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New Problems

Posted on Sat Dec 5th, 2009 @ 9:26am by Lieutenant JG T'Arjia D'Ras & Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & Force Marshal Livia Harrison & Lieutenant JG Diego Echevarria & Captain Jorvin

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.

Starbase 611

Beverly strode into Ops, General Jorvin close on her heel and the whole of Ops saw her enter. Something was different about her step, more confident, like it was several years ago not as it had been.
"Commander Jenkins, assemble the senior staff and get Commandant Harrison there as well. Ten minuets in the ward room".
Her stride didn't diminish as she marched through Ops.

Jorvin silently followed his former CO on her way through ops.

The Admiral rounded Ops and entered the door at the far side entering the ward room, or as it should be known the Observation Lounge. She took her seat at the head of the table, possibilities still running round her mind when one hit her. She tapped her com badge.
"DeVuor to Jenkins. Get Deep Space Eighteen on the horn. I need to talk to Captain T'Arjia. Pipe it through here and she can be in on the briefing".

Jorvin walked in and took a seat to the left of the Admiral.

It took only a moment for the call to go through and just a few seconds later the face of one of her best officers appeared on the screen. It was more scarred than she would have remembered, but you could still make out the same heart beating at the core of this unique individual.
"Captain. You may want to assemble your senior staff. We have a situation and we need your help".

Deep Space 18

T'Arjia frowned slightly at the viewscreen image of the weathered Admiral looking more alive than she had done in the last 20 years. "Of course, Admiral. It must be quite a problem if you need my staff as well". She tapped her combadge. =/=Cheif Jrez, Commander Moshchanost, please report to my office for a conferance =/=

=/= I'm just up, Sir. I will be to you in two minutes. Moshchanost out. =/=
Now that his superior officer had spoken, Jrez was free to reply.
=/= Jrez here,=/=
No reply. Damn! After twenty years you'd think you'd remember to tap your commbadge first! He tried again. The tap was sharp and deliberate. =/= Jrez here. On my way, M'am. Jrez out. =/=

Serge and Jrez arrive in Ops together. Serge moves quickly to T'Arjia's side. He can tell by Beverly's face that this is not a social get together despite the myriad of faces he recognises.

"Good Morning, Admiral. How can DS18 be of service?"

Starbase 611

The call came as a welcomed relief to Annabella who gladly turned away from the data padd she had already read twice that morning. She was a touch surprised to see in the turbolift was the youthful face of Jenny Heatlet beaming ear to ear. This was possibly the most activity beyond the running repairs the younger woman had seen for while and privately Annabella agreed.

"I wonder if its true?" Jenny asked as the lift rose breaking the silence.

Bella's brow knitted. "Is that true?"

"You mean you don't know?" Jenny as astounded her voice quivered with excitement.

Again Bella shook her head her frown deepening.

Pushing the glasses higher upon her nose Jenny rattled quickly so fast that she fought for breath. "I was in ops when the Farragut made contact. As nice as it was to see Daniels again he looked far from happy. Naturally the Admiral asked what was the matter and why they were delaying from making dock. And he said with a cypict look 'We've picked up some guests'. The admiral had to wrestle it from him but she said they've found a runabout with persons matching Ensign Johansson, Lieutenant Ulonova, Lieutenant O'Brien and Commander Aerelon!"

In surprise Annabella blinked staring at the engineer as if she was lying for this sounded too strange to be true. "Is there any way you could have misheard?"

Too innocent to realise that the Doctor was doubting her Jenny answered honestly, "No, not a change , and to top that off Commandant Harrison has arrived too! If that's not suspicious I don't know what is."

Indeed the arrival of another high standing member of starfleet at this run down listening port certain raised a few questions. The lift came to a halt sealing off the women chance to contined to discuss this further, what ever the briefing was about the would soon discover it.

In the doorway to the barely used ward open and gapped at the gathered crew, their eyes drawn to the narrow face of T'Arjia occupying the viewscreen. What ever this about, it certainly wasn't going to be smooth or pleasant.

Livia made her way to Ops, becoming increasingly frustrated with having to tell crewmembers to stand at ease. With the news of her long lost friend's return, she decided to extend her trip and ensure they made it back home. Her retirement could wait. She hovered close to Beverly and waited for her to announce the news.

Nobody noticed Diego enter and remain somewhat in the back of all the gathering. It was the norm- nobody ever truly noticed Diego make an appearance... until he made his own presence known.

Now with all of her most trusted friends and colleagues in the room, as well as Jenny, Beverly turned her gaze to the assembled crew as well as the assembled crew on the other side of the comm link.
"We have a situation arising. T'Arjia we are sending you all the information that we have about this now."
She paused for a moment to gather the errant thoughts that were playing like snow flakes falling through the branches of a tree.
"Twenty years ago, as most of you know, Doctor Ulonova, Commander Aerelon and Mister O'Brien as well as a new crew member who's name eludes me at the moment vanished without a trace. Well, Captain Lorran Vos of the USS Farragut may have uncovered what happened to them".

She allowed a moment for the information to sink in, watching the faces of those that had known and been friends with the people just mentioned.
"The Farragut is en route to Starbase 611 as we speak and they should be docking within the next few hours. They are carrying four temporally displaced, by all accounts, friends of ours."
Now the faces changed as the information sank in, as all of the small snippets of information fell into place like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.
"Annabelle I want the medical facility's running at top efficiency to do a detailed genetic evaluation of them once they arrive. We might be outdated here, but our medical tec is still second to none in the fleet. Jenny, I want you to run a full batch of investigations, diagnostic to ascertain the origins of their runabout. If that means tearing it apart, piece by piece then so be it."

Now she turned her face to the small screen at the end of the Ward Room. "T'Arjia, we have no scientific capabilities left on the station. Your only three hours away at Warp eight. Could you get a team of your best people to the station as soon as possible. Were going to need you. Thomas, Diego", she turned to face the two oldest friends she still had on the station. "I want you two to acclimate the four of them into this time line. Bring them up to speed with whats happened over the last two years, but for the moment do not mention anything before that. If we are able to return them then I don't want to contaminate the time line".

While DeVour turned away both Bella and Jenny nodded still felling as if this was a dream.

Her last words hurt her as all she wanted was to save the ones that no longer were around. "General Jorvin, you can see were this may be going. We may need your people to help maintain order on the station. I intend to return these people to their own time but it may mean going up against our own people. My report has been sent in to Starfleet and they have advised me that they are sending a specialist out to assist us. Things may end up getting difficult".
She finally fell silent, waiting for the thoughts and comments to come from the gathered officers.

"Aye Admiral." Jorvin said. I will have a small troop detail beamed over and put on alert."

Serge's voic came over the link, "Admiral, if I may, was the ship, by any chance, found in a nebula in the Tuvan System?"

"I don't have the specific information all I know is that they were found in a Nebula". She looked at the man, raking her brain to remember him. His face was familiar, but she couldn't place the name.

When Bev confirmed it Serge glanced at Jrez before continuing, "Then there is a VERY high chance it is indeed the people we lost on the Kodiak, and I believe we may have a way to get them back. I won't talk about it on air though."

Jrez’s mouth was open, all ready to speak. Confirmation would help a lot of people but.... Twenty years was a long time; relatives and friends had closed that chapter of their lives. He had nothing concrete to offer as the old Earth adage had it. It ached but he could say no more.

Livia waved a hand to get the room's attention "Let it be known that I'm doing what I can to keep the wheels at Starfleet Command from turning too fast on this one. I still have a bit of pull, and as far as the upper echelons of Starfleet, this region is still under my command, but as Beverly has stated, we'll have some...unwelcome company soon." She met the gazes of those in the room "These past twenty years were not supposed to be...the war with the Borg, and all those we have lost in its wake...we must send them back to their own time, at all costs."

"We have lost more than enough in the last twenty years", her thoughts drifted back to Krissy and how they had never recovered the body. "If we can prevent some of what has happened from occurring then we will fight like wild cats to make sure we don't have these same losses. Dismissed".


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