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Double Edged Sword

Posted on Tue Dec 1st, 2009 @ 9:58am by Force Marshal Livia Harrison

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.

Director Jason Ascott sat quiet as the small vessel sped towards its destination. With the threat of attack in Federation space virtually gone in this region, the Defiant class vessels were being reassigned to transport VIPs around the Federation. When the news came in that four visitors from the past arrived in this time, Jason jumped at the chance to get involved. As the identities of the four were revealed, he began to hate the task he would be forced to preform. Zeek was a good friend of his, but regardless he was mandated to protect the temporal time line at all costs. "Bridge, get me a secure channel to Starbase 611, Admiral Beverly DeVuor specifically." He said as he sat back in his chair. The screen infront of him was blank for almost five minutes before the image of the Admiral appeared. He knew he was the last person she wanted to see, and the expression on her face showed that he was right.

"Admiral DeVuor, its been a long time." He said, mustering a slight smile

She place a sickly sweet smile on her face, fighting down the emotions she had once felt for him. Things had ended badly between them and it was mostly her fault. He had found out about her dalliance with Thomas Jenkins, her now first officer, and things had ended rather rapidly and bitterly.
"Jason", she said flatly. "What can I do for you. I don't have the time!"

"Too true of us all." He said, playing off the irony of her words "Since we're cutting through the formalities, I'm sure you know why I'm contacting you. The crew of the Kodiak are not to leave Starbase 611 under any circumstances, nor are they to be given any information about current events, technology, etc, until I have had a chance to debrief them. I'm invoking the Temporal Prime Directive as is my authority as Chief of Temporal Investigations. I hope this won't be a problem." Inside, he hated that things had come to this between Beverly and Jason, but regardless, it did him a bit of good to see her again

She bit her lip wanting to tell him that the old bird would blow him out of space if he came within two sectors of the station. Instead she settled for the information he wanted to hear.
"We have them in our medical bay at present undergoing a full medical workup. I want to make sure they are who they claim. From there they will be taken to guest quarters and treated as visiting dignitary's"

"Very well" he responded "We should be arriving in a few hours. Our goal is to slowly integrate them into this time period, sending them back could destroy everything thats happened in the past twenty years. I know thats probably not what you're wanting to hear, but the President's position on this is very clear."

A frown appeared across her brow realising that Starfleet wasn't going to allow them to return to their own time, back to when things were better and her life really had meaning. But over time, and with one loss after another starting with the Kodiak and its small crew, then over time the usual losses finishing up with Kristina Mason. Her oldest friend had left them, disappeared into nothingness. She had to try and prevent it from happening. Once they had gone it started to crumble. Vos had never been the same once Leanne had gone and the crew had started to fracture.
"I'll have guest Quarters for you. How many in your contingent?"

"Two. The USS Fearless will remain in orbit of the station during our stay." He paused for a moment before continuing "Even though I'm no longer a member of Starfleet, I still expect you and your staff's full cooperation. I'd like to make this process as easy as possible."

She bit her tongue before she said something she would most likely not regret. Her temper was beginning to boil and all she wanted was for Jason to find someone else to harass with Starfleet protocol other than herself.
"We stand ready to receive you Mister Ascott. However do not expect a warm welcome". Her tone turning icy once again.

"Comes with the territory I guess. See you soon, Director Ascott out." Jason was always a fan of titles, and hated when someone referred to him as Mister. He rose from his chair and got comfortable on the small bunk in his room. Ironically enough, he fell asleep thinking of how little time he had to gain the upper hand.


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