. "The best work out I've had for a while. Tell you what if you can wait long enough for me to shower I'll join you on that walk, then we can talk properly."

” Sure. See you outside holodeck 2 in 30 minutes?” Eline asked. “Think you can manage that?”

Helen laughed. "I'll be there in twenty nine!" she smiled heading off to her quarters.

***Thirty two minuets later outside holoheck two ***

"Alright, alright I know." Helen said stepping out from the turbo lift. "I'm late. I'm sorry. I had a fall out with the shower, then I couldn't find my shoes..."

Eline laughed.
“Your so disorganized. I’m surprised you could find you uniform.” Eline said. “Where do you want to walk? Central park in New York?”

"Yeah that sounds fine, but add in a bit a bustle will you? Sometimes working on a starship is so stifling. I miss the city life sometimes, oh and for god sake make sure its not raining unlike last time! It took me a week before I felt completely dry after that downpour last time we went for a walk."

“Come on, I wasn’t raining that hard.” Eline said laughing while She was typing he commands on the holodeck panel.
“It’s ready, sunny day lots of people. Just the way you like it.” Eline said.
The door opened and the singing of birds and talking of people filled the corridor.

Helen gave her friend a hard look before stepping inside and drawing a deep breath. Having grown up in the city not to hear the familiar sounds was strange a board the Genesis. It was moment like these that made her feel at home again.
"Would you like some ice cream?" Helen asked leading the way through the park where she had spent a lot of her younger life. The hologram was incredibly like the real thing and often made her forget she wasn't on a ship any longer, save the uniform they were wearing.

“Sure, I would like that.” Eline said.
They both went to the ice ream truck and ordered.
“Sorry, I don’t have any money.” Eline said. “Forgot to program it in the holodeck when we started. Sorry”

"Don't worry I'll get it." Helen dug from her pocket the change needed, thanked the man and carefully passed Eline her cone.
"So," she said licking her ice cream. "What made you want a change of scenery?"

“You know, looking at that grey shuttle bay all the time. I wanted something with more color.” Eline said. “And I wanted to relax.”

"You should try working in security with Miss Hot Head watching your every move. It's enough to make you quake in your boots." Helen sat on an empty bench contentedly licking the cone and enjoying the sights and sounds of the park.
"Still, from what I've heard she's had her wrist slapped for being out of line after accusing the lone survivor of the West Ridge of being a murderer."

"What?" Eline said sharply just managing to hold onto her ice cream. "A person is the only survivor and she accuse him of being a murderer? Then I don't mind if she got her ass whipped."

"Yeah, I don't know what his name is. But he's in sickbay looking worse for wear I understand and she asked him out right if he had killed them because the away team couldn't find anything. Considering the ordeal he's been through he'll say yes to anything if it meant he could have something decent to eat I expect."

"Or maybe guilt because he is the only survivor, and he now wants do die." Eline said soberly. "And how in the hell did you know this?"

Helen winked. "I have my ways. But how much of it rumor I don't know, Still we'll find out sooner or later."

"Well I heard that they sent down almost all crew for a search and rescue."Eline said. "My shuttle isn't going anywhere unless I can repair the engines. Or it will be a wild roller coaster ride."
Eline walked over the bench and sat down beside her friend.
"The only thing I heard is that the survivor is quite cute." Eline said with a smile. "Maybe I will go see him."

Helen coughed, chocking on her ice cream. "Trust you to think like that!" she spluttered. "You don't mind the fact that he could have killed all those people? You'll just interested if he looks cute! Only you would think like that! Besides, I don't think Miss Hot Head would let you go anywhere near him yet, unless you're lucky enough to go down the surface for that search and rescue. So, the Commander wants to send all of the crew down? Isn't that a little extreme? I mean, who would she leave behind on the ship?"

"As far as I know just a skeleton crew and the civilians will be left behind." Eline said not appearing to be even a touch concerned by the issue. "But Helen you know me, I fall in love with any good looking men. Maybe he is one of them. OK, the woman I slept with was only because I was drunk. I don't remember much of it."

This time Helen did drop her cone but did not laugh as it spattered onto her shoe. Her mouth as wide open with shock. "When did that happen! You never told me about it. I heard a rumor but I didn't think anything about it."

"On my going away party with some friends. Just before joining the academy" Eline said. "Good party, but a friend of mine brought me to her place because I was too drunk to look after myself. What happened, I will leave to you imagination."

Leaning closer so she could whisper into Eline's ear. "I hear some say the sex is better with a woman then a guy. Is that true?"
Then unable to keep a straight face Helen pulled away finally giving into her laughter.

"You know where my room is if you want to find out." Eline said with a smile resisting to laugh with her. "For the rest I don't want to talk about it."

Eline's comment made Helen choke on her own laughed and fought for air. A passerby gave the two woman a strange look but carried on his way.
"Alright," she gasped. "I won't mention it again in company anyway!"

"Good, otherwise I will have to kill you." Eline said with a smile. "Come on, let's go to Ten Forward get something to drink, No I will not get drunk."

Helen snorted and lead the way. "I'll be the judge of that!"


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