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Strained Reunion

Posted on Fri Nov 13th, 2009 @ 6:44pm by Lieutenant Michael Lake

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.
Location: SB 611- Ready Room

Mike hovered his finger over the door panel. He didn't feel very enthusiastic about being at the Starbase. Although he was glad that he had ducked running into anyone he had served with while he was on the Station all those years ago.
For some reason, his arm muscle flinched and his finger slammed into the doorbell. "Damn injuries!" He muttered, referencing the time he got blown up while he was the first officer of the USS Starfire.

"Come on in Captain". Beverly called through her ready room door. She had been looking forward to this for so long. Mike had been one of her longest standing crew members having served under her for almost ten years. He had gone from naive young ops officer and risen all the way through the ranks up too the heady heights of Captain.

Mike walked in on his partly bionic legs, it was more of a limp, but when he got to her, he gave her a fairly pained smile. "Hi, Beverly."

"Come here", she almost bellowed as she tottered across her ready room on her unstable legs from her war injuries. She scooped him into a hug that she reserved for her own son, her grandchildren and those who she considered her children.
"Its so good to see you again".

"Likewise. How have you been keeping?" He asked her.

She released the younger yet more mature than she remembered man from her vice like embrace. "The effects of the problem I had so many years ago is still plagueing me. That damned virus has taken part of my soul. I age a lot faster than most Humans now. I may be only fiftyeight, but physically my Doctors tell me thet I'm seventy eight."
She coughed slightly as she moved over to a chair to take a load of her feet. "But that dosen't stop this old buzzard from ticking".

Mike nodded. "Fair enough. You look better than I do though. I guess the murder of ones entire family, getting married twice, having 3 kids and few near death experiences will do that to someone."

"Mike", she said his name in a stern manner, snapping him back. "Don't be so cynical. Its been years since any of us have seen you and I don't want that moment soiled".
She paused for a moment to allow the uncomfortable instance to pass before changing the subject. "So my boy. How long are you in dock for?"

"A week at most. Jas wants to do some work on the Antimatter injectors and the phase inducers. She and her team will need some time." Mike informed her.

"Well, what about dinner tonight in the ward room. I'll gather together the old team from the station and you bring your senior staff that we knew from the old days. It would be nice to reminisce about the good old days". Her chuckled was genuine and probably the first for a while. Still it was good too see some old friends.

Mike kept his apprehension about seeing them again inward and gave the Admiral a simple, but convincing half smile. "We'll be there. It should be good to catch up with everyone, its been too long. Most of them I haven't seen for close to 15 years. Except for Diego, he was on Starbase 91 when I was there a few years ago when Pete was doing his Starfleet entrance exam."

"Good. Now, Captain. If you will excuse me, I have a meeting with my Chief Engineer in regards of repairs and upgrades for your systems", she paused as she lead him to the door. "It really was nice to see you again old friend".
She shook his hand before allowing him leave the room. Her honed senses were telling her that something wasn't right there and she intended to find the root cause. She hated to see her friends in pain.


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