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New friends?

Posted on Tue Dec 1st, 2009 @ 10:44pm by Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & James Miller & Kyle Bowman & Captain Jorvin

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.
Location: Klingon Ambassador's Offices
Timeline: The past


After Jones left a new face approached the table. The Klingon woman stood all of 6’4”. She smiled in a way that was most un-reassuring.

“Good evening gentlemen. I wonder if I might have a word with all of you in private. Especially you,” she said pointing to Martok.

Lottie tilted her face upward and felt a touch of colour drain from it. That was a very imposing woman...

"What do you want with me?" Martok asked.

Kyle turned his head, looking at the tall Klingon woman. He sipped his drink and kept quiet.

Shrive tilted his head to the side, as if to analyze the Klingon. "I don't think we've been properly introduced, but let me assure you that we have business to attend to, and pink washes out easily from my clothing."

“Perhaps I didn’t express myself clearly. If you want to leave this station alive, with your ship intact, you will accompany me now. If you do not, then my Vor’cha will rip you to pieces before you even get to the docking ring.”

She lifted her hand to get Martok’s attention, “And before you try any more of your tricks a localised containment field is VERY easy to create on this station. They stopped the Borg in their tracks, they can stop you. So why don’t we try again as friendly business people?”

The Andorian sneered at the woman. "I don't take kindly to implied threats, woman. We'll listen to your proposition, but don't expect it to fall upon sympathetic ears."

Haqtaj sneered back, "Oh there was no implied threat. It was an honest and open one."

"Threaten me all you want, But if you do anything to either myself, my crewmates or our ships I will have you thrown into a Federation penal colony faster than you can say Quapla." Martok replied.

Haqtaj's smile never waivered, "Really? I wonder which of us would get a better response from teh Federation right now? You with your track record of violence and a number of outstanding warrents, or me an honoured guest, with diplomatic immunity and the representative of a close and violent stellar power?"

Normally unfazed Lottie swallowed hard and decided several seconds ago the moment the Klingon woman had arrived she would follow the rest of her crew to avoid leaving the station in small pieces

Kyle looked to Shrive with a sigh, what had they got into now? he thought.

She led them to a large room that was decked in Klingon regalia. There were no chairs except for one at the far end of the room which the Klingon woman threw her mantle onto, “Introductions first. I am Ambassador Haqtaj, of the House of Matlh. I have been an Admiral of the Fleet during the Dominion war, and led over 46 ships into battle. Now I am ambassador for the Klingon people here.”

“This leaves me with a problem,” She said turning to Martok. “I am the spokesperson for all Klingons on this station. I am convincing Starfleet to let us carry our dk’tahg at the very least. In response, I see to it that we don’t have issues with Klingons breaking out in fights on the promenade. It brings dishonour to me, my house, and my people.”

“So I am going to ask you nicely, once, to go to Lt Cmdr Kristina Mason and apologise for the disruption.”

"I am not Klingon so you do not represent me or my people." Martok said. "And as for your security chief she needs to learn to stay out of a fight."

Lottie now felt her cheeks rise with a flush of embarrassment. Had Martok just sealed them into a death that involved the fiery security chief and a prison cell with a long sentence?

Kyle Just laughed.

"You can tell the coward pinkskin to kiss my ass if she expects us to grovel to her," Shrive stated non chalantly.

Haqtaj feign mock surprise, “Oh, no the nasty Klingon and Andorian has been all tough and brutish and won't do what I say? Oh, boo hoo, what will I…”

The blow came from nowhere. With her left hand she delivered such force to Martok’s head it lifted him off his feet and dropped him on the ground. With her right she drew her knife and levelled it at Shrive.

“Don’t mistake me for a Federation clown! If I want to kill you all here and pump your body into space no one on the station is going to blink an eye.”

She quickly replaces her weapon, “However, there are significant business opportunities to be had through compliance.”

Martok rubbed his jaw. The blow had been brutal but he knew it was not an uncommon attack amongst Klingons and designed merely to assert authority. If she had wanted to hurt him she would have aimed for his throat.

The sound of flesh hitting flesh was Lottie's cue. Quickly with a well practiced hand she loosed a hidden firearm and held it steadly at the Klingon woman carefully balancing Shrive's chin on its tip. When the knife was withdrawn Lottie hand lowered too but her guard as not yet relaxed.

"I'll have your head ridges on my mantle, woman. Tell me now why I shouldn't simply kill you and every damned pinkblood on this station?"

Haqtaj laughed aloud, "Why? Because you can't. Because you are a petty brigand with delusions of grandure up against one of the finest military leaders of the time, you big mouthed blue stain! Oh sure, you have been in the Andorian military for eight whole years. The same fabled Andorian military that folded and crumbled under the Dominion while WE held them at bay!"

She smiled agan, "And because you want my money more than you want to spill blood, or you are in the wrong line of work."

Kyle had moved to the back of the group, and was watching with interest. He didn't care how this turned out, as long as it was interesting. Besides, if all else failed he had two knives hidden up his sleeves if he needed them.

Barely containing his seething rage, Tyl'Varas whispered, "Speak one more insult of the honor of myself or my people, and through death or not, I swear that I will assure you that your rank and titles mean nothing more than lyrics of a song in your people's history... to hell with your theatrics, and speak your damned proposition."

Haqtaj knew she had their attention. Money spoke louder than violence with these traders.

“Here is what I can do for you. I have the opportunity of trading in rare and exotic Klingon foods, as well as a supply of the genuine articles. Real Blood Wine, not this synthetic Hom they export to tourists. Gagh that has taste and a will to fight back. I have a supplier on the Homeworld with regular shipments just waiting a transport vessel. I will also have a number of other… unusual items I will require that I doubt Starfleet will approve of. A regular income, with bonuses for special trades.”

“I also know that the computers here have undergone some major surgery of late, and in the process certain files, personnel records and such, have gone missing. It would be easy for someone with the right access to arrange for certain additional records to go missing, such as outstanding warrants.”

“All I ask in return is two things. One, you apologise to Lt Cmdr Mason and two, you behave yourself when you are here.”

“Now I doubt any of you has the spine… I mean, authority, to accept my offer without running to your captain first. If I need to talk to him instead I will.”

"Do not speak down to me as if I were a dog, woman. While you may not think much of Andorians, I assure you that it is your own downfall to underestimate us. If Martok intends to apologize, then that is his own perogative. As I said before, I owe her nothing."

Haqtaj knew when not to push something too far so she changed tack, "Then you agree that honour to ones race and ones position is important? You think that as an Andorian any ill I speak of them is a direct challenge to you and you have the right to punish it? If I feel Martok has insulted the Klingon people through his actions, then you would support me in my blood right to challenge him?"

She looked at Martok, "I do not challenge you. You broke no Klingon code of conduct. However, you come on this station as a guest of the Federation, and as a representative of our people. If you damage the bond that I am working to establish here you damage our people's honour and reputation. So, again, I ASK you to appologise to Mason for the disruption."

"As for you, Andorian, you are Federation, I am not. The way you choose to represent your people to other members of the Fedration is your own business. But they will judge you as beneath contempt if that is all you have for them."

The Andorian was absolutely fuming. "How dare you speak as if you know my people. Your breed should consider itself lucky that the Klingon Empire never earned the enmity of the Imperial Guard. I am not Federation. I do not respect the Federation, only a few that serve beneath its banner. If the cowardly pinkskin wants my respect, she can earn it herself. And don't think that I'll forget about your petty extortion. Ever."

Haqtaj shook her head, "You really are an incredibly short sighted individual. Andoria is one of the Federation members. It has declared its allegiance and support for the Federation. If you do not, then it is you, not I who are dishonouring the will of your people. And if all you can see in my offer is extortion, then you have little grasp of potential profit. I will have to give the job to the Ferrengi. That is a shame. I would much rather give it to a crew who could demonstrate wisdom than honour; a crew who know when to be diplomatic as well as beligerant."

"It's a good thing that the decisions is not mine to make. I do not bow to insolent whelps that are unable, most likely due to poor breeding, to offer business like a civilized creature. You've clearly made a poor assumption, and if I have my say in it, you will pay for it dearly. I've had enough of this joke." Shrive did not look amused.

“I do hope we can be friends. I would hate to think that the SS Warden did not want to be friends with the Klingon people. I would like to think that, if you came under attack from pirates near the Klingon border, then you could be assured of Klingon support. Space can be such a dangerous place.”

"A fact that you should take to heart yourself, woman." Shrive simply glared at the klingon.

Haqtaj ignored him. She had decided Shrive was all bluster and talked to make himself feel good. She would wait for the captain's answer, or for them to attempt to leave.

Having only run one mission with the Warden crew Lottie thew they all carried a strong streak of pride buried deeply inside each of them. The likelihood of them apologising to this Mason woman was as likely as they were to help the federation in diplomatic crisis. It would simply never happen.

“One last thing. Martok, you know the house of Gortok to be one with honour. J’ral’s attack was merited, but the place was not. Would you like me to arrange a meeting where you can resolve your conflict to a more satisfactory level?”

"Ambassador." Martok said. "It is now my turn to talk. First off if you ever lay a hand on me again your head will be mounted over my bunk on the Warden. Secondly I am not now nor have I ever been a Klingon. Any fool should be able to tell that. Look at my ears. I am part Romulan. Actually I am Chal. That means I answer to my people and our Ambassador to the Federation. You have no say so in me or whaat I do. As for J'ral I should have killed him when I had the chance. And your female security officer needs to learn her place in the Universe and stay out of fights that she can't handle."

Haqtaj tune changed markedly, "Ah, Martok, I am well aware of your lineage, and have been dealing with Romulans since before you were born, so I do know that they have a VERY storng sense of ethics. They believe there is a right and wrong way and are fanatical about it in ways the Federation would only dream of."

"Hah" Martok laughed. "Before I was born. Ambassador I am over 130 years old. I had already been serving in the Chal military for 70 years when you were born. I am part Romulan, and Part Klingon, but I hold neither Empire responsible for what I choose to do. The Chal were trained warriors not trained diplomats. I am sure that that is something you could understand." Martok said gruffly.

Haqtaj nodded, "I understand war, and I understand Honour. One with out the other is meaningless. Do you believe yourself to be acting honourably, or does it hold no value to you now?"

Do not speak too me about honor Klingon dog. Your people did not show honor when they worked with the Romulans to create the Chal. But thats beside the point. I was acting honorably when I punished J'ral for his actions against me. The Starfleet woman just got in the way."

"So, let me ask you this. If a dignitary from the Andorians were to come on board as a passenger, and then spent the time aboard picking fights, would you let them get away with it? I think not. I imagine the punishment would be far harsher than a request for an appology, and you would not be offering to do business with them afterwards. Am I right?"

"Well, it looks like I am far more advanced and understanding than you are. I don't need you blood, or to publicly humiliate you. I need you to convince Lt Cmdr Mason that she will not have further issues when you come to the station. A simple appology willdo. It will even encourage others from this station to WANT to trade with you."

"But if your bluster, and arrogance, and macho showmanship is so important to you that you cannot find a way to appologise to someone who maintains security so you can conduct your trade... WE have nothing more to say to each other. Please address the rest of your blusters in writing so I can ignore them at my convinience."

The muscels in Lottie's arm twiched. This woman was slippery to be bunt, she didn't turst her one bit.

“Gentlemen, lady, I look forward to your captain’s answer. Don’t let me detain you further.”

Shrive spit towards the floor. "Matlh, right? I assure you that I won't forget your hospitality." Glancing at the rest of the crew, he said, "Let us not waste anymore time of this pinkblooded mongrel's time." Turning abruptly, he started off.

Kyle followed the rest of the crew out of the room. He hadn't liked that conversation, and was glad it was over. He looked behind him, and watched the ambassador’s smile as the door closed. It had been a while since he had seen anything like it, and hoped it would be a while before he saw anything like it again.

Once they had made some space away from the Klingon, he spoke to the Warden crew. "Martok, it is your choice on how you would like to handle her issues. Lottie, pass the message onto the captain. I'm going to go back to the ship. Before I kill something."

"I see no need to apologize to the woman." Martok said. "However, it would be benifical to the Warden if I did apologize. I will think on it before I decide for sure."


OOC: Okay it looks like everyone has said their bit here. I will leave it up to you guys to do seperate JP with Jones and (if Martok decides) with Mason. Thanks for joining in guys, it was quite a ride!


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