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Trying to piece it together.

Posted on Sat Feb 14th, 2009 @ 8:49pm by

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.
Location: Sickbay/10 Forward
Timeline: Current

Leanne finished up her reports and filed them. The amount of paperwork that was associated being a Chief Medical Officer was overwhelming, duty rosters, supply requisitions, staff to patient service time ratio reports.. the list went on and on. Leanne turned off her desk light and headed for the door. He shift was finally over and she wanted to go and unwind, on top of all of the things going on with the current mission, it had been an overly busy day. She was just about to leave when a nurse stopped her on the way out.

"Doctor, is there anything else before you leave for the night?" The nurse stood there with a PADD in her hand. Leanne took it gave a quick glance over it then handed it back.

"Make sure that Mr. O'Brien is taken care of." She looked over at him as he slept on the biobed then headed out of sickbay towards her room.

As she walked the corridors to her room she played out the events of this mission so far in her head, a colony ship with 700 people lands on the planet, they disappear and Henk is the only one left. Ancient temples, and hyroglyphics and pyramids... she remembered an anecdote from when she was little of building things on ancient Indian burial grounds, maybe that is what happened with the colony, they stumbled upon some ancient cultures land and now their ghosts came to seek revenge on them for desecrating their remains. She kind of laughed about how ridiculous that sounded but it would make a good holonovel.

Leanne pushed the button on her door and walked in. Raymond was sitting on one of the tables in her room, he meowed at her and ran over to her. She picked him up and gave him a hug. "Hi Raymond! I'm glad you decided to come out from under the cabinets." She put him down and put some food out which he happily scarfed down. Looking around she had almost forgotten how empty it was, the only personal items in the room was the things that she had brought with her. "Raymond, I think I'm going to go and get something to eat. Be a good kitty." Leanne grabbed a Padd and headed down to the lounge.

As Leanne walked through the corridors, she started to think that maybe the idea of ancient burial grounds wasn't as crazy as it first sounded. Stranger things have happened. As the turbo lift door opened the Doctor stepped in, and stood next to an ensign. "Lounge" the turbolift remained stationary, "Lounge please?" the turbolift continued to be resolute in its ambition to remain right where it was, she forgot that locations on a ship where different then on a base. As added salt in the wound the "friendly" computer voice could be heard. "Location not known" Leanne looked at the ensign and started to blush... "Excuse me.. where can I get some food?"

"10 forward is probably going to be your best option.. the other places on this ship are a little questionable.. I mean.. It is edible.. but... just take my word for it. That is where I am headed now"

"Ohh.. well thank you. Computer 10 Forward" The turbo lift started moving and in a few moments Leanne and the Ensign had reached the corridor in front of 10 forward. They walked in together and the ensign walked over to the people he was meeting. The Doctor took a seat in the back of the room by one of the windows and sat down looking over the menu. A waiter came over took her order then left her alone. She started looking over all the information that she had and tried to piece any of it together.


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