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Unraveling Mysteries

Posted on Wed Nov 25th, 2009 @ 3:11pm by Lieutenant Commander Jack Daniels & Commander Lorran Vos & Lieutenant Helen Lyons [PNPC]

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.
Location: Briefing Room

The observation lounge of the Farragut often doubled up as a mission briefing room because of isolation it gave. Currently it was full of all the ships department heads, Daniels had arrived the first and had watched each department trickle in.

Now they were just waiting for Captain Lorran and Doctor Lyons.

Helen knew she was running late and was not surprised to see that she was nearly the last to arrive. Settling their new ‘guests’ had taken longer than she anticipated and Helen still felt a little troubled by the whole event. She gave Jack a small nod as she took her seat near him.

Jack was seated to the right of the Captains seat at the head of the table, so deep into his thoughts he was that he nearly missed Helen's nod to him when she entered. He returned the gesture, but was quickly lost in his thoughts again.

Captain Lorran walked through the conference room doors from the bridge and waved his officers into their seats. He had a mug of tea in his hands, but it looked to have gone cold. He set it on the table as he sat down. Vos didn't speak for a moment, then leaned back in his chair. "Alright, people. I want your thoughts on this before I say anything. Helen?" he indicated that the doctor should speak first.

Helen rubbed a hand across her brow, unsure of where to begin.

“You warned me earlier today to keep my guard up - and I think until their story has been verified somehow that we should still do so. Their DNA identity has been confirmed but, what if they were somehow cloned with a memory implant …” Her voice trailed off.

“Please excuse me, I’m just clutching at straws here. My mind would prefer to believe THAT than to think they have been ‘caught in time’ for twenty years.”

It was at this point Jack decide to give his two sense "The data from the main sensors was inconclusive, a small temporal flux was recorded but we couldn't pin point a time of origin."

He let that little bit of information sink in for a moment before he continued on "We shouldn't rule out the possibility that it was a sensor ghost generated to give credibility to the idea that they have been displaced in time for 20 years."

“Of course that then begs the question as to who would want to go to all this trouble and why.” Helen glanced around the table, letting her eyes come to rest on Vos, she was burning with curiosity as to what he had to say about all this.

"At this point I'm not ruling out any options..." the Captain said, steepling his fingers on the table in front of him. "but I won't subscribe to the 'guilty until proven innocent' school of thought. Until we find out otherwise, these people are to be treated as exactly who they say they are and given all of the benefits and respect Starfleet officers and personnel are due. Most of us knew them, worked with them and lived with them. We have a duty to see that these people get back to where they belong."

Jack looked down at his clasped hands on the desk top, it was clear to see how unhappy he was with Vos's decision but at least he was able to maintain his professionalism and not question the Captains decision in front of the other officers.

Helen nodded. It was a fair statement but she still felt wary of the situation. Jack on the other hand was certainly not jumping for joy about the captain’s decision.

"Captain you should know that when I contacted 611 to inform them of the delay Admiral DeVour ordered me to reveal the reason for the delay. She's ordered us straight to 611", Jack could barley bring himself to look at Vos.

While it's true that Beverly had ordered him to tell her what was happening it was also true that he'd not put up more of a fight, to him it sat to much like a betrayal of confidences on his mind.

"All of you, dismissed. Commander, you stay." Vos said, his jaw set and his eyes fixed on his first officer.

Helen shot a worried glance between Jack and Vos before she rose to leave with the rest of the senior officers. There was an undercurrent running between them that even a blind man could see. She hoped it did not signal trouble between the two.

Jack kept his seat at the observation table, while he wouldn't look at Vos he had prepared himself to take what ever punishment the Captain might dish out.



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