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Right Choice?

Posted on Fri Feb 20th, 2009 @ 7:28pm by Commander Lorran Vos

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.

Had she made the right choice, or was she rushing matters. So many questions had to be answered, and her passion for discovery wouldn't allow her to wait. The coming storm might wash away any sign of what happened down there, especially if it was as strong as the sensors were telling her.

She was now striding through the corridors of Genesis, taking in every small detail as she went. Why, she didn't know, but she did none the less. One thing occurred to her as she made her way through the ship, she needed Mister O'Brien on the planet. She tapped her comm badge. "DeVuor to Ulonova, I want you and Mister O'Brien in transporter room one in five minutes", she cut the line, not allowing the Doctor time to object, but hit her com-badge again, "Captain Jorvin to transporter room one".

She turned a corner and found her XO heading in her direction, no doubt wanted more information about what Beverly had planned for the mission, but there again she had been wrong before.

"Commander," he nodded in Beverly's direction. "Is it time?"

She nodded at her XO, waiting for his objections, "There are too many questions to answer for us to wait any longer, and we only have twelve hours until the full force of that storm hits the landing site".
There was no room to talk her out of her plan, her mind was set.

Vos had already made himself ready to leave, which was apparent judging by the tricorder, sidearm, and portable light at his waist and the small duffel bag he had over his shoulder. He didn't voice any objections, surprisingly, since he felt he already had stated his case and wasn't one to further second guess his commanding officer. "Well then, shall I accompany you to transporter room one?" he smiled. "I think it's about time we got started. I sent you my team recommendations already, but I can recite them again if you didn't have time to read my report."

She shook her head and stopped walking a a silent section of the corridor.
"No need I have complete confidence in your ability Commander". She stopped to consider for a moment. "Do you have as dark a feeling about this as I do?".

He turned toward the commander somewhat in surprise, wondering why she was questioning her own decision now that it had been made and set into motion. "If you feel that way, perhaps it'd be better if we called off the search. I've learned that it's good to at least listen when your instincts tell you something like that." he offered.

"Commander... ", her voice softened, "Vos, I stand by my decision, we need to do something, before that storm hits the landing site. I'm just... I'm uncertain. This is my first chance at command and I'm second guessing myself. Do I have your support on this one. I need to know".
There was a slight pleading to her voice, even she knew it.

"I'm your first officer, Commander. I'll support any decision you make within reason. If you've made up your mind then my only concern is pounding out the details in order to complete whatever mission you set for us." Vos replied, his easy confidence lifting the mood immediately. It was true, as long as Beverly didn't do something extremely rash or out of character, she had his support in every order she gave. He also had a responsibility to make sure those orders were followed.

She started her jaunt back along the corridor heading towards the transporter room.
"Every team should be assigned a specific area to investigate. Keep the senior officers clustered at the landing site. I will take Mister O'Brien along with the Doctor and investigate the pyramid and obelisk. Lieutenant Lake and Wesdon should investigate the West Ridge, see if they can turn up anything more", she started to smile a little now, he was very easy to talk too. "I would like you to take a small team and scout around the rest of the ruins, see if we missed anything", with a final smile she added, "I'll take Mister Jorvin, so we have someone with combat experience on my team".
The doors to the transporter room slipped open as they approached, and from the wall mounted storage she grabbed a phaser and tricorder.
"Any questions Number one".

"I'll take Mason, K'Tan, and Franklin with me, along with a few security officers. When we get down there we'll start setting up a grid search pattern and assign the different teams to each grid, with orders to report in on their progress every fifteen minutes or so. First thing we'll have to do is set up a CnC hub somewhere in the ruins to coordinate the effort." Vos went over the plan of operation as he understood it, letting the Commander add whatever she needed as they walked.

Now she had to stifle a smile, "Miss Edkins will be running the CnC. She insisted on joining the away team".
She moved in to stand beside her XO, and watch the activity of the transporter room, personnel entering and standing on the transporter pads, and in a flash of blue energy, they had gone. Whisked away to the planet.

Vos had just enough time to turn and ask incredulously, "What? The bartend-" before he disappeared in a swirl of blue light.


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