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Seeing Eye to Eye

Posted on Wed Nov 25th, 2009 @ 3:19am by Fleet Admiral Tal Navek & Commander Lorran Vos

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.
Location: USS Farragut, Ready Room

Much of what he saw on his journey to the Bridge did not surprise him. His time on the Hood was well spent, and the interior of this Sovereign class vessel did not differ much from the Hood. Little things here and there caught his eye, but the thing he noticed the most were how the crewmembers they passed by looked at him. The uniforms were...different to say the least, and reminded him a bit of the uniforms worn by the original Enterprise crew. The two made quick haste to Vos's office where the two men were finally alone to discuss the situation.

"Captain, I want to thank you for the bit of hospitality you've shown us since we arrived. I know this hasn't been easy on either your crew or mine." He said reflecting on some of the reactions that came out of sickbay.

Vos waved away the gratitude with an air of tired acceptance. "Sit down, Commander. You've had a busy day." he gestured to the couch off to the side of the room as he approached the replicator.

"Tarkelian tea, hot, hint of ginger, you blasted machine." he ordered. "Would you like anything, Zeek? Helen doesn't want me having coffee anymore. She says the caffeine is bad for my blood pressure. Can you believe it? I'm only fifty-five for heaven's sake. She's treating me like I'm a doddering old man. We've been friends for over twenty years and she's been my physician for just as long, so I know she has my best interests at heart, but I promise you, when she reaches her fiftieth birthday in three years, I am going to get her back for this." he chuckled. "Oh, but that's probably exactly what I look like to you, isn't it? To you I was thirty-five only a few days ago."

Vos sat down, giving Zeek a measuring look. "You haven't aged a single day since I last saw you...and Leanne...By the Prophets, that threw me for a loop. I was smitten with that girl and now she just shows back up and she's just as beautiful as I remember. More even." he sighed. "I tell you I've never actually felt old until the moment I saw her again, Zeek...but don't tell her I said so or I'll have you flogged." he smirked that same old smirk.

He smiled for the first time since arriving onboard "Heh, I'll make sure to keep my lips sealed. I'll just take a green tea, hot." He said in reply to the Captain's earlier question. "You think this is throwing you for a loop? We spend maybe twenty minutes total in that damned nebula, and it sent us twenty years into the future." He sighed "Look, you don't need to beat around the bush with me. Starfleet has always been Starfleet, twenty years won't change that. Do you remember the first Borg attack on Earth? A vessel by the name of the USS Bozeman was destroyed there. The unique thing about it was the original USS Bozeman, a Monitor class vessel from the early days of Starfleet was sitting idle as a museum. The crew on the one that was destroyed was the same as the one sitting as a museum. Starfleet didn't even give that crew a chance to return home, and while I appreciate the show of support, I'm truly hoping that the rules on that matter have changed."

"Regardless if they have or not, I'm curious as to what your plan for us is now?" He sat back on the couch after receiving his tea, leaving the Captain to answer.

"If it were up to me, I'd start working on a way to send all of you home right now. Timeline be damned..." Vos said, "but these past twenty years have been good to a lot of people. There's no telling what sending you back could do to *this* reality. Those guys in temporal mechanics would have simultaneous strokes just trying to wrap their minds around it." he scowled. "So, what we're going to do is continue on course to SB611. Beverly will make the decision, assuming the shiny brassholes at Starfleet don't cock it all up and pull rank on her. We haven't told anyone about you yet, so that should buy us some time before official orders are sent down to us. By then I certainly hope to have you all back to where you should be."

"Beverly is still on 611? Talk about a long assignment." He said before taking a sip of his tea "So much has changed, everyone is older, God knows who's gone..." He said feeling that some of those he knew may no longer be around anymore "You said the past twenty years have been good to a lot of people. I'm to assume then that the Federation is doing well?"

"Very well, in fact. With the peace treaty at the end of the war and a growing relationship with Odo's Changelings, exploration into the Gamma Quadrant has reached phenomenal heights. We haven't seen hide nor hair of the Borg in ten years. The Romulans don't give us much trouble anymore. The Krazzle keep to their space. New biotechnology based on that virus of Beverly's has done a lot of good in the fields of limb and organ replacement, burn treatment, and other areas thanks to Helen. It's a good time, if a little boring..." Vos smirked. "Still, who's to say it can't be better with you and the others in it like you were meant to be?"

"True." He said, pausing to take a sip of his tea "I guess we'll just have to make the most of it while we're here. If you don't mind, I'd like to return to the Kodiak. Maybe a little prodding to the sensors will shed a little light on exactly what happened?"

"Of course, Commander. I have to go tell my senior staff...something about all this." Vos smiled, but quickly sobered, turning serious. "We'll get you home, Zeek. I promise. If anyone in this future is on your side, it'll be us. So let's try to help one another however we can while you're here and make this reunion as painless as possible. Alright?"

He nodded "I agree. That being said, if we are truly serious about helping one another, I ask that you give, at least my officers, a little bit of freedom. Keeping them held up in guest quarters is probably driving them mad. I'll tell them to keep off the computers and stay out of critical areas, but just a chance to walk around might do them some good." Zeek was hoping that Vos would agree, the last thing he needed was his crew in a bad state of mind.

"They'll be given free reign of the holodecks, ten-forward, and the gym, but I'm afraid they'll have to be escorted anywhere else. The computer will alert me if anyone strays into an area they are not permitted. Will that be acceptable?" the Captain said after a pause.

"Sure, that will work." He responded

"Alright. If there's nothing else, Commander, I must attend a staff meeting. My own crew needs to remain up to date on this situation as well." Captain Lorran said as he stood.

"Very well. I'll be on the Kodiak's bridge if you need me." Zeek replied as he stood as well. With a nod from the Captain, Zeek exited the room, and headed down to the shuttlebay, his security escort in tow.



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