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Making Noise

Posted on Fri Nov 20th, 2009 @ 8:29am by Force Marshal Livia Harrison & Lieutenant Michael Lake & Lieutenant JG Diego Echevarria & Lieutenant JG Jasmine Butler

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.

The Galaxy class starship was really showing her age as she dropped out of warp. Livia grew tired of having to pick the painting up off the wall of her office as they exited warp, so this time she let it rest where it fell.

=/="Commandant, we've arrived at Starbase 611"=/= A voice said over the comm.

"Very well, patch me through to Admiral DeVuor." She said as she hovered the chair that kept her mobile for the last ten years over to her desk. After a few minutes, the face of her old friend appeared

"Glad to see you again Commandant", she kept to the formal aspects of command as she greeted her superior officer. "We stand ready to receive you at docking port three". Then a wry smile crossed her face, "You could have warned us you were ahead of schedule!"

"I know we're a bit early, but warp drive isn't what it used to be. I'm ready to beam over whenever you are ready to receive me." Livia said with a smile.

"We stand ready Sir". Again she smiled, "I'm looking forward to seeing you again".

"Indeed. I will beam over in a moment. Harrison out." She said as she closed the comm link. She reached out and tapped the small panel on her desk "Harrison to Transporter Room 1, you are clear to energize." Livia waited a few moments before she felt the tingle of the transporter around her. She closed her eyes for a moment, and when she opened them, she was staring at the face of a long time friend. She smiled widely "Beverly, its very good to see you again."

Beverly heard someone call out to the assembled group of officers and friends, and the collective uniformed noise that came with a large group of people coming to attention sounded through the massive room.
"Commandant. Its lovely to see you in person again."
Beverly stepped forward to shake the hand of her old Commanding Officer, breaking slightly with the formality. "You remember my crew, some of which have moved on to other assignments despite my begging."

"Indeed." She replied "Please everyone, stand easy. Its nice to see you all again." She could tell her presence was making a few of the officers present nervous. "Jeez people, I'm two days away from retirement, lighten up a bit. Who's up for a drink, a toast even?"

Diego couldn't help but quip. "Only two days? That's long enough to make their lives a living hell should you be so inclined, dear Commandant. After all, 'It's darkest just before dawn.'"

"Commander, making a decision on what sort of dog I'm going to get takes priority over making anyone's life any sort of hell." She said with a slight chuckle

"Commandant. Its good to see you again." Mike said with a half smile, feeling slightly uncomfortable without the beard he shaved for the occasion; which he wore to hide a few scars.

"You as well Captain. Last time I saw you, you were still a fresh faced Commander." She said with a slight wink

"Was it that long ago?" Mike was surprised that it had been that long. "Do you remember my wife Jasmine?"

"Contrary to what you've been told, time does fly by Captain." She said with a smile "I believe I do, my memory isn't what it used to be, but wasn't she the Chief Engineer here a number of years ago?"

Jasmine gave the Commandant a nod. "Yes, I was Chief Engineer until Mike asked me to join his crew on the first Gambier. It is a pleasue to see you again."

Next in line was the station resiident if not a little redundant CMO Annabella Beraini and only resident non human, and beside her was Jenny smiled as boardly as ever. Politely the smiled and greeted the Commandant warmly, "Pleasure to see you again ma'am"

Livia returned the smile "Pleasure is all mine, great to see you again." Livia knew life on this station could get fairly boring at times, but these woman were always wearing a smile every time she visited, and it helped Livia lift her spirits. She nodded to the ensign that was carrying a tray of drinks, who began passing them out to the gathered officers. She raised her glass as the room grew silent "In the past twenty years, the Federation has achieved an unprecedented level of success. Relations with the Klingons have never been better, and for the first time we are truly considering the Romulans allies. We have recovered from the devastating war with the Borg, and we can sleep safe knowing that threat will never return. The road to this point was not an easy one to walk, and I believe as the survivors, we have a duty to honor those friends who have given everything to bring us where we are today. So today, we friends long past." She looked towards Beverly, who wore the same expression she herself was wearing.

As the toasts and 'here heres' rang out, Livia hovered over to Beverly "When you get a moment, we need to talk in private."

"We can steel away now if you like old friend", Beverly indicated for the two women to sneak out while the celebration began, which none of the gathered officers needed any encouraging to do given the lack of excitement that the station seemed to get.

"Indeed, lets do that." She said as the officers began to loosen up and mingle a bit more.


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