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The Old and the Grumpy

Posted on Wed Dec 2nd, 2009 @ 12:47pm by Lieutenant Michael Lake & Lieutenant JG Jasmine Butler

Mission: The Futures Past. Season 1, Episode 4.
Location: USS Gambier, CO's Quarters

Every step Mike took was a frustrated kick of angst. With Jasmine in tow, he was expecting a ribbing on his somewhat disinterest in what was going on around the Station.

"Maybe if I keep quiet she'll forget?" He thought to himself, having not said a thing since he beamed onto the Gambier's transporter pad after the visit to the station.

Upon entering the Lake's quarters, Jasmine stopped dead in her tracks as soon as the doors closed. "What the hell was that about? Those people over there are your friends."

Mike quickly spun around. "Were, Jasmine. Were my friends." He moved closer to his wife. "Half those people I don't even recognise any more. I'm surprised they even know who I am."

"So that's your excuse for sitting in the corner trying not to catch anyone's eye. Mike, why?"

"Because they drag up memories of a life I once lived. They were the friends of a different Mike Lake. I'm not keen on wading around knee deep my past." He stated.

"Mike, isn't denying they exist doing exactly what you don't want to do?" Jasmine was quick to counter. "By ignoring them, you are dwelling on your past."

"You've lost me." He muttered. "Just drop it. But if my crew's well being, your well being, would be better served in me socialising and lightening up for a while; I will."

"It might just boost someone's moral around here." She thought to herself while she walked away from him and approached her replicator. "Mint tea."

Mike rolled his eyes. "I'm sorry."

She turned around while the beverage materialised. "Mike, I know how painful this is, but Beverly and the crew need you to be strong right now."

"Fine. I'll take a trip over there now and see how they are all doing. I hear the Farragut is inbound, it should be good to see Vos."

Jasmine nodded. "And Helen, what about Jack, you always got along well with him."

"I did. Maybe this won't be... so bad."

Jasmine walked to Mike and wrapped her arms around him. "Can you do a personal favour for me and just get along with them."

Mike sighed out of frustration, he was amazed she was still able to use his stubborn streak against him after all these years. "Ok, ok, I'll go over there and say hi then. Baby you have such a way with words."

Jasmine gave him a light kiss. "There is some of the old Mike still, isn't there?"

Mike nodded. "Just a little." He pulled away from her embrace. "I'll head over there right now, the Farragut will be docking soon."

Jasmine smiled. "Thankyou, Mike."



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