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Racing Shadows

Posted on Fri Feb 20th, 2009 @ 12:42am by

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.

Beverly sat on the bridge, the night shift coming to an end. She had been unable to rest all evening, instead she had taken to sitting on the bridge, watching the planet. Waiting for it to surrender its secrets, to bare all it had with out regret. Instead it remained silent, quiet and serene.
The graphic on the main view screen depicted the location and estimated route of the storm front, within twelve hours it would hit the landing site, and possibly wash away all evidence that might exist.
Her thoughts were churning, turbulent, raging like an ocean of fire. Time was running out, and she still had more questions than answers. Her mind was set, the time to act was now.

She stood and walked over to her duty ops officer. "Ensign, what is the time?".
He was young, too young in appearance. "Its zero eight thirty hours ma'am".
It was late enough, all of her officers would be awake and soon moving to their duty stations.
"Put me on ship wide Ensign".

After a few moments the ship wide announcement went out. She took a steadying breath and then began.
"This is Commander DeVuor. We have a dire situation on our hands, and seven hundred lives hang in the balance. It is my determination that this ship and crew are to discover the reasons behind the disappearance of these colonists", she paused for a moment, choosing her words carefully. "I have discussed the matter with Commander Lorran, and the decision is to leave a skeleton crew on Genesis to safe guard the lives of the civilian population. The remaining crew members will be transported to the planet and assigned teams. A systematic search of the planet will then follow. The senior officers will remain at the landing site to coordinate the search, as well as uncover the secrets behind the ruins", a proud glow entered her voice, "I believe that on this ship, we have one of the finest crews ever assembled. We are stronger together than apart, and my honest opinion is that we will uncover the truth. Officers remaining on the ship have already been assigned, all other personnel are to report to the nearest transporter room or cargo transporter, including myself", again she paused, patting the surprised operations officer on the shoulder. "You all have your orders".

With a simple nod the intercom went dead and she turned towards the nervous Ensign. He looked her straight in the eye, and unafraid, asked her out right. "Commander, is it wise you beaming down".
"Probably not, but to answer my own questions I have too", now she smiled. "Do you have any command experience Ensign?".
He shook his head, convinced he was about to gain some experience.
"Well Ensign, there is a first time for everything. You have the bridge".
His eyes dilated, and his mouth went dry as Beverly strode across the bridge and into the turbo lift. Now was the time to go racing shadows.


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