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Old Guard

Posted on Tue Nov 17th, 2009 @ 10:23pm by Lieutenant Thomas Jenkins & Lieutenant Commander Jack Daniels

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.

Beverly for once was sat at the Ops table. It wasn't very often now that she took the time to stay in Ops. For some reason it always depressed her due to the lack of crew about her. The center was usually manned by one of the senior officers and two others. With a wry smile she thought back to the stations hay day. Ops would have been a bustle at this time of day with at least three senior officers on duty and almost ten other officers of some description rushing about keeping the jewel of the fleet in this area running smoothly. Now they had so few ships and travelers coming through that the station was almost closed. The promenade was a ghost town other than just a few shops still open.

"Admiral", a slight young blond women called from the communications board who's name escaped her. "We have a transmission coming inf from the USS Farragut. Commander Daniels for you".
Now a real smile spread across her lips as she looked around to find that for some unknown reason two other senior officers were pottering about in ops.
"Well blow me", she said aloud. "Just like old times. Bring it up on the main view screen Ensign".

Daniels appeared onscreen his demeanor was all business "Admiral the Farragut has unfortunately been delayed again, I'm afraid we can't give you an updated ETA".

"Confirmed Commander", Beverly then dropped the business attitude. "Anything we can help with. We have the USS Hope heading almost in your direction. We can have her redirect to meet you".

"That's a negative Admiral, we came across an unknown phenomenon picked up a few..." Jack's face hardened with disgust "Guests, and Captain Lorran wants to get them sorted before we move on."

"Would you care to elaborate Commander?" Beverly voice took on a hard tone informing the lower ranking officer that he either told her or he could expect to be captaining a garbage scow by the end of the week.

With the conversation peaking his interest, Commander Jenkins turned around from his current position eyeballing the Strategic Operations console - he rarely had the opportunity in recent years to watch the all-too-familiar sequences involved in having a ship docked at the station and couldn't help but gravitate to the console now that a ship had actually come in. He turned in time to hear the Captain's tone as she spoke to their former comrade. As he made his way to the Ops table, he gave Beverly a playful raised eyebrow. With the history the two had exchanged over the decades, he knew from that simple gesture she'd understand that he thought she was being motherly again, and should perhaps easy up on the man.

"Is that an order Admiral?" Seeing the determined glint in her eyes Daniels didn't even wait for a reply "We picked up what appears to be a Starfleet runabout, along with four persons matching Ensign Johansson, Lieutenant Ulonova, Lieutenant O'Brien and..." here Daniels had to once again steel himself to get the name out "Commander Aerelon".

"I'm in no mood for jokes Commander!"
Beverly voice turned icy and the assembled crew that knew about what had happened all those years ago fell silent, holding their collective breath. Something In is eyes told her that he wasn't joking, but instead that he was deadly serious.
"Your not joking are you Commander?" It was said as a statement and not posed as a question. "I want you at Starbase 611 now Commander. Head here at maximum speed. Do I make myself clear?"

Daniels pulled himself straighter before replying "Crystal Admiral, Farragut out", just like that the image of Daniels was replaced with the standard open star field.

The harsh tone of Admiral DeVuor was the scene that greeting Jenny when she returned to Ops. She looked between the aging woman and the familiar face of Commander Daniels on the viewscreen and wondered what they had said to give them such guarded and almost violent stares.
Neither looked as they were about to back down from an argument. Jenny slipped further in and bent to speak into Jenkins ear: "Whats going on?" she whispered.

Thomas stared almost blankly at the viewscreen. He'd never peg Jack as the type to pull a sick prank of this magnitude, so he was inclined to believe he was telling the truth. His gaze shifted from the screen to Beverly, and his emotions changed to concern - as they often did in recent years where Beverly was concerned. "It seems Lieutenant.." He paused as he searched for the best way to describe what was going on. "..It seems that Mr Daniels has seen a ghost."

Jenny blinked moving restlessly. "A ghost? Where, who? I don't understand."


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