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Bearing The Burden

Posted on Mon Dec 7th, 2009 @ 7:15am by Fleet Admiral Tal Navek & Force Marshal Livia Harrison & Commander Lorran Vos & Lieutenant Michael Lake & Lieutenant Commander Jack Daniels

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.

The trip aboard the Farragut was probably one of the most emotional for the crew of four from the past. Everything they knew was turned upside down, and their futures were completely out of their control. The news did no justice to those who though they lost four friends over twenty years ago either. Mixed emotions flew around like a raging snowstorm, leading everyone to anticipate the arrival, and reunion of those from the past. The docking process was longer than expected, due to the antiquated docking systems aboard the old station. The process that took ten minutes felt like it took hours as the anxiety level grew both onboard the Farragut and 611.

Since there was not adequate room or lighting near the docking ports, the team was asked to meet the welcoming party on the promenade, which was cleared out for their arrival. The security detail that accompanied the mixed Kodiak and Farragut crew grew larger as security personnel from 611 joined them, making the team of four feel more and more like prisoners in their own home. The starbase had aged considerably since the last time Zeek saw it. His Engineer's instincts kicked in as he noticed the deficiencies in the repair work being made. He tried to push the thoughts out of his mind and focus on the task at hand.

The lighting on the promenade was a bit better, shining down on the multiple different colored uniforms that were present. As they noticed with the Farragut crew, the faces were stunningly similar, but different at the same time. The security detail spread out, giving room for the past and present crews to interact. They stood there, staring each other down for what felt like forever before anyone spoke. Zeek stepped forward "Beverly...Admiral...I know its taken a bit longer than you expected, but we're home." He said with a slight chuckle, hoping that his light attempt at humor would not be wasted.

"You'll have to forgive me incredulity Commander. The last time I saw you was twenty years ago, and you haven't aged a day. I would like you to accompany us down to medical were we can run a more detailed scan of your biological makeup. Please forgive me, we have to be sure."
She stepped forward slightly, reaching out a hand to touch her old friends but pulled back before she could, fearing finding that it was all a dream.

He couldn't blame Beverly for her suspicions, so he simply nodded "We're getting used to not being trusted, but as Captain Lorran can attest to, you will receive nothing less than complete cooperation from us."

Vos stepped forward and clapped a hand on Zeek's shoulder in defiance of the aura of suspicion that was nearly palpable around the them. "We've already run preliminary DNA scans on them, Admiral. Their patterns from our transporter as well as samples taken and analyzed by Helen in the Farragut's sickbay confirm that they are physically exactly who they say they are. They've been the perfect guests on the way here as well." he said. "Of course, I wouldn't be offended if you wanted to run your own tests just to make sure. I'll have our results made available to you."

"I would appreciate that Commander.... Sorry Captain. Our medical facilities maybe old, but they are still some of the best supplied and equipped in the sector." She turned a sorrowful gaze to Zeek and his small group of people trying to make them understand that she needed her own confirmations.

Henk could only sigh when he heard hat he was gonna be scanned again.
"Sorry captain, but I'm a pilot, not a lab rat." Henk said sarcastically.
He knew that he was out of line, but if the test on the Farragut wasn't conclusive then they would never be believed.

Zeek shot the Lieutenant a disapproving look, but remained silent. He understood his frustrations, and quite frankly he felt the same way. Regardless though, they were not in a position to argue.

From across the Lieutenant Commander Helen Shire cringed slightly at the outburst, but she could understand Henk's remark she'd properly be in the same if it were her. Frustrated, confused and hurt.

Helen Lyons stood at the rear of the Farragut party, watching dispassionately as the officers of the Kodiak crew were welcomed aboard the Starbase by Beverly and her staff. Helen had hardly known any of them, considering she had only been on the station barely a week before their ship disappeared. But for Helen, being back here on 611 stirred up a hodge podge of mixed emotions and memories, not all of which were pleasant. So she stood stiffly, hands held tightly behind her back waiting for the first opportunity to escape.

As Beverly was stepping back she spotted one of her oldest friends looking no different from the day she had last seen her. She had saved Beverly from that damned virus, had saved the station from the Borg and not to mention the multitude of people she had saved while they had been trapped on the blasted planet with the ape like creatures.
"Leanne?", her voice sounded weak and strained. "Is it really you?"

"As far as I know this is really me, unless we've all stepped through a strange looking glass." She had remained quiet this entire time, she didn't like to be questioned, especially by her friends. "This is all one giant mess isn't it?" She moved over towards Beverly. "I'm glad to see that the treatment really worked. I am afraid that it... well.. I guess I was afraid that it would regress"

"It wasn't one hundred percent successful, but it saved my life. Any more than that I couldn't tell you. The temporal prime directive and all", she twisted the truth slightly. Starfleet was coming to acclimate them, but she wanted to return them to their own time. Which way the directive worked depended on which way the flow of traffic was heading, and she hoped that it would be heading from were it came.

"If I could spend some more time working on it I probably could have cracked it, there was a few more things that I wanted to try, and maybe I could have changed some of the different treatments." Leanne looked down and chewed on her thumb nail a bit. The whole thing was starting to drive her mad, she was feeling horrible for something that she could of only prevented if she had been there.

"Leanne, you saved my life. For that I'm ever gratful". She embraced the young women in an almost motherly hug wanting Leanne to understand what she had given Beverly. "Come, lets get you down to medical".

Beverly headed up the small march to the medical centre, her mind already telling her that these people were her friends, even if they were twenty years displaced, they were her crew and she felt a building obligation to help them, to try and stop some of the horror's that had befallen her and her crew after they had gone. She would call Zeek and Leanne together later and discuss things with them.

They entered the main sickbay within the medical unit and Beverly turned to the Doctor.
"Annabelle there all yours. Once you have finished with them make sure they get assigned guest quarters will you!"

The arrival of the quests was surrounded with much anticipation and excitement, it followed them through the station like Jenny's cat hooked on curiosity.
As Annabella surveyed her long lost colleagues she knew instantly this was no lie as it sent a ripple down her spine like a bolt of energy.
"Yes Admiral I will see to it," she smiled at the snappy order and gestured for the guests to sit.

Mike arrived in sickbay after being directed down there by the young man in charge in the Ops Center. He expected that someone from had hurt themselves, perhaps a member of his crew, but surely he would've been notified if that was the case; then the thought that his attitude before may have offended them.
When he walked into sickbay he stepped cautiously into the room. A large crowd was gathered around the group of biobeds, those ones he almost fondly remembered ending up on many a time.
He waited for someone to notice him, not bothering to look past the group to see what was going on.

Lyons, who had been standing slightly away from the group was surprised to see Mike walk into sickbay. She moved over to stand with him. “G’day Mike. Didn’t know that you were in this neck of the woods.”

Mike felt like rolling his eyes, he almost felt like some kind of hero. "We're just around for repairs."

Before she could speak to anyone, Livia left the group and headed for the guest quarters that were being provided to her. For now, she just needed to see that they were real, and by the look that she exchanged with Zeek, she knew they were the real deal. She could not fault Beverly for choosing to undergo further testing, but she would not be there to view it.

Beverly watched the commandant go, knowing full well what she intended and silently she thanked her. It would make it much easier if she didn't have to fight aspects of Starfleet or the Federation. However, she had a sneaking suspicion that it would still come to a fight, one that she didn't think she would survive.

The Doctor gave the four out of sync crew members the normal dull lecture of what she was about to carry out and that it would not hurt other then the pin prick of a needle. She had practised that little white lie well over the last few years without the once guiding hand of Ulonova.

Leanne looked at her and smiled a little bit. She made a mental not to change her speech a little bit when she got back or when she started to practice medicine again. "I hope you calibrated the instruments for chronoton radiation and resynched your tricorder for any possible contamination from our time line."

The Betazed Doctor lifted her eyes feeling a touch exhasperated. "Just try to relax Lieutenant and allow me to do my work please."

Henk sighed and raised his arms.
"Scan away." Henk said sarcastically.
He didn't want to be scanned, but he knew he had no choise. So for now, he had to do what they wanted.

"Wait, wait, hang on. What the hell is exactly going on?" Mike asked emerging from the group with a grumpy look on his face, then becoming purely surprised when he saw the group on the biobed. "Ok... now I really want to know what is going on."

Beverly moved forward, catching Mike by the arm and leading him a short distance away. "Come to my office in ten minuets and I'll explain everything", she then turned back to the room. "Captain Lorran, I would like to see you there as well".
That said, she moved directly for the doors to sickbay and was gone. She had so much to consider, the time line being only one of many different aspects that could change fundamentally. Still, she had too.


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