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The General's arival

Posted on Thu Nov 26th, 2009 @ 8:59am by Captain Jorvin

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.

Jorvin had long sense left Starbase 611 as he had advanced in the ranks to that of General. He had his own battalion now and was the 2xo of the Corps. He was currently out on "boarder patrol" in the Gamma quad patrolling the border with the Dominion, they had been acting up again lately. He had a secret base located in an asteroid field near the boarder. Due to peace with the Romulans the Federation had develop cloaking technology and the entire base, including the 5 ships hidden there, were all cloaked. The base had some of the Fleets finest long range sensor technology as was diligently watching over the Dominion. Jorvin had just walked into the Command Center when he received a message from Admiral Devour.

Beverly's face appeared on screen, not quite wearing her normal smile and pleaseant appearance. "General, I wish I had less troubleing news to contact you about, but I need you to change course and head directly for Starbase 611. We have a situation arising and we may need some muscle in on the station to help us deal with it. We found them!"

"You found them?" Jorvin exclaimed. "Where? How? Are they ok?"

She knew that Jorvin had developed a decent friendship with some of the away team, even if he was more of the outsider during those days, even so, he deserved to know and truth be told, she wanted him on hand, just in case.
"Zeek, Leanne, Henk and Charlie".

'i'll be there as soon as I can." Jorvin replied.

For what its worth Jorvin, its good too see you again".
With that the screen went black as Beverlys greying visage vanished.

After the Admiral had left Jorvin turned to his XO and said prepare the J'harl, a Romulan Protector class vessel on a fleet exchange program for the mission. It was also the fastest ship at the base. "Aye sir" came the XO's response.

A short time later Jorvin was aboard the J'ral and on his way back to the 611. The ship was cloaked and traveling at warp 9. It would still be several hours before Jorvin returned to his old friends and comrades.

When the J'harl arrived at the station Jorvin ordered it decloaked and a channel opened to the Admiral.

"Permission to come aboard Admiral" Jorvin said with a smile.

It had been so long, and yet he looked no diferent than the first time she had seen him. He had crossed the traiing center back on Genesis with a spring in his step, and now twenty years on, that same spring was still present.
"Jorvin... Its good too see you again. And of course you can come aboard".

"I'll meet you in the transporter room?" Jorvin said.

"Already waiting for you General", she laughed, more excited about embracing her old friend than discussing the situation that had risen.

When he rematerialized on the station Beverly was there to meet him and to brief him on the situation.

"Walk with me General", she said, after scooping her friend into a hug. "We have much to discuss. Sufficed to say that the Farragut is on route as we speak. Starfleet will attempt to stop us from doing what will be needed. I'm going to need your muscle and your kind heart to win this day".
The two walked off down the corridor, talking in hushed tones, planning to defy the temporal prime directive and save some old friends, if they really were who they say they were.


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